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  1. All the MOJO we can send from the gang.
  2. All the MOJO we can send for Tess. Our prayers are for you.
  3. When we found Lady in the ditch the vet estimated 12+. We had her almost 4 years and never regretted a single day.
  4. DixiesDad


    Linda, we're so sorry to hear of your loss. Holly is now whole and running through the fields. Maybe one of her playmates is Lady.
  5. Our thoughts are with you. may your memories be everlasting
  6. DixiesDad


    I am so sorry to read about Craig. Take comfort in the time you had. They wait for us.
  7. DixiesDad


    Thank you for sharing your memories of Scooter. I still look for Lady on the morning walks and know that I see her dark form in the predawn on the edge of the group. If nowhere else they have their spot in our hearts.
  8. DixiesDad


    So sorry to read this. Run free Hope.
  9. RIP Katie. Run free at the Bridge.
  10. Lady started going downhill Tuesday morning. She was unable to eat or drink with a 104 temperature and was bleeding internally. The vet believes she had a tumor that ruptured and caused her symptoms. At 16+ I didn't think she would survive any surgery and somehow the look in her eyes said she was ready to go. It was a hard decision but I believe the best one for Lady. Lady would have been with us 4 years the first of March. We give thanks for the privilege of having Lady in our lives and the love she gave us.
  11. I know you said you don,t believe it is food related but Dixie had a come and go itch problem that drove us crazy. We did benadryl and baths,also some prescriptions. Nothing helped till we changed her to a feed with no corn.
  12. I like to support my local vet also. I have all ways purchased meds through them which is why I was upset with their new rule. Each dog has to have a physical per year to get their HW meds renewed.
  13. Anyone coming to this tiral? I'll be there taking pictures. GSDA Fall Trial Patterson's Farm, 261 Sanders Rd,, Hull, GA Oct. 1-3, 2010
  14. All the MOJO the SOTRBC can send Tucker's way
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