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  1. 's a video of a FB friend's SAR BC, Púki, finding sheep that were buried by a devastating snowstorm in Iceland three weeks prior. A shorter "news" version is here, but you don't get to hear quite as much Icelandic spoken! Susan
  2. Give the OP's sign-in name, I had to post this photo of Pippin on a Saturday morning:
  3. You know, I read it all the way through several times, and really hesitate to call it thoughtful. Well-written, yes. It is driven by a single point of view, exemplified by the title "No Pet For You. Want to adopt a dog or cat? Prepare for an inquisition at the animal rescue." Yoffe is very consistent, offering endless support for that perspective. The author notes that in recent years "new organizations take potentially adoptable pets out of the shelters and foster them, usually in private homes, until the right owner comes along. ... Groups like these have high standards for who gets to adopt. Applicants are sometimes subjected to an interrogation that would befit Michael Vick." She then offers lots of anecdotal evidence of perceived irrational treatment of would-be adopters from those individuals (mostly via online comments). At another stage of her argument she writes of how Petfinder has greatly facilitated adoptions. "This would be unmitigated good news for the four-legged were it not for the problems of the two-legged. Let’s posit that many people who are drawn to humane work don’t have a particularly positive view of humanity." Well, let's not. I've read some good articles about issues rescue work. I've been involved in some thoughtful, intense discussions about how to improve adoption/placement policies with the rescue group I've worked with. Questions are good, self-reflection is good, awareness of public perception is good. And in an era when "fair and balanced" means anything but, I hesitate to criticize a writer for expressing her deeply felt opinion. But Yoffe is in a position of power, and her "article" is an irresponsible, belittling, blanket disparagement of rescue. Susan
  4. Well, this quote from the writer seems a fair indication of the article's value: "Fed up, we decided to buy a puppy and found a lovely breeder, and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lily, has made us all ecstatic." Jon Katz writes for Slate. Quite some standard they have there.
  5. you know, I've always wondered about pork. I haven't seen it in commercial dry or canned food, and figured there was some reason. Raw pork has a fixed trichinosis connection for me. Pig's ears and feet are the only pork treats I've seen - and I've steered away from those, too animate! Susan
  6. In the past few years the All-Around Stockdog (and handler) has a write-up and photo in "Working Border Collie" magazine (the sponsor of the award I think). Recent winning handlers' names that I can think of offhand are Wendy Schmaltz, Ian Zoerb, Lana Rowley and Laura Hicks.
  7. Great to hear from you! Glad that Black Jack and Teebo are buds. Susan
  8. Thanks, everyone. I understated when I said I'm cautious about electricity, so I appreciate your perspective, Julie! If I were to extend the hose, and it froze despite best efforts, could I just switch it out with another hose? And, with an extension cord I assume we'd hang it so it wouldn't be walked on by the sheep? Solar heated stock tank looks like next summer's project! Susan
  9. We're still figuring out our winter watering situation for our flock of 15 sheep. (Breaking ice will get old fast!). Hoping you all could weigh in with your thoughts... The stock tank is currently right next to the water source - a 4 foot hose from the spigot can fill it. But it is 70 feet from electricity, so we'd need a 100 ft extension cord for the heater. The other option is to place the tank next to the barn, nearer to the electricity source (much shorter extension cord) but then we'd need to extend the hose 40-50 feet for the water and hang it so it doesn't freeze. I'm a bit cautious with electricity, so don't like the idea of the long extension cord running out from the barn, plus the draining of energy it entails. But freezing hoses sound like a nuisance if that happens regularly. So, extension cord or hose? Thanks, Susan (we're in southeastern Michigan, so it doesn't get crazy cold, but!)
  10. I agree! Would love to see more photos. She appears to be marked much like my Rafe, though he doesn't have her cute ears! Hope you found a good place to board her. Susan
  11. Yes, and yes. Usually good centerfolds too. Susan
  12. Well you do get knocked for each command / redirect on the outrun, you got that part right!
  13. So very sorry. Glad you were able to love Jack. Susan
  14. What a sweet-looking pup! So sorry he's suffering; you're doing right to get all the information you can and just loving him. We'll be sending positive thoughts. Best, Susan
  15. Oh, I'm so sorry Kristine! You had a wonderful life together, which it what it's all about. Run free, sweet Maddie! Susan
  16. oh, so good to hear! Such a sweet-looking pup, glad things continue to progress. Susan
  17. Not a very attentive reader, I'd say. And for the rest, I'll stick with a sigh. Susan
  18. This was a comment that startled me: " But what I do know is, if more people like me who are passionate about not letting the show and working lines diverge, were given more support and encouragement by people like you, then I guess the future of the BC would be healthier, if not entirely safeguarded." and what exactly do the show lines contribute to the breed?
  19. I am so sorry. Lacee, such a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit. Peace to you all, run free Lacee. Susan
  20. Such good news! We'll keep the healing thoughts going! Is Danny happy to see her?
  21. Hurray! Continued good thoughts for recovery.
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