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My Beloved, Tess

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It's been a long night for us. Tess is now herding sheep in heaven and no doubt running the show by now. And begging sushi from our Heavenly Father.


Tess died in my arms last night. As yo know, she had cancer and congestive heart failure. We gave her herbal supplements which slowed down the cancer growth but there is no medicine which can fix a aging heart. It was a matter of time and we knew it. It still was hard.


I am not going to write much as the tears are falling now but will post on my blog, probably tomorrow.




She was wobbly after her dinner but managed to beg some of my filet mignon leftover and then my last carrots. She looked more tired and her legs began to splay out so I put her on her bed and cuddled next to her. She leaned hard into me, pressed her nose next to my face and died. It was quick, no pain.





Good bye to the love of our lives, the dogs who gave us a new lifestyle, who taught us how to laugh and live, who took care of me during my heart surgeries, who was a gift from God when I prayed for a child when we lost ours (we laughed on how he did hear us and what we got for our prayers), the dog who carried me on her broad shoulders and took me to the Nationals, who left me wonderfuls pups to carry on for her and mostly of all, the dog who healed our hearts.


Good bye, My Beloved Tess.

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I know how you feel. You and she were such a beautiful pair. You were lucky that her passing turned out to be so peaceful. She'll always be with you - until - way way from now - you are with her.

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For those of you who never got to meet Tess, she was a real character. I'm not sure what she loved more: to work, or to eat. At trials, she'd make the rounds, mooching any food from whoever would give it to her. She mastered the poor, neglected dog look :) Everyone locally knew & recognized Tess, luckily, otherwise, I think she would have been a total sausage! She knew she ruled the roost, though, and would steal any tasty bit she wanted from the other dogs.


Tess wasn't a flashy worker, but she was a good worker. By the time she "retired" just about anyone could have taken her out to do farm work. Tess knew what to do & how to get it done. Woe be on you if you gave her a command she didn't think was right, though. You'd get a look that said, "I know more than you do, sit down, shut up, and let me get this done!" Tess was often the "pro" in a pro-nov team. I was scribing at a trial when, at the beginning of one run, the judge asked in amazement if I knew the dog & handler at the post. I looked up to see Tess doing an "out-walk" (a trademark move of her's) with a novice-ish handler at the post. I laughed & told the judge, "That's Tess. She's certifiably old, but she'll get moving when she gets to the top." Sure enough, Tess marched her sheep around the course.


Tess was just as happy to run to the house after work to watch TV with Diane's husband, Getty, as she was to work stock. She was truly a special dog, who will always have a special place in Diane & Getty's hearts. Tess has offspring (several generations, at this point) out there carrying on her legacy, as well.

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