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  1. Just checked the FB page, and it looks like the owner claimed her.
  2. Shoot! I just read this post this afternoon, and checked the trial schedule, and realized that this is all taking place this weekend. Sounds like something that would have been very helpful to me, too. Ah, well, I will have to check posts more often!
  3. I remember seeing a documentary on these people, in which Julia Roberts (!) was living and moving with them. It was very interesting! I think I might be able to live like that, with the solar panels, and flat screen tv!
  4. You're right, some people just don't get it. I remember seeing someone putting his nose up to a dog in a muzzle, staring at him, eye to eye. All I could think was that this dog would probably rip your nose off, if he had a chance, he was so freaked out by this stranger getting in his face! Bugger off, dude!!
  5. That would be Grisha Stewart, of Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle.
  6. Thanks for the info, Cynthia! I will plan on coming up there. Have to get my passport... There is an AHBA trial taking place here this coming Sunday. Looks like this one, I'm just going to be watching.
  7. Oh, Donald, you are giving me a headache! I have been reading all your posts about Fly, and while I am still a beginner in this sheepdogging business, I have been involved in dogs and their learning processes and interactions with us humans for some time. This whole business with Fly has me thinking, and I can't help help but wonder what sort of training did she go through when she was young? She sounds like a dog that wants to work, but feels like she can not completely trust her person to help her. She thinks they are impeding her. Now, I am concerned about my training with my own Pete. I think he is an amazing dog, but, of course, being new to this business of sheepdogging, I might think that of any border collie that I happened to obtain...or would I? I am constantly being told by other people (note: people who do not compete in trials) that he "blows me off," doing what he wants to do. But he does listen to me! He lies down when I ask him to! He comes off the sheep when I ask him to! He is pretty good with the flank commands, when I say them correctly (away? come bye?) . Yes, he is strong on pushing the sheep, moving a bit faster than most people would like to see. But, darn it, I think he's a good and talented dog, and a lovely, sweet dog, and I think Fly is, too. We are lucky people to have been blessed with the partnership that we have. We need to accept and glory in it. That's enough. Rachel
  8. No, of course not. Anymore than conformation showing is necessary for any AKC purebred dog, or obedience trials, or agility trials. Trials are just an activity devised by humans involved with dogs. We enjoy competition, we enjoy meeting with others who are also involved with dogs and the same activity that we are. But it is not necessary. If you just want to train a dog to work sheep on the farm, that is fine. If you just want your dog to be a pet, that is fine.
  9. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with all that snow! Is this normal in Iceland in the Spring? It's funny, because we often get snow in the Spring in Ohio, but it hasn't been bad this year. Last Saturday, however, there was quite a bit of snow falling. Very little stuck to the ground, but it was falling pretty hard early in the morning, making visibility difficult for driving. But, boy, you should hear everyone gripe! You would think we were getting buried in the stuff!
  10. I'm so sorry that I never had a chance to meet Mrs. Carpenter. I've read about her, and seen photos of her and her dogs, and she struck me as someone that I would love to meet and talk with. I'm sure I would have learned a lot about sheepdogs and sheep from her.
  11. You aren't kidding about the cost of feed! I can not believe what people are paying for hay! I heard a story on NPR a few months ago, about the need for more sheep farmers, because of the increased desire for lamb in the grocery stores. But, if it costs an outrageous amount of money to feed them over the winter, is it worth it? Rachel
  12. Hi Northfield Nick, I am also a Cleveland native, born in Cleveland, raised in Cleveland Heights. I now live east of Cleveland, out in Geauga County. Don't have my own sheep, yet, so I take my young border collie, Pete, to other people's farms to take lessons and practice working sheep. We go to a farms in Nova, which is in Ashland County, in Barberton, near the Akron/ Canton area, and sometimes in Russell. Last summer, we attended a weekend clinic taught by Lyle Ladd, which was held at the farm in Russell. That was great, and I really enjoyed working with her. She is coming back this summer, and I am planning on attending again. Her own farm is located in Georgetown, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati. I know a few people up here in NE Ohio, and in Michigan, who go down to her place for training. Also, Claudia Frank's farm is located in Southern Ohio, in Greenfield, I believe. I was there once, to audit a herding clinic, and she has a beautiful farm. She usually has a trial there sometime during the summer, but I have not seen it on the list at the USBCHA website. And then, Bruce & Linda Fogt are going to be holding several trials this year at their place in Sidney, Ohio. I looked at a map, and they are located in West Central Ohio, North of Dayton. I am planning on going there to watch, hopefully, on 4th of July weekend. So, after you move to Cincinnati, if you are ever at a trial in the area and see someone who looks totally clueless named Rachel with a very cool tri-color border collie named Pete, feel free to say hello! I'm sure I will need all the friends and encouragement I can get! We will probably also be stampeding the sheep over someone, hopefully not the judge!! Thanks, Rachel
  13. Thank you, Julie, for this detailed explanation! I was wondering if I would be able to "lead" the sheep to the pen, with the dog following, driving from behind. I believe that I am going to be entering Pete and myself in a couple of AHBA trials locally, and also getting a membership in the NEBCA. I will be going to watch trials in PA & NY this summer, and, depending how thing go, possibly entering in the "Novice/Novice" trials. I am really looking forward to this. Should be fun! Thank you so much! Rachel & Pete
  14. Hi Lindsey! Welcome! Your Delboy looks great! What's that card resting on his paw? Rachel
  15. Thank you all for your help and advice. I am planning on going to watch several trials this Spring, including the Bluegrass. Here in NE Ohio, the only trials we have are AHBA trials, or AKC. I'm really not interested in the AKC trials, but I am considering the AHBA trials, which have taken place at one of the farms where I am training with my dog. But, when I have talked about trialing in USBCHA sanctioned trials, no one seems to know much about them. Plus, any of these trials are a good six to eight hour drive from here. Well, it looks like I am going to have to hit the road and get to the places where these trials are taking place! Thanks again, Rachel & Pete
  16. I found "Nop's Trials" and "Nop's Hope" quite a few years ago by accident. I had been looking for books on training sheepdogs on amazon.com., and these both came up. I ordered both of them, and they just blew me away. They are two of my most favorite books, although they can be difficult to read, if you have a hard time getting through the sad parts in stories. I just got "Mr. & Mrs. Dog," and can't wait to read it!
