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  1. How funny - I have just read it after having had it for a while. I don't think it is a great novel, but it is a very good book if you are into BCs. Just don't read the ending chapters in a public place - you'll cry. Anyway, I did. I'm hesitant to order Nop's Hope because I am not really into the idea of "sequels". But if DH offers to buy it for me on his next trip to the US, I won't refuse. I actually ordered some books from Dogwise this evening so this caught my attention.
  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I am not on the Boards much now - it has been weeks since I last checked them out. But I am glad I didn't miss your post - even if it is terribly sad. What you did for Buddy really has inspired me. I can't have another dog right now but one day I will take on a senior too. And will remember Buddy when I do so. Best wishes. Zoe and Dylan.
  3. Okay - that made me cry. I don't think I am a freestyle kind of person but thinking a few things over at the moment.
  4. Wow ! Great pictures and he really looks like he was calming down toward the end. I think he did just fine ! I was looking forward to these pics I'm not posting much as I've gotten really busy but I wish you the best with whatever you and Ouzo do. I read your agility post but didn't respond as we quit after 3 lessons Please keep posting pics - I'll keep looking at them.
  5. Oh my ! - thank goodness she is back safe and sound. I haven't been able to check in with the Boards for a few days and then I see this. I lost Dylan for 10 minutes earlier this year and it was AWFUL so I can't imagine what you must have been going through. So happy for you both now.
  6. Oh, I feel for you so much. You are not overreacting and I really wouldn't go back. I want to write more but I have to go. Please just get out of there if you get any inkling that something is not right. It is just not worth it. Best wishes.
  7. Inu, why do you ask ? When I got Dylan I had to register him with the city and I got a tag for him which lasts until he dies. And when he does die I have to tell them. I don't know if that is the same as "registering". I just thought of it as a dog license, which is what we have in the UK too.( Or we did all that long time ago when I was there. ) I can't remember how much it cost - not a lot. And I would never think of not doing it.
  8. Hi there. You are a very special member of the Boards to me. But I agree with Shanni - we need more pictures !!! Best wishes.
  9. Those photos were really shocking ! I can't understand why the breeding of animals is being done for what seems like a competition based on aesthetics which have nothing to do with purpose or function. Not to mention what is done to achieve those ends...... Rebecca, quote: How do Americans manage to screw up everything we touch? The BC boards are American and the vast majority of the wonderful people doing great work on the BC Boards are American. No country has a monopoly on screwing stuff up
  10. I am going to open my big mouth again to say that this thread is shocking and informative. And I am priveleged to be a member of these boards. I wish everyone would read it. This stuff should be discussed in schools everywhere. I'm done. ( And I'll probably wish I hadn't posted tomorrow, as usual ! )
  11. I love your pictures for many reasons. They remind me of the years I spent in Yorkshire, and of where of I increasingly think of as home.. But most of all because you so obviously love dogs and they so obviously love you back. Very nice.
  12. Not really any tips but I think Dave will be fine - especially if you are going to do a test run. I would worry that he would want to jump out if he loves swimming that much. But if you have good control over him then I guess it would be ok. I remember a guy posting on the boards before about kayaking with his BC - he posted a great picture too. Try the search function - you should be able to find it. Dylan loves going in boats - we've only done it a couple of times but he just jumped in like a pro'. Here is a shot of dh and Dylan both looking rather dour from last summer. They did actually enjoy theselves ! My avatar pic is of when he accidentally fell in with his ball ! Let us know how it goes and be sure to post pics.
  13. Thanks to everyone else who has responded. Rosefarm - I read INU's previous thread but I think the documentary she saw was about condoms made during WW 1 or 2. I don't think modern condoms would stand up to Dylan running up and down trails all day. Besides, he would look very foolish !!! And hopping up a mountain in a body sized condom would look even sillier. LOL ! Ironhorse - you are a veritable fount of wisdom and mine of information. Tiger balm sounds great. Shadow's Mum - so people DO use soap. Thanks. Freckles LaLa Mom - I followed the link you provided and found this which is very interesting. I hope it is ok to quote from Wikipedia: ( Actually, I don't know how to use the quote thingy ) Leeches should not be removed by burning or applying harsh agents such as salt. This may damage the bite further and cause additional pain. Most importantly, damaging the leech may cause it to regurgitate stomach bacteria that may lead to infection of the wound. An alternate removal procedure is to apply a heat rub. Leeches have an adverse reaction to the menthol contained in heat rubs and will detach quickly upon contact with the substance. One suggested proven method of removal is to use a fingernail to break the seal between the sucker and your skin, then gently peel the leech off. A quick way to release is to pour ginger ale or other carbonated soda on the leech. The leech should release and curl up allowing you to removed it easily. And for people who think they would freak out - you wouldn't. Especially if there were some on your dog too. You'd just deal with it
  14. Thanks for your replies. Raising River - I didn't even think of booties, DUH ! Thanks for the link to the other Board. Jak looks great in his boots. We can get booties here - we can get pretty much everything that is available in the US/Canada. But dh is off to Petsmart again next week ( he travels to the US on business a lot ), so I'll get him to have a look. And I can and do order a lot of stuff online. I would be worried that the leeches would just wriggle over the boots, though. Those things were moving fast over my rucksack when I put it down. But as a first line of defense I think they may be the way to go. And I probably should get some anyway. Thank you. Red dog fan - so that is why it was bleeding ! Thanks for the info. Dylan has cut himself before and it never bled that much.
  15. This happened a few weeks ago. In my almost 15 years of hiking in Japan this was a first. They were mountain leeches and very abundant. I didn't realize we'd been got until I put my bag down to give Dylan a water break. The ground was moving. UGH. Will spare you the details. But Dylan had a big one firmly attached to the top of his foot. Our destination was a campsite so I planned to look for some salt once we arrived. However, on the way it either got knocked off or disengaged itself. I was suprised at the amount of blood. Dylan was bleeding for quite a while but was fine. Since I got back someone told me mountain leeches are more bloodthirsty than water ones !?? We are going camping for a few days in August ( mountains again ), and DH reckons there may be leeches where we are headed. Although I am sure he would never think that if this hadn't have happened............ So, I would like to know if anyone has any tips for preventing them attaching to Dylan and tips for removal. I'm wearing wellies ! DH thinks soap works for both removal and prevention and that we should spray Dylans feet /legs with soapy water. No leech expert here, but does that sound like it would work ? When I went to Canada I did a lot of lake swimming and was told and have experience of using salt to remove them. No ideas about prevention. Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks. ( I had several on each foot by the way - they'd got in my shoes. Sorry, couldn't resist. Hope you're not eating right now ).
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