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  1. I don't vax for bordetella unless I have no choice. My vet conspired with me to help me circumvent a 6 month interval a boarding kennel required because they felt it was unnecessary! Even after an outbreak at a dock diving event that we attended when the dogs were past the 1 year mark on their vaccine, only one of my dogs got it and she was especially susceptible as she went into heat 2 days after exposure. Her illness only involved coughing for less than a week and a snotty nose for about 9 days, no meds needed. When I taught group classes we suggested the bordetella vax, but did not require it and only had 1 case of it in the 3 years I was teaching, yet down the street at the humane society it was endemic (eg stressed dogs vs "normal" dogs).
  2. Chain leash or a choke chain with a double ended snap inserted between the collar and regular leash if you can't find a full chain leash. I've also had success with 2 leashes; drop the one they start to play with and pick up the extra leash, repeat. The dogs often get bored with constantly "dead" leashes and give up.
  3. Lots of hugs for you and your family at this sad time. Even tho I never met her I sort of feel like a "know" Shonie through all of the stories over the years - she was obviously a special girl!
  4. Keep in mind too that "no-kill" shelters have the luxury of turning away adopters and not having to euth, they just stop accepting animals. Open admission shelters often have looser rules because if they don't adopt an animal out it will mean euth. When you have the luxury of time then you can afford to be picky. That's one of the huuuuuge reasons that I prefer to support open admission shelters when it comes to adopting a dog from a shelter.
  5. Nice to "meet" you Jordyn! Well the Cherokee event didn't end in any big wins, but Kestrel did get 3 jumps toward his *Masters* title, jumping 21'3", 20'10", and 20'7", and a qualifying Turbo Speed Retrieve round (7.79 sec). Aeri didn't feel comfortable jumping off of the dock, but she did retrieve nicely off the exit ramp, so we'll get there. She even got a "Dry Dock Dog in Training" ribbon! A video of Aeri's exploits (with a surprise at the end!):
  6. We're gearing up for a big event in Cherokee, NC this weekend ourselves. Going to be interesting cramming 2 humans and 3 dogs and the gear we all need into my Subaru Impreza, but it'll be worth it! We'll send "Jump Big" vibes to you guys on Monday - Aeri will be in the same spot as Secret this weekend, having never jumped into clear water.
  7. OMG I know what you mean on the cam angle - some of them look much closer to 25'! LOL We do get a lot of comments about how fast he takes off, his pop, and his diving form (headfirst to maximize distance) - all are mostly natural with some tweaking via my throwing technique. Kes' take offs at the fun jump were actually a bit early a few times - generally he's leaving the dock with his back feet less than 6" off the edge of the dock! He's gotten closer and closer to the edge of the dock for take offs as he's gotten more confident, but other than that I've just let him do his own thing basically. Today's practice (starring *both* of the diving dogs in our house!):
  8. Yay Tempe! I know someone who made a minidock for their home pool, so it's def doable! New video for your ogling pleasure! Last weekend was supposed to be a competition at our club's lake, but the water level was waaaay too low (41" below the dock surface vs the regulation fof 24" or less!!) so it was converted to a fun jump. We had a new personal best of 21'06", due in part to the low water level, but Kes was jumping nicely, too.
  9. Hugs, and a virtual shoulder to cry on. I know it's tough now but we're all here for you. ((((More hugs))))
  10. Thanks so much for the updates Diane - hopefully you've been able to get some sleep. It really is amazing how dogs can bounce back after trauma - lots of continued vibes/mojo for her healing process.
  11. More healing mojo from us! Tess is obviously a tough cookie!
  12. Yay Kenzi! Kes used to be like Kipp, so don't give up yet! At Kes' first CDD practice he jumped once, went under, and decided he was never jumping off another dock ever again. You can see how that ended.
  13. Absolutely fabulous to hear the most recent update!
  14. Mwahahahaha I am converting more people to dock diving (evil grin here). It really is a fun sport, very newbie friendly, and fairly easy to get into. Here's a link to Dixie Dock Dogs - they have articles on training for those who are interested in getting started but don't have a club nearby: http://www.dixiedockdogs.com/dock-diving.php If anyone is in NC and wants to come watch the dogs and I train or wants to give it a try themselves at our marina (in Stokesdale), just let me know - we're always looking for local friends! Just this week I got Becca and Sam out to play around on the docks for the second time and everyone had a blast, even if one of Becca's shoes escaped. eta: Further enabling - Dock Dogs events (not sure about the other venues) actually *pay* for placements in the finals in each division. Kes basically paid his entries at his first trial! I can think of very few dog sports that actually have cash prizes, let alone $100, $75, and $50 for 1st-3rd places in each division! And just for fun, a pic I forgot to upload until today, from our first competition. (photo by Shutter Paws Photography)
  15. I always recommend that people check out the venues: Splash Dogs, DockDogs, Ultimate Air Dogs, etc. You can often find a local club and/or events to watch so you can get a more handson start. We found a local club and then a marina willing to let us use their docks after hours and the rest is history.
