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  1. Badger is alovely cuddler, he will cuddle for quite some time then decide, well i've given cuddles so now she will play with me, and pulls away to fetch a toy, but when he has had a busy day he will cuddle all night. My old Roony who isnt with me anymore, he hated to be cuddled,you could almost hear him thinking, oh i'll put up with this for a few seconds then run for it when he was 17 he changed and would cuddle all night on the bed
  2. Wow, am i going to be over the top with this one My Badger has taught me that i can be loved as much as i love something else. That there is something out there that is as devoted to me as i am to them, boy do i sound like i have had it tough or what LOL. Sereously though, when i look into Badgers big brown eyes, sadly turning a bit blue now, I just see trust and all good things, so he has taught me that there are so many nice things in life. to see him running through the woods happy is a lesson in simplicity, anyway i best finish before i get too carried away, thanks for the thread
  3. we hav'nt had snow in England yet this year, badger loves it. Have you noticed how dirty it makes the white on the dogs look i always think Badger looks so clean untill he goes in the snow and then he looks a strange yellowy colour :eek:
  4. I am so pleased you think Badger is handsome, he is a very happy dog and always surprises people with his age. He is the most gentle laid back BC i have ever had but is never happier than when he is thick with dirt, but luckily he loves to be brushed Nancy, we are in the east of England near Norwich so if ever you are near we would happily give you your fix
  5. wow I could write ten pages on Bc looneyness :eek: My Badger is a very rare BC, he only does a couple of nutty things, he is so laid back. My old Bc called Rooney, sadly not with me anymore, was sooo crazy, a couple of examples. When anyone sneezed he would hang of the nearest door handle, he loved to watch snooker or football on the tv and try to catch the ball, herd my ex husbands tractor up for hours as he was driving it,not Rooney driving of course, he would nip at the wheels it was amazing to see how the two of them timed it to the second, Rooney lived till he was 17 i might add
  6. well i definatly have a klinger, Badger has been klinging to me for 11 and a half years now and i love it. Yes he also thinks there is room in the toilet for us both :rolleyes:when he isnt sitting very close to me he will have his beady little eyes staring at me ready to move if i move. At the moment i am suffering a very bad cough, i am coughing all night, husband has abandend me for the spare room, not Badger, there he is still laying next to me without a complaint LOL. If ever he gets very klinging like you are describing, i also would think maybe something was wrong, he is usually afraid o
  7. that is so sad, if that was here in England, I would get in touch with the RSPCA, our animal rescue/welfare society, they would take action straight away. I have no idea what you can do in the states, but I feel for you seeing such a site it would haunt me untill i did somthing. i am going to be thinking of it myself now, please update me on the situation if you can
  8. I agree with painted pony, a rescue would be a good idea, it would have been assesed by the center and you would have some idea of its potential. Although, I must admit when i got my badger at a year old i really thought he was the thickest collie ever,LOL, after a good few months he really changed my mind and began to learn so much. They are all soooo differant, but i have had one who was very aggressive with kids and one who as he got older began to "worry" around kids, but Even though Badger is as soft as butter on a hot day i still watch him when children are around.
  9. it dos'nt look like they arrived, try again , mind you i say that i hav'nt even tried to post pics of badger yet, good luck with the next go.
  10. hello Moss, me and My Badger are from lovley Norfolk, been on the boards a while now, I have had BCs for 32 years and still learn more each time i visit the boards
  11. what a little cutie, i love his fish toy. I still hav'nt posted pics of my Badger, i just hav'nt got round to it, i am sure it is easy once you start.
  12. you must be so proud of her, its a real buzz when they learn so quick and enjoy it at the same time. A good word i've taught Badger is "gentle", this is for when he gets over excited when given a treat, it stops him snatching. I also talk to Badger in sentences, he just seems to tune into me, sometimes i don't even realise i am doing it untill he has done what ive asked, he never ceases to amaze me.
  13. these posts have really amused me, even though its not funny to see our lovly dogs afraid. When i first had Badger, 11 years ago now , he had never been indoors, i did'nt know that, he was afraid of almost everything. Flyswats, newspapar, even a light switch at one time. As i cured him of one he would find another. He became really scared everytime i opened a cupboard in the kitchen, i hated to see him so scared, so i sat him in the kitchen and opened every cupboard then shut them, all the time saying good boy, we did this for only five mins but he soon learnt all was ok. He is still scared of
  14. when i first got Badger, he was a year old and had no experience of anything, i took him to one of my gardens that i work at, it had hens, cockerals and peacocks everywhere, the first thing Badger did was chase,i did what sillohettestable said. I held his collar and walked among all the birds who were roaming free, all the time telling him when he lunged a loud no, then constantly telling him good boy, it took no time at all before he knew what was expected of him. He would walk among them an completely ignore them, it was so funny when a cockeral decided to chase him, boy did he run, he sat
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