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  1. Just in time for my granddaughter’s twelfth birthday. She loves fantasy novels.
  2. I am grateful to those who have worked hard to get the vaccine out to the public. Three of my family members contracted the disease, including a brother who spent 11 days in intensive care. I’m waiting for the vaccine to be available to my cohort. My daughter (teacher) got her first shot yesterday.
  3. Hi Michael. Yes, they are more domesticated than bobwhites and would likely not survive long in the wild. Consequently, they are easier to handle. They also start laying earlier than bobwhites, but you don’t often find a broody hen among them. I have an incubator. Coturnix are not so calm as to tolerate sudden movements, though. They can fly straight up, and if frightened can injure themselves, or even break a neck, on the cage ceiling. Hence, they are commonly kept in cages with a height of twelve inches or so. My birds are oddly not spooked by my dogs. I don’t let my Border Co
  4. Good grief these birds are consistent layers. Turns out all three dogs love their eggs.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/445853319270653/posts/1024820498040596/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/445853319270653/posts/1024820498040596/ Is the movement of this foal (in response to the dog) a result of, specifically, cutting horse genes? Or, am I reading too much into it because I know he is the (son?) descendant of an accomplished cutting horse? Any ideas? Just curious.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I swapped two roos for another hen, so I should have enough eggs to supplement my three dogs’ meals at least few times per week.
  8. I’m raising Coturnix quail for fresh eggs and wonder if I can give eggs, with shell intact, to my dogs, given proper handling/storage. Four or five quail eggs are the equivalent of one large chicken egg, but quail are prolific layers and I won’t use them all. Should I shell them first?
  9. Thanks for this. My brother spent two weeks in the hospital with COVID-19. This is nothing to muck around with.
  10. terrecar


    I am so sorry for your loss, Liz.
  11. I saw this on Facebook and was saddened. If I could emulate anyone in the sheepdog world, it would be Kristi. I only knew her online, but she shined through as an intelligent, competent, kind, encouraging and all around good person. Kristi Oikawa (Airbear) was a class act.
  12. I think Hannah must have found my copy of Asimov on Physics. She somehow calculates the trajectory of the frisbee so that she can pick it out of the air with a minimum of effort and without breaking her stride. It reminds me of this cartoon I found:
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