  16. Wow you're right! Sounds like a freestanding group, so anything goes. It also sounds like there is no division formatting, so that's kind of a bummer, but I'm sure you guys will have a blast anyway!
  17. Thanks - I had a blast watching the video myself since I usually just see Kes' butt. Who is putting your event on? If it's Dock Dogs, I know that they have open practice generally an hour before each wave. You are usually limited to one jump or 3 minutes in practice if the event is a big one, but if it's lower turnout you can often get in more time or multiple practice jumps. When you get there, ask around - DD people are generally pretty friendly ime. Dock Dogs competitions *always* divide up by division, even in the Finals. Divisions in Dock Dogs are: Novice 0'1" - 9'11" Junior 10'0" - 14'11" Senior 15'0" - 19'11" Master 20'0" - 22'11" Elite 23'0" - 24'11" Super Elite 25' and above That means that even a plopper like Luke should have no trouble getting a title, as long as he actually gets into the water off of the dock! Other venues do have different rules, so finding out who is putting on the event would be quite useful to you.
  18. Yay Lacee!!! I'm so happy to hear she was able to have the surgery and that surgery went well. Lots of "get well fast" vibes headed your way now!!
  19. We looove dock diving! Kes is 1 leg away from his Senior title in Dock Dogs and placed second in his very first trial with a jump of 19'9"! We just had a practice session last night at the local marina and my malinois pup, Aeri, actually jumped off the dock for the first time. At our last club practice she just hung off the end and wouldn't jump, so this is a huge leap (pun intended!). Pics from last night: eta: Here's my video from Kes' first competition. Keep in mind that if the competition is in a pool vs a lake you may see Secret hesitate more - some dogs really don't like seeing the end or how clear the water is, so take advantage of the practice time to familiarize her with the set up.
  20. It does change the relationship, sure, but in some ways it improves it, too. I find that adding a new dog often makes me really appreciate my other dog(s) more and become more active in finding quality time with them over quantity of time. My last dog, Aeri, was the first one I had ever purchased from a responsible breeder, and while some might call it "trading up" I really just viewed it as another way to find a good puppy and relished the additional info I could get from her breeder as opposed to my other dogs' unknown backgrounds. All my dogs are the same to me in terms of value, so once I resolved the breeder vs. rescue debate in my head, I really haven't given it another thought.
  21. Lots of hugs and vibes for peace for your family - we were in almost the same place with our Maggie a year ago, but the cancer had spread and thus made the decision for us. It's a really crappy place to be. If it helps, in the future I know I would not do a risky surgery/procedure with a significant recovery period unless it had a very high likelihood of succeeding in extending their life significantly - you are not "giving up", you are truly considering what would be best for your girl. ((((more hugs))))
  22. Two words: Control Unleashed. The book, and a class in my area, have been super in helping me get things started on the right foot with my Malinois pup (who has had arousal issues since she was a pup lol, no aggression just hair trigger arousal), but even moreso, I've seen the techniques help in in grounding my ACDX before his runs in agility *and* make a huge difference in the behaviors of various dog-reactive dogs I've worked with. The program is specifically designed for dogs who get too aroused by other dogs running, the busyness of a trial environment, etc. I would give CU a try before dropping a sport my dog enjoyed; it won't fix a problem with motivation/fear/etc. but it will do amazing things with overarousal!
  23. I'm soooo happy that Sam likes his new pack! And what a bonus that it seems to be easing entry into stores for you guys. I'll be looking forward to hearing how tomorrow's service goes - I'm sure he'll do stellar, though.
  24. I don't really have anything to add as others have said it much better than I, but just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you and Missy. I didn't know Maggie was going to leave us so soon, but because she collapsed a few weeks prior to her death I tried to make every day include at least one "good/loved" thing in case it was our last. Lots of long walks in the field across the street, a visit to my parents' and a hike with them, some fun training, etc.
  25. For casual use the Outward Hound ones from Petsmart seem to do decently - we have one I used initially in Kestrel's dock diving training and am now using it with our puppy. It's starting to fray but it's gotten a lot of use lol and it was only about $25.
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