  17. I love reading your insights on dogs, working them on sheep, trialing, and on people and their dogs. Maybe it makes me feel a little more human about learning to work with sheepdogs and understand them. But, I understand about that sublime moment. Working with my first border collie, and trying and trying to control him while he went into orbit around the sheep, or locked onto them with his super-power eye, I remember the first time I asked him to come off the sheep. Patting my leg, and calling him, "Pete! That'll do! Here!" and he did it! I could've been knocked over with a feather. Of course, I told him he is the greatest dog in the whole darn world! He never ceases to amaze me.
  18. I've never participated in a trial before, and I'm looking forward to trying it this year, but I need to know what will be expected of my dog and myself in a nursery or novice trial? Where do I find out what the rules are? Thanks for your help! Rachel & Pete
  19. Thanks, everyone! Appreciate the advice. I had Musher's Secret, but I think I threw away the old jar when we moved in December, and did not buy a new one. He keeps licking them, so I think I will take Gideon's Girl's advice and soak them in epsom salts. If I put cream on them and wrapped them, I would have to put him in the "Cone of Shame," so I think I will just try to keep them clean. I will look up that "Tuf 'n Up" stuff to use on him in the future. Thanks for the help! Very much appreciated. Rachel
  20. My young bc, Pete, came home today with two of his front pawpads scuffed up pretty bad. Any suggestions on topical stuff to help them heal, or should I just leave them alone? Thanks! Rachel
  21. Every three years for Core Vaccines. Any other depends on where you live, and the prevalence of that particular disease there. You can always do titers, if you need proof of your dog's immunity. Better than overloading your dog's system with unnecessary vaccines! Rabies is the only one required by law in many States, and that is every three years. If you are not trialing or showing a dog, (keeping your dog at home and don't worry about the dog biting anyone) you don't have to worry about it, because the vaccine is often good for life, or at least, seven years.
  22. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Wish I could've met her, she sounds like a real character.
  23. Wendy, Is this handling clinic geared towards those of us who have never competed before? I am thinking of bringing my young boy, Pete, up there, just to see how we do, but I don't want to make complete fools of ourselves!! Thanks! Rachel
  24. Thanks to Bill & Elaine Blaschke for opening up their farm to all of us who participated in this clinic. And thanks to Lyle Ladd for giving such a great clinic. I, for one, very much enjoyed it and truly learned a lot!
  25. This is exactly the impression I got when I went to audit one of his clinics a couple of years ago. I had been interested in herding, although I did not have a dog to work with at the time. A friend invited me to go to this with her, as it was being held at her dog's breeder's farm. It was a lot of AKC obedience people and there was a lot of ultra-control, punishment stuff going on, and frankly, I was horrified. Dogs were shutting down, dogs that had gone into the pen with keen interest in the sheep, turned to acting like there weren't any sheep in there at all, and all the dog wanted to do was get the hell outta there! Dogs were literally going into corners and trying to dig their way out of the pen! Being involved in behavior, positive reinforcement training and agility, I just remember thinking that there has to be a better way to do this! Afterwards, I wrote to someone I know, who is a very well known behaviorist, who also happens to work border collies on sheep, to ask her about this. She reassured me that it doesn't have to be that way in training herding dogs, although you do have to put your foot down rather strongly at times to keep a young, enthusiastic dog from becoming too much so, as I have found in training my own young boy. She said that usually the most you have to use is a strong voice and occasionally wack the ground with a stick or crook. I will say this for him, though. At this same clinic, a young girl came up with her border collie, from Texas. Apparently, Christopher had been working with her and this dog ever since the dog was a puppy, and they put on quite an impressive demonstration. I also saw him again at another clinic, which I audited, which was attended by more border collie people, and there seemed to be a much calmer attitude toward everything at this one. So, I guess it also has a lot to do with the clientele that are being dealt with.
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