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  1. The big issue that I see from your description is that he is self rewarding by being allowed to continue. I would not allow him to continue beyond the first jump that he takes on his own. Personally I don't want a dog that checks in between obstacles modern agility has become a fine balance between obstacle focus and independence and being focused on the handler for those complex turns, I don't want a dog that checks in I want a dog that drives ahead, but is listening and keeping an eye on me while flying. Like Gcv-border my youngster was taught turns from the very start along with v
  2. My husband used to go hunting with one of our border collies when he was shooting upland bird, he was very good at flushing for him. Unfortunately as he got a bit older he had some health issues and became more noise sensitive and couldn’t cope with the sound of a shotgun.
  3. When I got my puppy, the breeder gave me choice of the boys, but I let her pick due to the distance and her knowing them well. Two she told me I didn’t want, she described them as fire side ornaments that would make great pets but not for sports or herding as they weren’t engaged with their litter mates or toys. When I met all of them at 10 weeks, those two had transformed into the naughty boys, climbing out the x-pen and generally being exhuburent little monsters. The transformation, the two bitches in the litter left at 8 weeks and with them gone these two started showing their true colors,
  4. I feed raw, for years I fed quality dry food and a couple of years ago I decided to give raw ago because we have a local supplier who makes their own "menus" that are really good quality. I gave it a month and now I think I would have canine mutiny if I switched back. Before both my boys were picky eaters, often left food and I used to add interesting things to make their kibble more interesting. Now they gobble their food and demand dinner. My oldest has had no skin issues since we switched, before in winter he got dandruff Picking up after them is much more pleasant They
  5. My older dog had been an only dog for 3 years when we got a puppy. Our initial introductions were not technically ideal as we drove from Mallorca, Spain to Scotland to get the pup and then visited family, spent two weeks with my mum before driving home, but at least they were on neutral territory. The older one was 7 and was definitely a spoilt child who had all my attention, there was never any animosity Fenway was to little for him to bother with! I made a point of spending time with him, agility was his quality time and so he got plenty of time with me without the pup. He basically tried to
  6. We have a toy basket full of random toys, none have the squeakers left, most are partially dissembowled. Over the years I have bought random toys and gradually discovered what they like best. My oldest one likes to pick his toys, on a visit to the vet he always gets to choose a new toy and that his his favorite for awhile, he has also got to choose a new soft toy in charity shops, it’s fun watching him decide which one is best! Pet stores are two overwhelming to many choices and he doesn’t have as much fun picking one. In the basket are also random rubber toys, tennis balls etc, and when
  7. Total agree with Gentlelake and D'elle, its definitely not a border collie thing and your trainer is not helping by not helping you get it under control. My older dog can be squeally when he is excited to do something but I keep it under control by simply waiting for calm before continuing, I love his enthusiasm and never want to take that way, but I also don't want to work with a barking squealing beast.
  8. Our first border collie had kidney failure, unfortunately we only found out when it was very far gone, we had no clue there was any issue until he had a seizure. As kidney function was so far gone, we made the decision in conjunction with our vet to go for quality of life. So we opted not use an rx food as he hated it and I never asked what he ate when he was with my husband! He had 3 good months, we gave him fluids most nights but gave him the option to opt out, he hated needles so we were amazed how comfortable he was with the process. He never seemed to be in pain or discomfort, and for an
  9. I met litter mates at an agility competition, at the time they were 4, one was already really grey and the other had none. My first dog I was told was about 18 months to 2 years, but she actually grew so I reckon she was 10 months max, if I had known then what I know now it was obvious she was a goofy kid.
  10. My youngest weighs 23kg and my oldest between 26-28kg both slim and in good shape, they are actually a similar height but the youngest one is built like a giraffe all legs, while the older one more closely resembles a tank! Locally in agility I am known as the person with the oversized border collies! I have had 3 large ones and one normal 40lb sized one.
  11. I am actually in Mallorca but my pup came from Scotland, we drove from Mallorca almost all the way to Aberdeen to get him it was one of the reasons we got him, I had booked our ferry tickets and hotels on the Friday and on the Sunday the breeder of pup 1 told me about the problems, while my husband and I debated what we should do, I was told about pup2 who was only 3 days younger so all our plans would still work, and so after lots of research and careful selecting breeder 1, I ended up just taking a chance and we got pup 2, he is the smartest dog we have ever had, but he is challenging to tr
  12. I have had 4 long haired male tris, all by chance not planning. The first I fell in love with a pretty face on a local shelters website, I spend 4 months persuading my husband to go look at him, we had him 2 years for before we admitted he was a border collie! When he died I started my search for middle aged border collie as my GSDx cross was miserable as an only dog, we got a referral from a local breed rescue and adopted Brody straight from his previous family, all we knew when we went to meet him was that he was 3 and male (his owner had died suddenly in early 70s and his widow could not co
  13. D'elle and gcv-border rescues in the UK can be very challenging when it comes to people with jobs, it has really surprised me how to be blunt how ridiculous they are about it compared to the US. There are usually plenty of border collies in rescue but getting one can be absurdly challenging. I do think calm is a personality trait, that can be a product of breeding, a friend has 2 sports bred border collies and they are bonkers, the younger one who has been with my friend since puppyhood is a little less but we are talking a small degree, they are so bad, my husband has made me promise I
