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  1. Mine started doing this when she was around a year old. Before that she was the most submissive dog and would roll whenever other dogs approached her. At some point, she must have realized snapping would stop other dogs from approaching her. She is not an agressive dog at all, she just didn't want to have anything to do with those rowdy and rude dogs. She'd do everything to avoid contact then if that didn't work, she'd curl her lips or do a airsnapping. I was adviced not to correct the behavior because other dogs were being rude and invading her space. However, because of the work I do, I
  2. Does she do it everytime or only when other dogs are in her space/face?
  3. I was checking the toxic plants for dogs since we are renovating the garden. On ASPCA websitethere is a list of toxic plants to dogs and lists avocado as one of them. I've seen lists of toxic veggies/plants and flowers in the past but this is the first time I am learning avocados can be so bad for animals. I eat one avocado a day (I am addicted to them) and sometimes I give a slice to my dogs and they love it. I hope it didn't cause any damage to my dogs... I am worried. I was planning on getting an avocado tree in the backyard and I am glad I read this before getting one.
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    Hang in there Aerie!

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    Love the new avatar. How are things?

  6. A little late to join but never too late to share such joy! Great news!
  7. when she's asked to do rollover, does she seem to enjoy doing it? Since rollover is followed by down, she might be associating something negative with the 'down' command.
  8. When she was still a pup Jazzy did this one at my face and she never learned not to ever do it again. It took one correction. I was on my four feet playing with her and approached her and blew rasberries at her face. Either she didn't like it or she wanted to catch it, she snapped right in front of my face - very close. I got up really fast and gave her body pressure and told her no once. She turned her head and never did that again. After a while, I blew more rasberries at her face purposely, she licked my face out of submissivness. I praised and rewarded. Since then, if I approached her
  9. ah! I See. There is someone from Japan who wanted to know about this facility. If you know anything else about this, will you let me know? I will go google now I know that's the correct name. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone heard of a facility called green chimney (or something similar to that name) in NYC? It is supposed to be for dog behavior research and training.
  11. This is an interesting post! hypothetically speaking... From a search and rescue person's point of view, it is much easier to locate the person if we had a Point Last Known/Seen as close as possible to the actual point. It wouldn't be fun to have risks in mind while travelling all the time but it is smart of you to plan like this. So if possible, I'd call in as often as you can or even just text-message with updates. For this reason, it's good to use credit card to pay as it leaves tracks of where you were.
  12. Is Frontline effective for more than a month?
  13. What kind of mapping course are you taking? Sounds like FUN! I was going to say tie out too. I always take a soft crate but it's too hot and I'd rather have her socialize than staying in the crate. Are you allowed to have her off-leash? When my dogs work off leash, I put a big bell on them. You can here where they are. And I always have a herding whistle on me. One time Jazzy got stuck in the woods at night. Her glow stick was gone. I freaked out. The whistle helped her find me faster after she got released. Walking stick for snakes and hills. Meds for the dogs, and you. Big cooler wit
  14. Natalie, That's interesting. I too have a sound sensitive dog (Jazzy) but she never worried about fireworks (thunders and gun shots as well). I thought she'd freak out and hide under the bed like she did for clicker and metal clanking noises. One thing I did with my dogs on their first july 4th was to play play play during. I also took them to a park next to shooting range and played lots. I am interested to see Melanie's study too.
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