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My Beloved, Tess

DeltaBluez Tess

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I am so sorry to hear about Tess. She was sounded like a wonderful dog who fought her health battles to stay with you as long as she could. It doesn't matter how long they are with us - it is never long enough. She lives on in your heart and in her offspring.

Keep the sheep in line at the Bridge, Tess.

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Thanks everyone for your kindness with the loss of our beloved Tess. She still is here in our hearts. I still feel her presence.


Ben- you got it right with Tess. She loved food as the first 8 weeks of her life, she was starved....she never forgot that as she was a moocher for the rest of her life. Ofter at trials, when I would take my trailer and let her out to go potty around dinnertime, Tess would set off to visit the other campers. She would work her way around and get fed by everyone....she loved the Marroni's as they would feed her steak....i would search for her and always be a few steps behind, only to be told, that she was just her and we fed her and she moved on to the next camp.....eventually I would find her at a camp that was the "motherlode" so to speak....at one of the big trials, there was a top judge from Canada, Dennis. At lunch, while he was eating his burger, Tess did the sad eyes at him and he loudly said, "I don't feed dogs" but sure enough, five minutes later, he gave her a piece, then stating, "you ran well but can't say much for you handler's timing....."


When I would give her a wrong command, she would turn and give me a scathing look of digust, then do what really needed and not what I told her and thus, she would put the sheep thru the panels. When she retired, she took the role of running for some PN folks just coming into the sport and would win for them.....at this point, she would do an outwalk or trot to the top, then make up for lost time by nice fetches and drives and she was all business about penning. Shut your mouth, open gate, shut gate was her style.


I did a poem for her on my blog and later, when I am ready, will write a tribute for her.


Again, thanks to everyone. Please give your dogs a hug and kiss from us!

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I'm very sorry about your loss, Diane, we know Tess was very special. We have Tess's son, Brice, and he's been a really nice working dog and definitely sounds like he got his mooching gene from Tess ;).


Not sure he'll ever do a outwalk though - we used to call him Seabiscuit because every 40 yards of his outrun would be a higher rate of speed. We love him and thank you and Tess for such a good dog (when he minds ;)!

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What a lovely tribute to your lovely Tess.








It's been a long night for us. Tess is now herding sheep in heaven and no doubt running the show by now. And begging sushi from our Heavenly Father.


Tess died in my arms last night. As yo know, she had cancer and congestive heart failure. We gave her herbal supplements which slowed down the cancer growth but there is no medicine which can fix a aging heart. It was a matter of time and we knew it. It still was hard.


I am not going to write much as the tears are falling now but will post on my blog, probably tomorrow.




She was wobbly after her dinner but managed to beg some of my filet mignon leftover and then my last carrots. She looked more tired and her legs began to splay out so I put her on her bed and cuddled next to her. She leaned hard into me, pressed her nose next to my face and died. It was quick, no pain.





Good bye to the love of our lives, the dogs who gave us a new lifestyle, who taught us how to laugh and live, who took care of me during my heart surgeries, who was a gift from God when I prayed for a child when we lost ours (we laughed on how he did hear us and what we got for our prayers), the dog who carried me on her broad shoulders and took me to the Nationals, who left me wonderfuls pups to carry on for her and mostly of all, the dog who healed our hearts.


Good bye, My Beloved Tess.

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I was talking to a friend about Tess and remembered a trial story...one trial we need dogs to get some numbers up in OPen (i think one more dog and it was a small outrun but a tough, tricky drive) .....Tess was 12 yrs and fast asleep in the truck. I pulled her and went to the post...she was besides herself with joy as she hadn't been running for a long time....we all laughed as she did the out-walk, then one handler said, "just don't win" and much laughter happened...she ran her heart out and got fourth...after her run, everyone clapped....i was shocked, needless to say and the person who asked me to run her and the one who made the comments, all laughed then announced to the crowd, "last time we ask Tess to 'fill' a class"...Tess was so happy then she promptly worked HARD the crowd for snackies and then curled up on some handler's lap in front of the heater.......


Today is the first day I am not weepy, some tears fall but I am doing much better...worked the dogs, visited with some handlers and just had fun filled day.....


we all toasted to Tess and most of the dogs we ran today were all related to her.....

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I'm am so sorry for your loss. These dogs so touch our lives, especially the ones that become our constant shadow and right hand. When they are gone there is a hole left behind that cannot be filled but can be soothed by remembering the joy they brought us and the love they freely gave.


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It's been a week and a really diffucult one for me but last night, I couldn't sleep. For some reason, I went to the couch and snuggled in the blanket that Tess and I used to share. Then in my dreams, I saw Tess...she came to me and I put my arms around her, smelled her and felt her fur and body. I saw in my dream she was a brindle color but I didn't care. We hugged and I felt her breath on my cheek and I cried into her fur. We hugged for a very long time. She gave her her nightly kiss.


I woke up and feel much better now....her visit helped me heal.


Today I walked out to the pasture and was greeted by two bouncing ram lambs, just born.


Life is good and time for healing.

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