  14. I completely miss-read the post .......
  15. The best thing you can do is brain games, lots of silly tricks. Your guy is only a baby so he doesn't need that much exercise. When my guys were pups they got their meals when training, they are both agility dogs so we are big on foundation work, learning where your feet are etc. You can get a lot of fun out of learning how to get in a box, learning to close a door the options are endless. As he is a baby he will be fine without the exercise, but make sure you expose him to all sorts of weird things, the vacum cleaning, weird noises on your phone, because you can't get him out to socialize, ma
  16. It can be a normal stage, my youngest dog thought all dog poop was delicious. The only thing we could do was be extra vigilant on keeping the place clean so he didn’t get a chance. He grew up to be a fastidious dog who doesn’t touch anything undesirable, doesn’t roll in dead stuff etc. My older one had an obsession for goose poop, so when the Canada geese arrived in their thousands I had to be careful where we walked, by the next migration season he had grown out of it and is also a dog who doesn’t eat strange things.
  17. Congratulations Gentle Lake on your new family member she looks adorable. We have been in lockdown for what seems for ever but is actually 4 weeks. I am in Mallorca, Spain and although the mainland has been hit hard particular Madrid and Barcelona the islands haven’t but we are all subject to the same conditions. Let’s just Spain has a very efficient police force and a lot of them, road blocks are a regular occurrence here at roundabouts and now there are more. The last two weeks everything but essential services ( basically supermarkets, pharmacies and essential repair services like
  18. She is looking good, spending time with our Special friends when they are seniors is always a special time in our relationships with them. No more learning, just enjoying each other and understanding each other.
  19. Take a look at Dave Munnings Q-me agility classes. He is one of the UKs top handlers (might be the best) his online classes are very affordable and don't require a lot of equipment or space, you can do masses with one jump. (as an aside I used to take my stuff to a local park before I lived 10 minutes from my club) I would recommend adding his facebook support as it well help you learn. I am a committed and dedicated agility competitor, my youngster is agility partner #3, the most important thing to remember is that it is a team sport it goes way beyond dog training, there is loads for y
  20. My dogs are raw fed, the older one has excellent clean teeth even if they are 1/3 size they should be from a habit of carrying logs around. The younger one has one area that is dodgy and shows plaque, it’s better since I switched to raw but certainly not pearly white. As already mentioned genetics play a role, a previous border collie also had teeth that needed periodic cleaning, whilst my other dog at the time only needed dentistry when she cracked a tooth at 12. Other than a decent diet and raw meaty bones I don’t do anything special, between all the things I do with my dogs I don’t have th
  21. My boys are recreational sheep dogs. Its an hour drive for them to go, when I started out we went once a week approx to get them started, and now about once a month. My oldest dog is 10 now and he only started a year a go, has natural talent and loves to work. My youngster is a well bred working dog, but doesn't have the same instinct as my older rescue dog, but I persist as I feel it helps his focus and confidence. Their full time job is agility, I have seen no negatives introducing them to sheep, if anything I would say they have more self control as that is what they are really learning in
  22. We have boys, my husband and I prefer boy dogs, so that is what we have. Its just a weird personal preference based on all the foster border collies we have had the only ones we have wanted to keep have been the boys. I currently have two intact males, the youngest came as a puppy and there has never been any problems between them.
  23. So sorry Sue, over the years I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Celt, learned an amazing amount with your detailed story of his rehab and everything else. Thank you you for sharing him with us.
  24. It’s a very traditional way to train a release among competitive obedience trainers, it has always made me uncomfortable, I am a “force free” trainer especially when dogs are learning new things I just can’t imagine any animal including humans being able to learn well with the threat of pain. Now if you walk across my coffee table because it’s the shortest route I am not permissive you will be hearing a suitable correction, but it won’t be physical.
  25. Both my boys are intact at 10 and 3 1/2 and living in Spain they regularly encounter bitches in season, the older one has absolutely no interest in girls, the younger one loves girls but there has never been a time I have been concerned about an accidental matting. The OP doesn’t say what country she lives in so her vets advice might be the norm, even in the US my vet advised me to keep the oldest one entire for as long as possible and not bother if he wasn’t an annoying boy. She was a breeder of standard poodles and told me she had clearly seen the difference in her puppies between those who
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