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  1. to be fair, hes on the Papzilla size...but yeah, shes teeny!
  2. Sorry I have been offline for a while! So I am enjoying my little Jolene quite a bit. Shes a bitty thing of 26 lbs. Handlers in the PNW may recognize her from her previous owner. Shes really honest and fast, a huge difference from my other dog Argos who is sweet and earnest but never did have solid inside flanks or wide flanks. She does have a lot of eye but so far we have had fun. I'm trying to capture her whistles so I can drop or slow her at the top of a big outrun and so far I suck at it, lol. I'm lucky I live in an area very full of talented teachers and handlers and
  3. Update, I was able to find just that in a 3 year old girlie who is very strong eyed and can get stuck but will unstick with some handling. Shes is so incredibly obedient and responsive and in 3 months my handling has improved dramatically. Pus shes very cute and fun and has fit in well. Thank you for all the advice!
  4. I've done this exact thing with my first and not-so-talented dog to help solidify inside flanks and it works pretty good. I did it at home between lessons not instead of sheep but it was helpful. Plus now he likes ducks where he used to hate them, and since hes old now and not fast enough to do much with sheep thats fun we can enter duck trials. And, he loves to corrall up the chickens at the end of the day!
  5. Thanks, my husband is not terribly keen on me bringing home a dog the same age as my dog who is getting older...
  6. I like the idea, but the cost of an Open dog is likely out of my budget. I was looking at a dog who is owned by a well respected person who said the dog would be ready for ProNov with that person, but who hadn't been trialed and that dog was pretty expensive, like double my budget.
  7. So...I have a dog. He is the only dog I have trained in stockwork. I didn't start with him until he was 4 and he has an old injury that affects his gait so his speed overall is slow. I have worked him with a wonderful terrific trainer, and I am proud of us and what I have learned and what he and I have accomplished. He's simply too slow to do much with USBCHA trials, a little Novice and fumbling through Ranch, but anything bigger he simply can't cover. He looses his sheep and he gets frustrated and slices and I certainly don't help fumbling handler that I am. SO its cool, we do AHBA
  8. My old Papillon also hates flies. If one gets in the house she disappears and hides. Being old and losing her hearing has reduced her fear quite a bit because even if she heard a buzz she would hide. In the garage, in a stored crate. Took me 20 minutes or so to find her.
  9. I heard about his passing on NPR today. I am sad...Nop's Trials is part of what led me to these amazing dogs and I have tremendous respect for his influence on the breed. Godspeed.
  10. Just fyi, any place dogs congregate you increase risk of illness, be it a dog park, a training building or a trial. And no you can't tell if the dogs you see are healthy. My fully vaccinated dogs all recently were exposed to and contracted a nasty nasty strain of kennel cough from a (fully vaccinated) dog who apparently had the disease but was asymptomatic. The dogs interacted nose to nose as they were friends and friendly with each other prior to a romp. So don't assume that a dog who is vaccinated and looks ok couldn't be sick. Also, don't assume that you have to go to a dog park
  11. I hate dog parks. For far too many people "off leash = no reason to control your dog." Not every dog wants to wrestle with every dog and if your dog is that way then you are not allowed to advocate for him. Its far too many dogs crammed into a small area with too few eyes supervising, so when and if something goes wrong its too late. A dog park used to be an area where you were allowed to run your dog off leash, and you would walk with them or play with them and if your dog found a dog they liked they could play. Nowadays its more about dogs playing which not every dog wants to do.
  12. Ditto. Its partly a culture thing, I live in the PNW and I constantly have people peering in my car because they can see my crates. They are tied down and always there and so often empty but people seeing them get all worked up. I had one lady yell at me for leaving dogs in a car (and it was like 65 degrees out and the car was mostly in shade), then when I pointed out the crates were empty (and they are pretty easy to see into) she yelled at me because leaving crates in my car is misleading and causes people like her to have to worry. Srsly. I'm getting my windows tinted.
  13. I use thick ribbon or paracord as a drag line, its super light and I can make it really long. Its lightness keeps him from being aware of it as much and its less likely to tangle on stuff (it just slips through). Also, with a long line I walk casually in the dogs direction and put my foot on it BEFORE I call. Then I call and if I don't get a quick recall I walk up the line and get the dog. I dislike grabbing the line with my hands because of rope burn and the line is kind of usually gross. Its less likely to get you a dog who runs off when you call and just lets the dog not practice th
  14. If shes got any kind of skin break (open rash, scratches etc) vinegar is gonna sting. I tried the diluted vinegar and witch hazel and my dogs all told me that they hurt. Even when used on a dog without an infection he winces when I used that. No reaction with the Zymox. Its partly why I went to it.
  15. I use Zymox enzymatic ear cleaner, its a liquid. Make it room temp or warmer and let some dribble in, massage it around then let her shake. Its non stinging, anti microbial, anti fungal and seems to be better than a lot of other types I have tried. They also sell a liquid drop with hydro cortisone in it which can relieve itching and soreness. This is of course a band aid and not a solution to the cause, but it can be nice to provide some relief. Argos has allergies that cause swollen itchy ears and he will shake his head and claw at the ears in an attempt to relive the itch. The drops
  16. OK, thank you! I get so confused by everyone's screen names! Yes, I think we keep missing each other there!
  17. Wait, who are you? LOL! Honestly, I think the secret to really old dogs is my ex husband, because every dog we owned together and the dog in question have all lived a very long time.
  18. I'm not sure how much benefit it will be on a smoothie, but it helps tremendously on my coated boy. The hair on his haunches and leg feathers is like 6-8" long, and its tough to get out the woolly stuff without really pulling. As I mainly comb my own (wavy thick) hair in the shower when its full of conditioner, I thought hmmmm. So I tried it and it worked. It also really helps to get the water to the skin on him....his undercoat is pretty dense over his haunches and above his tail, on several occasions I have been pretty sure I got shampoo to the skin and then discovered his coat kind
  19. Shaving bellies and armpits can help cool, especially if the dog has access to cool grass, cool floors or a pool. I shaved a BC who grew a very, very wooly coat as an elderly dog...she was hard to keep brushed and then she started leaking pee when she slept and needed washed off every day so I clipped her to 1/2" everywhere. She looked ridiculous but we didn't care. One thing I find helps me deal with a thick thick undercoat is to wet the dog down, then use a lot of cheap cream rinse diluted down and worked into the coat to the skin (think Suave or White Rain 99 cents a bottle kind
  20. I think it just tastes good. Its clear my dogs enjoy some kinds a lot and ignore others. If it was because they were sick they would probably not be so picky. There's a big woody grass that grows on the banks of the creek in the park we run in that must be especially amazing when its first sprouting, I think they can smell it. As soon as we get close they run to it and chow down. Then it gets bigger and they lose interest.
  21. Think about what you are saying: its inevitable that other dogs will harass/chase my dog and I don't think that he should be allowed to respond and should just tolerate it, I worry that he will tell another dog to back off. Why should he? I only allow my dog to play around dogs I know, who I know won't bully or harass them. I frequent empty parks (often in the rain! parks are empty when its raining) and spend time with friends with respectful dogs.
  22. upload it to Spoonflower to make fabric! I would buy it!
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