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What makes you the not-your-average dog lover?

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by Connie Bowen


Do you find yourself among that rare breed of dog lover that your

friends think have gone just too far in your love for your dogs?

Read on and see if any of these dog lover traits sound all too



You circle the parking lot over and over trying to find that

perfect spot for your pooch. You know the one I mean -- not too close

to the construction or traffic, in lots of shade on a warm day, and by

all means in plain view of the door so that he or she can see all the

comings and goings. We wouldn't want our dogs to be too bored or lonely

while we're in the market, gym or post office.


Even if it's threatening rain, we take our dogs along, thinking

we can always wipe out the soggy car later. It's more important that

our dogs get a chance to get out and about, even if it means open car

windows on a rainy day.


We fluff up their bed just one more time, to make sure they're

comfy cozy during the night-time hours. And of course, if they should

deem our bed more to their liking at 4am, we're happy to oblige with a

scoot to the edge, braving cold toes or worse yet, a dangerous fall-off

to the floor below.


If they ask to be in the bathroom with us during our morning

shower, we'll leave the door ajar should they feel an urgent need to

leave, even if it means less privacy and a strikingly cold draft.


We plan our dinner outings around their eating habits, begging

them to chow down early so that we can sit in comfort at a restaurant

awaiting our entree, awash in the peaceful fog of knowing they're safe

at home with full tummies.


We wouldn't dream of keeping the TV too loud, the house too

warm, or running low on dog cookies, treats and toys.


We announce our comings and goings explaining when we'll be

back, how long we'll be gone and what we'll bring them when we return.


All in all, we know what life would be like without our dogs, and

we shudder to think of the possibility.Are you a member of this rare breed of dog lover? If you are,

then join the ranks with the best of the best.We can't ALL be crazy, can we?


And here's my version. What's yours?

p.s. I was bored at work...

1. I have an insurance policy for my dogs. I did even when I didn't have one for myself

2. I feed my dogs low-sodium/organic while I eat Kolache

3. I didn't go to a party just because my dogs weren't invited

4. I have turned down all-paid vacation to Hawaii because dogs weren't invited

5. Basically, I'd go anywhere as long as my dogs are invited

6. The only time I don't speed is when my dogs are in the car

7. 95% of my recent photos are of my dogs

8. Roughly, I have 20 dog related items on my desk at work

9. First thing my co-workers ask is "how are your dogs?"

10. So is my mother's, who lives overseas

11. I hosted parties just so that I could socialize my dogs with strangers

12. Non-dog people are never invited back

13. I considered not having a human baby because of the dogs

14. I always have a pair of rubber boots in my car

15. Frozen bones and treats takes up about 80% of my freezer. The other 20% is for their frozen water, pedialyte and pumpkin.

16. The only time I bake is when I am out of dog treat

17. I have t-shirts and mugs with my dog's picture on them

18. I have 1 chuck-it in my car and another in the backyard

19. My email signature includes my dogs

20. I created more than 10 dog related websites

21. I am allergic to dog hair

22. It makes me smile when I find dog hair on my sweater at work

23. I have canned dog food in my car for the stay dogs

24. I have Halloween costumes for my dogs

25. I visit dog forums daily

26. If my dog falls asleep on my lap, that's where I will be until she wakes up

27. 85% of bookmarked websites are dog related

28. My dogs take more supplement than my husband and I combined

29. All my vacation days have been used for my dogs except for ½ day when I got married

30. I don't understand when my husband tells me that I've gone nuts


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I had to do something thinking on this question. I don't think anything we do is odd or out of the ordinary but maybe to non-dog owners we might seem a it weird. My list is:


1-Took dogs on our honeymoon.

2-One night, I sat up in bed & said "JJ's a good boy!", laid back down & continued sleeping.

3-Our dogs eat healthier than we do.

4-I don't understand people who don't have dogs.

5-We name pets human names.

6-Water bottles stay in our SUV.

