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Prayers for Ashe please

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This past weekend I found out that a growth on Ashe's 3rd eyelid on his left eye is a squamous (sp?) cell carcinoma :rolleyes: He will be going under the laser this Thursday to have more than likely the whoe eyelid removed. I just need some good thoughts sent out to my old man he just went 14yrs old June 25th. The growth has been there for a couple of months but due to his age we needed to staplize his thyroid - he's hypothyroid and he was also anemic so we had to buff up his red bloodcell count. His kidney functionis also down but there is not much we can do about that at this time. I trust my vet completely, he's very up front with things and we've had him for 15 years. Ashe is my first agility dog, first border collie and the whole families heart dog. He has always been a gentleman even when he got his eartip torn just before his birthday by another dog, and at the vet this weekend when getting blood drawn.

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My prayers are out to Ashe too.

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