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  1. Thank you for sharing his story. i wish Gent all the best and hope that he will grow and flourish in his new home. (had to wipe a tear away)
  2. So sorry to hear about Bear. Though you, the love you showered and times spent with him, he lived his fullest . My condolences.
  3. i have 2 dogs.. kingsley's trained in english.. Robin's dutch. Guess who's billingual now? Both dogs. Just keep repeating the commands in 2 diff languages everyday.
  4. well, i shall try to explain.. but note that i had no expert knowledge or studied traditional chinese medicine (TCM). what i know is what treatments or how it applies to me. Overall, it is a practice and belief that millions/billions of people believe in and still use it today, existing before western science came about. while some has be proven as rubbish, others not so. Like acupuncture, scientists can't find the "qi" spots.. and claim that it's hogwash.. in the hands of a well trained doctor - not quak, i know it works..for i have been cured, or given relief. And now, scientists ar
  5. From what i know.. mutton and lamb is the same.. from goat/sheep is hot- we use the term heaty/heatiness Chicken is heaty too. And sweet potatoes is neutral. you can read more from the list here.. http://ezinearticles.com/?Heaty-and-Coolin...s&id=461430 it's funny.. cos i grew up with this stuff.. and people often scoff at traditonal chinese medicine.. and i'm really surprised to see a thread on it here
  6. i am using Nupro with joint supplement for years on kingsley.. and recently put my other dog - robin on it. i could see the difference in that 10 yr old dog.. and he used to be sore hips occassionally.. and now.. it's gone.. i like it. http://www.nuprostore.com/nuprojointsup.htm
  7. I just saw this and have to share it. The author has a great dane and was able to quickly id bloat in her dog and managed to save her. click click http://www.erinvey.com/bark/2009/05/07/bloat/
  8. happy adoption day.. loved the story behind Boo's adoption
  9. I'm using the DAP diffuser in the house currently as i have 2 male dogs in the house.. one being a very energetic and nosey irish terrier and the other one being kingsley who doesn't like dogs in his face and will growl and bite when his space is invaded. I can't be certain if DAP works .. or it is due to the repeat exporsure of dogs to each other that they grew to tolerate each one.. but it SEEMS to calm both dogs down.. one being less restless and in the face.. and the other one ignoring and having less personal space. i guess that if there's a possibility that it helps.. why not try
  10. i'm actually in netherlands so am not too sure about eurporean brands.. In singapore, there's aplenty of US brands..
  11. does anyone know if this is in europe as well? does anyone have any other suggestions what is a good substitute? royal canin is so expensive here... and i'm not too sure about other brands.
  12. i missed this thread due to the forums being down and us moving continents i kept reading till the last page and had such mixed bags for emotions.. from being worried, to hopeful and lastly, tickled by stories on Marys. glad to hear that jin is doing well!!! more pictures.. oh yes. blogs does provide some income!! hahaha
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