7-Bought SUV to fit crate.

8-I'm allergic to dogs & cats so I get shots & take pills (I just wish I didn't have syringe-a-phobia.)

9-DH use to whisper when he didn't want JJ to hear what we were saying.

10-Have trained said DH to spell certain words instead of whispering.

11-DH eats more popcorn now because 'the boys' expect this time with dad.

12-I now wear a waist pouch instead of carrying a purse.

13-Poop bags are as much of a staple in said waist pouch as drivers license.

14-Leashes stay in SUV 'just in case'.

15-We leave the TV on for the boys if all 3 humans are going somewhere & the boys can't go.

16-Have spent more on dog toys than clothes for humans for last 3 years.

17-When I have to go somewhere & I can't take the boys, I tell them to "Stay with Granny" and/or "Be good boys".

18-I don't care if I ever see an ex-coworker again after she said "You make your own dog treats?!?!?"

19-I suffer from worst separation anxiety than the boys.

20-After putting all this down in writing, am beginning to wonder if I need professional help.......

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:rolleyes: at INU and Brenda. I'm not even going to try ... but most of the above apply to me. In addition,


- I'm retired - but now work 4 days a week, earning extra money to fund my addiction;

- The other 3 days are taken up with training and trialling (obedience, agility and tracking);

- My station wagon (yes, to fit the crate) also has - their shade tent, their collapsible crates, training gear, extra shoes and clothing, their water bottle etc. etc.;

- I do aerobic classes at the local gym to try to get fit enough to handle Kirra better in Agility;

- I bought a bike and bike rack to train for Endurance Test - and now still take them our riding when I can;

- the radio stays on for whichever animals are home - usually jsut the cats, since the dogs are nearly always with me ........


That'll do! Obsessed - me - naah :D

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Well it is quite a new phenoena with me but I think I qualify

1.I amdrinking my coffee right now out of a BC coffee cup

2Most of my cups/mugs have dogs on them

3.I am more excited about taking Gypsy on her first camping trip than the actual holiday itself.

4.I just had my 40th birthday and every card was dog orientated from both friends and family and even people that dont know me very well

5All new new people I work with are quizzed about their love (or not ) of dogs within the first hour of them starting .They get into my good books or not according to their answer . I have not had a negative answer yet but I am sure they will be seen differently if they dont like dogs

6My dogs definitely eat healthier then we do

7Yes i do cook and bake my own dog treats

8.I scoured the shops for weeks to find a bone shaped cutter

9I am seriously considering taking up running to get fitter for agility

10My kids think I am totally nuts about dogs

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1. Sleep every night cuddled in a spoon position with my dog

2. She eats chicken/beef ect, and I eat tv dinners

3. She goes everywhere she can with me

4. I take a long time combing her fur out and making it pretty, my hair is always in a ponytail

5. If you dont like my dog, you dont like me

6. Most any websites I look at daily are animal related

7. I could look at cat and dog pictures all day long

8. The TV is left on no matter how short or long we're gone (by hubby lol)

9. Have spent more on dog toys than clothes for humans for last 3 years. I can relate to this as well

10. I talk to my animals like humans...not in the little foo foo voice

11. I sing songs I make up on the spot for my animals

12. I buy water bottles for Riven when we go out, and I always forget something for me.

13. I can not go to the bathroom without them. If I do, Rohan claws at the door, and I can hear her whimper outside it

14. I have a ton more, but not enough time lol.


ETA: I cant remember the last time my hubby and I got a picture of us printed out, much less actually taken. I have a bajillion of the two of them.

