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  1. Virgi Holland's whistles
  2. Unless they have gone up Animal Genetics in Fl. charge $45. for IGS and will do a panel for Border Collies for $180.00. Panel includes IGS, CEA, MDR1, NCL, PLL, TNS.
  3. Where are you in GA? I know of an upcoming litter in Statesboro.
  4. Not saying it is, but recurring UTI's and lack of appetite were the symptoms of my dog that was eventually diagnosed as bladder cancer. She was a little older though. (13)
  5. I'm in SE GA. Mine live on coastal hay in the winter. I have also started using the protein tubs from Tractor Supply. The tubs are all stock and weigh 125 lbs. I also give ewes with lambs peanut hay. You should be able to get that where you are. It's the alfalfa of the south,19% protein I think. I pay $7.50 a bale for it here, but the bales weigh well over 50 lbs. I feed a little of the peanut hay to my mini's also, and they love it. I do give them corn on a daily basis. They get a very small amount daily so when the lambs come I don't have to worry about getting them used to it.
  6. We've had a few Beagles bitten, and one GSD. We have timber rattlers. One of the beagles lost his eyesight, but he was bitten on the brow. I'm really surprised he survived the bite. There were five pups that got on a snake when out hunting and all came back with bite marks on the face and throat. Don't know what kind of snake, could have been a moccasin. I watched a tiny rattler bite one of the beagles in the kennel before I could get in to kill it. She survived. The GSD has a large deformed paw where he was bitten that never healed right. He was bitten again about a year later on the neck. I'm sure that that snake had just used up his venom, as he was over five foot long, and Ben didn't have near the reaction as the first time. Other than the dogs seem to develop a hate for snakes (and some of the scars can be nasty) I've not seen a lasting reaction. Or I guess I should say that I've not recognized a lasting reaction.
  7. Actually even the horse mats aren't indestructible. I say this from experience.
  8. I drove 53 miles to my vet. Depending on traffic it would take from one to one and a half hours. I did this for 19 years. I did try some vets that were closer, but was never as pleased. I now drive half the distance. but that is ONLY because my vet moved out of the country and won't be back for a few years. Happy for her, but. . . I'am pleased with this new vet, and she does make house calls for the horses and stock, but I miss my original vet, and I'd still be doing the drive if she was here.
  9. I wasn't there Sat, but did go up and watch on Sun. Sorry I missed your run, but congrats!
  10. So sorry, that's topdoghealth.com
  11. There is a printable PT schedule at TopDog.com.
  12. We have a GSD with bad hips on Gabapentin. She takes 300 ml a day. I buy it from Kmart and I get a 90 day supply of 600 ml tabs for $75.00. That works out to about $.42 a day, or about $12.50 a month. Cheaper buying the tablets and splitting them then buying the capsules. Well worth it. She takes the Gabapentin alone in the summer, but when the weather gets cold we add meloxicam to help with the pain.
  13. I have a 20 inch bitch that is perfect at 37 lbs and another at the same height that is perfect at 30 lbs. I also have two at 18 inches that have a four lb difference in weight.
  14. So sorry for your loss. We never have them long enough.
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