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  1. I am thinking of switchng from Canidae to Innova. Is Innova a good food
  2. Thanks everyone. I pretty much figured that it probably wasn't true. I've always given heartworm pills and it just scared me a little when I read that. I figured you would know here. Thanks again .
  3. I just read recently that heartworm pills may be bad for your pet. What are some alternatives.
  4. I've already said how I wan't to switch off Canidae. Now they've come out with a grain free formula. Which is better the canidae grain free formula or taste of the wild .
  5. So sorry to hear this about Buzz. Prayers coming from me and the kids.
  6. Due to the change in Canidaes formula I'm thinking about changing. What do you all think about taste of the wild.
  7. I have a BC and a Sheltie. They absolutely love each other. She(the sheltie)does bark alot, but Jack still does not to much. A very good pairing IMO .
  8. My two absolutely love it. It also keeps their coats in very good condition
  9. Great photos. Ouzo looks great out there.
  10. I agree about the dogs fighting and playing being exercise. Star and Jack carry on for about an hour and a half to 2 hours sometimes. They run around the backyard and tackle each other. Looks exhausting to me . But Jack somehow manages to still want to play catch with me afterwards . Unlimited energy with that one.
  11. My Lance used to do that. I miss my Lanny Boy .
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