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1. We are planning on having our dog be our ring bearer in our wedding

2. We have to plan our wedding at a dog friendly place so the above can happen :rolleyes:

3. We take ceana to the E vet for a bloody nose but we don't send Chris to the Dr when he needs knee surgery

4. Chris's Mother refers to the dog as her grand puppy

5. We can't stay out too late because the dog is alone and needs to play

6. I sometimes call and leave messages for the dog so she can hear my voice during the work day

7. people call my work and ask for the "Border Collie Lady" instead of my name

8. I remember client's dog's names but forget theirs

9. I have one picture of Chris and I and 12 pics of ceana on my desk

10. The only time I bake anymore as well is when I run out of dog treats



I sing songs I make up on the spot for my animals
LOL me too!
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OK- I'll join in.

1. When I got a new car, I took my crate with me to see if it would fit the car I wanted to buy.

2. When I moved from country to city, the yard size was more of a factor than the house.

3. My whole home is decorated in "early border collie" design.

4. I have one dog, 10 collars, and over 30 leashes.

5. I take my dog on dates with me.

6. I have a large double kennel that my dog hasn't been in

7. My idea of "home improvement" is putting in a doggy door.

8. Christmas cards always have BC's on them. Plus wrapping paper.

9. My name on e-bay is bordermom

10. I'll take the dog to the vet over anything, but when I broke my ankle, it took my kids 3 days to convince me to go myself.

11. I think I spent more money on training, trialing, competing on my dogs than I did with my boys sports.

12. I use the saying "Once you've gone black & white you never go back" way to much.


Yes- I need professional help, also.

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Most of the above are pretty much me :rolleyes: But here's mine.


1. Spend more on him than me or other people

2. I watch what he eats more than what I eat

3. I'm required to save a little bit of roast beef from Arby's for a doggie treat when I get back in the truck

4. There's no sticker, or cut, or sprain that I wouldn't rush to the vets for

5. I ask him if he's ready for supper and wait for him to answer :D

6. When I wake him up I always ask how he slept and if he had a good night

7. He always gets a good night kiss

8. I'm looking for a truck that can fit at least two BC's and has AC to keep them cool

9. Most of my room is BC

10. I have six stuffed BC's, and one that comes with me when I go to town

11. Over half of my favorites are BC, or dog web-sites

12. Try to read every new post on the BC boards

13. Can't wait for dog training classes in town to start

14. Part of the reason I got a part time job was to buy him more

15. I bought letters to put his name on his crate, and spent over $20 on his new collar and tag

16. Can't stop talking to him like a baby, "aww is the whitle puppy hungwery"

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I used to sing this song to my dog & it drove my ex wild.

It was my heart dog Miss Lacey

"Everybody wuvs Miss Wacey

Everybody wuvs Miss Wace"

etc..etc.. the kids sang it too. Once he said- can you please try and not call her "Miss Wacey" in front of my frinds. LOL.

Her ashes are above my computer.

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:D Love your lists - but I don't think of these things as extraordinary normally. Then again, I'm always on here, seeking company from fellow addicts, because I refuse to discuss these things with the sane folks out there!


One thing that really breaks my heart about your-average-dog-lover is that some of them (some of my co-students, bless them) only love dogs as long as the dogs are "well behaved" and obedient. Some dog-lovers are not even comfortable about interacting with dogs if said dogs aren't controlled by a human, but only by their own dogginess. What kind of "love" is that? :D :D

Some of my best canine friends didn't even listen to their own people, much less to me. They were still good souls and I miss them. Pet peeves, argh. I know.


Some things I can't discuss with those who merely LIKE dogs:


- I study geology, and when I had to choose two subjects I would concentrate on, the first one I chose was paleontology, because the paleo folks were the easiest when it came to bringing Kessie on field trips. The second one was hydrogeology (second most dog friendly group).


- I'm going to have to do a mapping project and a research project (don't know what to call it) in order to get my diploma. I'm currently looking for a mapping project with a dog loving prof (there's three who come to mind) and a Kessie-friendly area.

When it comes to the research thing, I'll choose one that will not have me mucking around in the basement with the noisy machines that Kessie is terrified of, and I'll again take one with a prof who not only tolerates, but LIKES her.


