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  1. A quick update...to be fair with VPI. They re-processed my claim and they are giving me $1550 for her surgery. Jazzy has been with VPI for 5 years and her monthly premium is $25 so it had costed me $1500. I'd say that was a big help in addition to giving me a peace of mind.
  2. Tried to delete this thread but I was unable to. I finally got through to them. Turned out it was some mixup -- or 'mixup on purpose' I don't know. Anyway, they are going to review the claim again. Hopefully I get something back.
  3. Anyone has any experience with VPI insurance on major treatments? I've had it on both of my dogs for years, never used it because I wanted to save it for bigger treatments. I submitted a claim for Jazzy's surgery and out of $4600, they reimbursed only $300. On the benefit schedules, it says the allowance for CCL surgery is $1200+. I've heard insurance companies would try to screw with you but didn't think this bad. I called them but they are having a 'meeting' and that I can only leave a message. I was wondering if it's a norm and that unless you argue with them, you would only get the smalles
  4. M.L. That is REALLY comforting to hear. I'll see if it shrinks on its on in the next 3 weeks.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Silly me, I didn't think of talking to another vet! I did get the second opinion today and he thinks it's benign cyst as well. But I decided to have it removed anyway. The vet said he'd have to cut about 1cm extra around it. If it were to get bigger, she might not have enough tissue to remove it safely. I'm going wait until she gets her 8 week post-TPLO xrays (3 more weeks!) and confirm her tibia is attached before putting her in their hands.
  6. I found a small growth under Jazzy's chin. I took her to the vet but he thinks it's nothing serious. He says most of those masses are benign. I asked him if he could take some fluid out and send it to the lab. He said that her mass is harder and doesn't contain enough fluid to do that. The only thing they could do is to surgically remove it and then send the whole thing to the lab for testing. I wanted to do that but he suggested that we give her a little break considering she had to go through so many treatments and anesthesias in the last 9 months. My friend's dog recently had to go through
  7. I met two of them which I thought were total BS but I like what you said above.
  8. Thank you so much for all the well wishes! They corrected her knee cap, did a TPLO, and amazingly she is already using the leg 36 hour post surgery! She is acting strangely from the morphine but should get better once the morphine partch is removed later this week. She refuses to drink water. She'd only drink fluid if it's flavored. So she's been drinking beef broth (no sodium). It took her 19 hours till she finally peed yesterday. I got some photos that some of you might find interesting. Arthroscopy Normal CCL - from google search for comparison Jazzy's partially torn CCL - right side is
  9. Thank you all for the encouragement and good vibes. We sure need them!
  10. I am not blaming anyone including myself. I'm thankful that I trusted my gut feeling and took her back for more exams. I'm also glad that I started saving money for 'doggie health funds' last year. The hardest thing for me to accept is that she was most likely in pain when we were doing rehab. I made her do things that were probably making the ligament worse - which was at the same time helping with her muscle injury. She trusted me and did everything I asked her to do. That just tears my heart apart in pieces. I cried all day yesterday. Her TPLO and knee surgery is scheduled for this Friday.
  11. Oh yes. I won't be able to do every other day anymore but as often as I can. My friend lend me one of the lasers for horses so I'll be trying that as well. I am keeping everything crossed that this would make a difference. Did you say you had MRI or ultrasound done before the procedure to narrow down the area?
  12. Thank you all for the info and suggestions on/off-line. I met with the surgeon today and I decided to give ESWT a try tomorrow (and another one in 3 weeks). Supposely, he's one of the two major doctors that perform this in the U.S. but still, he says he rarely see iliopsoas injury. So no gurantee if this works or not.
  13. Jazzy injured her iliopsoas muscle back in Sep. We thought it was CCL partial tear until several weeks ago. after few weeks of more strict rest with meds (per ortho doctor) and with no improvement, I took her to a licensed physical therapist. I have been taking her every other day for two weeks now. When we started, she said that if we didn't see much improvement in two weeks then we can try accupuncture or ESWT - Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. It is used on humans and horses and some dogs. Supposely, it re-injure the muscle with low shockwave to activate healing process all over again. Rig
  14. That's wonderful! I went through the same thing for 2 month with my lab when the first vet diagnosed him with OCD - turned out it wasn't. I am now going through something similar with my BC, in the last 3 months (not as strict as you had to be) and it's miserable... I am so glad surgery was a success and he is doing well! He looks so happy in the photos
  15. Interesting question. When I baby-talk to them, I think they hear it more like music to their ears. They respond by moarning or flattering their ears. When humans are talking to each other, they seem to know the difference too. They do ignore the words they know when they are not addressed to them. The tone of my voice changes when I really want to communicate with them so they pay more attention to each word I say. I also call their names before commanding. I notice that my BC pick up words in sentences much better than my lab. It's probably because she has more vocabulary. I did the little t
  16. Tug-a-jug works great too. I have two for my two dogs. The problem is my lab still can't figure out how to work it. I use it only for my border collie. I use it more for entertainment purpose but it also slows her down.
  17. wow this is an old thread. How did you come across it? It's been two years since I started this but I still feel the same way... I keep coming back to it.
  18. INU


    Thank you Barb. The trip to Japan was much more smooth than the trip to Australia (13 hours instead of 60 hours). Mom is doing well and she was surprised and happy to see me. Leaving Jazzy with my husband was hard but I know he will look after her. It's probably better that I'm not there for two weeks while she rests. I miss her so much... I can't wait to give her 'snuggle'.
  19. INU


    We had a consultation with an ortho-vet today. Turned out her CCL was good but it was her iliopsoas muscle. I was ready to schedule her TPLO/TTA surgery but we didn't have to! He gave me a different type of NSAIDs to try. I am leaving the country tomorrow to take care of my mom after a surgery and I was getting really stressed out about leaving her for two weeks. I am so glad I took her to the specialist.
  20. When Cooper got bit by water moc two weekends ago, we did use sawyer's snake kit. I hear different things about this and wasn't sure if it helped. I went ahead and used it anyway. We gave him some benedryl in the field, kept him quiet, then transported him to a vet on call (it was sunday) within 30 minutes. Vet didn't give anti venum but 4 sets of shots (including stereoid and more antihistimine) and sent him home with anti biotics. He swelled up some and did form a little but he did good. I was more worried about him blocking the airway if he gets swelled up. The snake probably didn't inject
  21. I'm on my way out to the vet's office now, with a list of breeders to avoid and few other tips. It was partially my assumption that he would not do anything special with his new dog. I can find out more if I see him. He recently lost a Border Collie and he said he loves BCs. Don't know much about the previous dog as I only started going to him this past summer. I do get the problem a lot. People see how calm and well-behaved dog is at PR events and they want one just like her. I have to explain to them really how much time and patience I put in the training to get here. On the list for t
  22. Rescue groups would let you take the dog and x-ray him before adopting? I don't see that'd be a problem for the vet as it wouldn't cost anything for him.
  23. I guess I should have said in the message that I need names of the breeders to 'AVOID' as I stated in the title. I can't help him with a breeder for his purpose. But I could at least tell him what to avoid. That's why I didn't know what to tell him. The first thing I thought was the rescue but when he said about the health issue, I didn't know what to say to that.
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