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    Hiking, swimming, DOGS (mainly bc's) music of all sorts (no rap.... well maybe old school rap) and other stuff....<br /><br />looking forward to starting agility with Shelby

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  1. hmmm Nancy... Reminds me of a cat I promised to take care of for a bit while my friends moved..... I let him inside and then I let shelby in.... and from across the room (while Shelby was ignoring him) he FLEW over and attacked her!! really attacked her. I ended up kicking him off her then throwing him out side. BUT when I went to leave... he was guarding the stairs. and I couldn't get Shelby outside with out him attacking her..... I ended up carrrying a Hissing scratching cat by the scruff down stairs and walking a dog on a leash that was very interested in the cat.... *sigh* cats
  2. Opps! just saw this post! Just wanted to chime in that, my parents Golden had BOTH hips replaced / reconstructed before he was 6 months old. he is now 7 years old and doing great, they just have to make sure to keep him a little on the lean side to help his hips out a little, it is promised that he will have bad arthritis when he is older, but for now he is a happy pooch running around as much as possible. I am sure that she will be fine! Let us know how it goes!!
  3. Lionol is sure cute!!! But with the hand in crate thing.... I did that... and it only made things worse!! I became a enslaved to keeping my hand in the crate, or else my lil miss would start crying again. the crate was next to my bed. SO, that wasn't going to work, Then we put the crate in the living room and ignored her. THAT worked. and when she would stop crying. I would give her all sorts of praise. she figured it out pretty quick. over time her crate became her safety/relaxation place. and she loves it now. ETA: We didn't even tell her NO!, just completely ignored her. no attention at all went her way if she was crying. I also put a blanket over the crate, that seemed to help make her feel a little more at ease. you might try leaving something in there that REALLY smells of you. I took a stuffed animal and left it in a dirty hamper for a week and gave that to her.
  4. Well, the heartworm stuff I always used has been digested. just curious on how well it works, but withen 22 hours its killed off all the fleas and she seems a little more back to normal
  5. Shelby has been having issues with the sentinel my vet insists on giving. Its makes her vomit and have dihrhha. this has only happened twice, and both times the vet has waved it off like nothing and said not to worry about it. BUT I did worry about it... and it seems my worry was good!! Shelby got fleas!!! She is suppossed to not get fleas with this stuff. SO since I moved I took her to a new vet and they do Revolution. its topical. I am nervous about it. what do you think?
  6. Yeah... My parents dogs get their anal glands expressed every time they get groomed.... so once every few months
  7. alright so Sunday.... meet near the hotel and figure out from there? what time should we all meet up?
  8. All good advice Mine is.... Don't crate him so long and make the crate smaller
  9. And (not trying to harp, just share wisdom learned the hard way...) Don't expect him to change, because he won't unless he wants too..... I spent 2 years trying to get my ex to change... after 3 years.. I figured out that he wouldn't.. BUT Good for you for helping her out, if you can keep you man in line ( i suggest a shock collar) you should continue on slowly but surely!
  10. sounds a little like Shelby.... if there is a ball out... forget about her playing with other dogs
  11. Its true, I would never allow that man near a child...... (not the OP's, but my EX), his idea of punishment (dog or child) was to hit it, yell, and scare.....
  12. Ummm I would look at that good and hard..... My ex finace undermined everything I did with the dogs, and because I finally saw that, i got to "see" that he was really a jerk. if your bf really really does care he'd stop being so immature and respect that fact that you have done so well instead of *break down* the trust that she gives him, and disregard your wishes.
  13. What makes me nutso..... 1. I try my hardest to not go anywhere without my dog. 2. My friends quickly add "bring Shelby" when inviting me anywhere. 3. I spend nearly all(99.9%) of my free time with my dog or for my dog. 4. I am choosing my life career because I love my dog. (going for a BA in Bio. then trying for a DVM program!!!) 5. I talk about my dog.... ALOT 6. I miss my dog when I am at work. 7. My screensaver is of my dog 8. same with my cell phone. 9. My freezer is full of bones.... for my dog. 10. I like others don't understand people who don't have dogs. 11. I go out in the rain/snow/overall crappy weather so my dog can play while I get drenched. 12. I sleep around my dog, and use her as a pillow after she steals mine!! 13. I smile when she wakes me up with a "punch" to the face or a ball dropped on me! 14. I have spent more on her in the past year then I have on myself in the past 2 years!! 15. I have well over 4k pictures of my dog...... and I have been told by my bf that I am no longer allowed to store them on his comp!!
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