- whatever happens to me after university will be decided in the same way. I don't care where it takes me, I just don't want to be left alone with my own species again :rolleyes:.


- I pay 4.60 Euros for the doggie train tickets to Munich and back, and I still take her along at least once (mostly twice) a week.


- most of the stuff that was already mentioned ("Just how many different collars do you have for this dog?").

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I eat pretty well, but pick out choice meats for my dog to add to his kibble. Which is also top grade.

My dog is my best friend.

Id rather be with my dog than anyone else that I know.

I spend most of my free time checking the BC Boards.

My family thinks of my love of dogs first when they think of me.

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LOL had lucy lou to the vet for surgery and she had to stay 4 days. i would not go see her becoz i knew i would cry.

so when it came time to go get her i walked in the vet's office and sang

lucy lou

where are you

mommy's come

to take you home

everyone in the waiting room laughed, but the vet said LL jumped up and promptly stepped in potty and he had to give her a quick bath.


I'll add to the list that i make sure my dogs have food before i grocery shop for myself.

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Whereas all of my other departures from sanity have already been listed, I only have three to add.


When I bought a small rowboat to use for fishing on the weekends, I based my choice of design on what would best accommodate Annie.


I installed a removable canopy on the front of the boat so that Annie's black fur wouldn't be subjected to the direct rays of the sun.


And I bought Annie her own life vest.

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1.90% of my bookmarked sites are dog sites.

2.The BC boards is always my first stop online (which drives my husband batty...haha. He just doesn't understand).

3.I miss my dogs more than they do me, when I go out.

4.We always get in some excercise everyday at the park- rain or shine.

5. I'm always trying to think up new routes to walk my dogs on.

6.We are always looking for new parks, when we are out and about driving, so that we can scope them out later, with

the dogs.

7.I baby talk more to my dog than to my own son!!

8.I try and teach my dog a new word everyday.

9.Everytime I'm in a store I'm looking for a new kind of ball for my pups. Not that they don't have enough...

10.Everytime my husband wasn't looking I would sneak my dog on the bed....lol. Now he doesn't even say anything anymore...:rolleyes:

11.I beg poop bags(the plastic Walmart ones) off of the neighbor's!!(They love to get rid of them).

12.I have pics of my dogs on my computer background

12.I have pics of my dog on my cell phone background

13. Since I got my new camera, I email pics of my two pups every week to my family, and they beg for more!!

14.I sing to my dog.

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What makes me nutso.....


1. I try my hardest to not go anywhere without my dog.

2. My friends quickly add "bring Shelby" when inviting me anywhere.

3. I spend nearly all(99.9%) of my free time with my dog or for my dog.

4. I am choosing my life career because I love my dog. (going for a BA in Bio. then trying for a DVM program!!!)

5. I talk about my dog.... ALOT

6. I miss my dog when I am at work.

7. My screensaver is of my dog

8. same with my cell phone.

9. My freezer is full of bones.... for my dog.

10. I like others don't understand people who don't have dogs.

11. I go out in the rain/snow/overall crappy weather so my dog can play while I get drenched.

12. I sleep around my dog, and use her as a pillow after she steals mine!! :rolleyes:

13. I smile when she wakes me up with a "punch" to the face or a ball dropped on me!

14. I have spent more on her in the past year then I have on myself in the past 2 years!!

15. I have well over 4k pictures of my dog...... and I have been told by my bf that I am no longer allowed to store them on his comp!!

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1. I own a BC mug(I dont drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate), I own a BC clock..just cuz. I own BC salt and pepper shakers, a BC tea pot(again I dont drink tea), I own a BC suger and creamer set, only the suger bowl is used. I own a BC jug, and BC napkin rings(we havent used napkin rings since I was like..3 lol), oh and BC coasters too lol


2. I have 3 crates in my kitchen, 1 in my living room, 1 in my dining room, and 1 in my bedroom.


3. I plan my work vacations entirly around my dogs.


4. in highschool, people finally stopped invitin me to partys because I always declined....because I had to get up at 4am the next morning to take my dogs to flyball tournys.


