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  1. Just one more story about Kelly: https://owceimanowce.blogspot.com/2020/01/green-bicycle-stories-part-4.html
  2. They are wonderful dogs :D . The whole movie is really wonderful and the credits at the end. I am impressed that you brought a Tatra all the way from Poland to CA.
  3. If anybody need some somewhat-literary entertainment, heres i my mini -play "the Day of Thunder" https://owceimanowce.blogspot.com/2019/07/the-day-of-thunder.html
  4. Dog breath smell is in my opinion a very important indicator that something is off. Every dog has their own typical healthy smell (none too pleasing) or a "I just ate something gross (you don't wanna know what)" smell, but there is also a smell of illness, be it gums or something else. Very interesting discussion, and my conclusion is - if the dog needs it - brush their teeth, if the dog does not - don't.
  5. I have 3 BCs: 13 yo, 10 yo, and 6 yo. I had a berner who lived almost 10 y and and mutt that lived about 12y. I never brushed their teeth and they all have/had very good teeth. the seniors 13 and 10 yo, have much better teeth than vets expect. Perhaps some dogs need brushing, I don't know.
  6. Ruth, I am no expert in stock work, but I gave a lot of thought to the topic, and so far nobody has pointed out any serious flaws so, I guess it's not too bad . In my mind, the stuff I wrote on e-collars relates to my observations on Bonnie who has lost her hearing at the age of 4-5. And how long it took me to realize it and to see how much she had been reading from me without being able to hear the commands. And how people (who never had a dog going deaf) assumed without a doubt that she was blowing me off. It opened my eyes to how little we know sometimes on what is going on. I mean, they were sure she giving me the middle finger, while all this time she was desperately trying to figure out what I wanted. How much more wrong can you get? And the thing that scares me in people who want to use an e-collar for border collies is their brash confidence about being right.
  7. That's really good news that it has been made illegal in Iceland.
  8. I wanted to share the link to my article on the above topic, since the question keeps popping up. The questions on e-collars are usually met with a great deal of negative emotions, which I perfectly understand and share, but I wanted to try and actually answer the question "why not" in an organised manner. I hope that maybe some people will find it useful. https://owceimanowce.blogspot.com/2019/01/why-we-shouldnt-use-e-collar-in-sheep.html
  9. Very, very sad news. I have three of Donald McCaig's books and always enjoyed the discussions and thoughts he shared here. He will be greatly missed.
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