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  1. That was great and well done. I wanted more!
  2. I'd love to see more of this. It's fascinating!
  3. Just finished the book. Very good read! It's on Kindle if that's your weapon of choice It is an autobiography of Emma Gray who runs a 150 acre farm on her own (her driveway is 4 miles long). It is by far one of my favorite dog books I have ever read. Tim
  4. Oh wow! I certainly see a difference. She was born in Ohio sold to a home in Penn. Then this spring went to the rescue in upper NY then to a foster in VT the to us in Mass. Whew. Lots of homes in a short period! We shall see what this winter brings!
  5. Firstly, welcome to the boards! Secondly, thank you posting here. What everyone said is true, and not meant to be an attack in anyway. The vast majority of people don't have a clue about proper border collies. I did a presentation in college about the horrors of the AKC (ACK). Please stay away. Nothing wrong with a puppy but think about rescue a bit as well. We actually almost went with puppy before taking in our latest rescue. Thirdly if you haven't read the thread a bit lower about how much attention BC's need. That thread should be a sticky here. And lastly if you do get a pup or an older rescue the boards require lots of pictures
  6. Of course as with the breed anything goes
  7. These answers are all great. A term we latched onto was 'off-switch'. Teach the dog an off switch and you'll be a lot happier! For us having more than one cuts down on the craziness because they play with each other better and when not home they hang together. The main point is they are a lifestyle dog. I think most will agree once you understand the bond you can have with these dogs they become an addiction.
  8. I'm very curious to see what her coat will do, and how she will finish growing. She looks part baby deer part fox right now. I have noticed as well that her coordination has gotten better over the past three weeks. Her birthday is Christmas Day so as she gets towards a year it will be cold and maybe an undercoat will come in.
  9. Out of curiosity I'm wondering if anyone has a a BC that is not double coated? Maizey is 7.5 months and I guess you would call her smooth coated but her fur is long and very soft but her skin can easily be seen. This being our first full BC pup my interest has been peaked. Izzy is a mix and her coat is lab like. Tobey is medium rough I guess, double coated that takes forever to dry. Maizey dries in about 30 minutes from sopping-wet-do-not dare-jump-on-the-couch to dry. I also noticed her feet are webbed but Tobey isn't nor was Zoey. I feel like I'm always learning about the breed which I love
  10. I like what you said Donald. While I do not have stock to work I consider my dogs companions which I rank higher in my mind, whether that's right or wrong, I'm not sure. My BC's always don't have instinct to work so it's not really an option.
  11. I read recently that coats can change/grow out as they age. I noticed in the past few weeks Tobey has been shedding off of his hips way. More than past years and he just turned 7. I wonder if the change in diet is the main cause...
  12. The wife messaged me to report all is normal this morning. She had a little chicken and Fromm grain free lamb in the late afternoon. She was off the Fromm chicken for about 24 hours. Fingers crossed it was just the grain. Still moving forward with the stool analysis.
  13. She's a looker! Does she still have the same 'can do' attitude or has the teenager emerged a bit?
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