5. the second my custamers see me they go "how are your dogs?" ...I work in retail.


6. while every other teenage girl was putting up pics of movie stars and such in their bedrooms...I was plastering my walls with Border Collie pictures lol


7. I own 7 $50 designer dog collars..my dogs dont wear collars in the house. I however own 3 sets of clothes-"work clothes", "relaxing cloths", and "weekend clothes" AKA 3 pairs of pants and a couple of shirts lol


8. when my brother and his Fiance went to Europe and they were buying everyone souviners? they bought me a leather dog collar from buckingham palace.


9. the last time my grandparents came to visit, when they hadent seen me in 4 years, they didnt bring me anything...however they brought 2 chuck-its and a pack of tennis balls for my dogs!

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I think Inu's list pretty much covers me except I have to add:

31. I got laser eye surgery so I could see the cross-drive panels better (still not helping, this may be beyond modern medicine)

32. All of my co-workers save their plastic bags for me, as they understand the need for "poopie bags"

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LOL I love everyone's songs! Every morning we snuggle and sing "good morning , good morning, I love you, good morning"... then we can start the day


My song with Riven that my best friend loves is "Missy little dog friend, she's my little doggies". She says every time we camp I wake up and sing it to Riven. Although I didnt realize I did that till she pointed it out.


My song with Rohan cracks my parents up. Whenever I have cat treats for him, I jiggle the bag, can or wahtever and sing "kitty treats, kitty treats, its my little mouser treats" lol -- Im gonna go crawl into a corner now lol

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I just added a room on to my house for the dogs, 25 x 30, with a comphy loft and stairs to run up and down. My friends didn't believe me and scoffed. They are not being invited back, I don't really talk to non animal people if I don't have to. It takes to much time cutting through the layers of, huh, why, you did what? I have made an exception for my mom. She gave birth to me, she is elderly, she doesn't know I'm a changeling.

Andrea D.


There is NOTHING wrong with me or any of the rest of you :rolleyes:

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My song with Riven that my best friend loves is "Missy little dog friend, she's my little doggies". She says every time we camp I wake up and sing it to Riven. Although I didnt realize I did that till she pointed it out.


My song with Rohan cracks my parents up. Whenever I have cat treats for him, I jiggle the bag, can or wahtever and sing "kitty treats, kitty treats, its my little mouser treats" lol -- Im gonna go crawl into a corner now lol


That's cute :rolleyes: I dont sing songs. And the other day Lance jumped up on the bed when I woke up. I yawned a really big, mouth open wide, yawn. And the weird dog stuck his nose in my mouth. I looked at him and he jumped into a "play bow" I dont know what the heck he was thinking.

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I got laser eye surgery so I could see the cross-drive panels better (still not helping, this may be beyond modern medicine)


I had a separate pair of glasses made--my distance prescription made into amber lenses--several years ago. Not sure how much it really helped. My current eye Dr. says it's not a vision problem, but a problem of how the brain puts together the images from the two eyes. Says he can accurately diagnose it (for about $300), and then do something to correct it. I'm so strapped paying off all the E-vet bills from the past two years (somewhere in the neighborhood of almost 15K), that I can't afford it. But as soon as I can... :rolleyes:


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My current eye Dr. says it's not a vision problem, but a problem of how the brain puts together the images from the two eyes.

LOL, so many responses to this, will just leave it as LOL.


When the surgeon asked me if there was something in particular that I was wanting as an outcome, I started explaining about the drive and cross-drive panels, and the poor man just started to glaze over. So I left it as "I'd sure like to be able to drive at night without worrying that my contacts will dry up and fall out". And I have to say, driving at night, and swimming, and being able to see when I wake up in the morning - it's the best money I've spent in a long time!

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