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She's Ours!

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I knew about a week ago that I was not going to be able to let Sadie go. And it must have been meant to be because the impossible happened - my husband agreed to let us adopt her!


So, Sadie, who is now Tessa, is officially ours!


Here are a few pictures I haven't shared yet.


Now fellow Glen Highland Farm Alums!




Learning the ropes of yard exploring from Big Sis . . .




Won't she look good in dandelion pictures next spring?!!?




There is no background on her. The vet estimates her age to be about 2 based on her teeth. Someone took care of her on a physical level. Her coat is in excellent condition.


We have quite a bit of work to do on some fears. Just my kind of dog! :):):)


I love her. There is just nothing more to say.

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Congratulations, but you have just bought to the surface my greatest fear of fostering. Only yesterday my husband and I were talking about fostering, the rescue we got our dogs through is small and often has to turn dogs away as he does not have enough active foster homes, where he can place younger dogs.

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I'm looking forward to the dandelion pictures, too. But we have Christmas pictures and snow pictures to come first!!


Thanks for all of the congratulations! I appreciate it! I'm still really, really, really excited about this. :)

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