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  1. I trimmed my first BC when she was a senior. Her coat had gotten wooly and she had hot spots. She really didn't spend a ton of time outside. It was mostly to let the hot spots breath and heal. Her coat never grew back right so we kept her trimmed after that. Now I do trim pads and the Lorax feet. Also, I trim the pants on one of my dogs. But that's about it. As for getting rid of undercoat, I try to brush frequently with an undercoat rake. And a couple times a month (more in the summer) after they've gotten wet, either in the stock tank or at a beach, I use a forced air dryer on them. The dead hair flies off! No one likes it, but they all tolerate it well enough.
  2. Very sorry to hear this, Donald.
  3. If I had listened to my vet a year ago, my 12 year old would be gone. Georgia had what we think was a stroke last year. My vet was basing her opinion on what she was seeing in front of her. Granted GA had a few really bad days...ok it was a couple weeks before she really started turning around. And she had lost so much weight. But my gut, not my heart told me to give her a minute to catch her breath. Yesterday she outran the 6 year old to get the ball and then played keep-away. My rule of thumb is when there is little joy, or when they are consistently having more bad days than good, it time to consider...well, you know. It sounds to me like you have a pretty good handle on things. And that Kit is still having a good time. <3
  4. How wonderful to be able to visit. That'll warm the heart, seeing him doing so well.
  5. I have three Border Collies Georgia is 30lbs Tex is 36lbs Faith is 25lbs
  6. Is it possible that there's a bad taste on the ball?
  7. OMG, my alomost 6 year old still has those moments...and they tickle me! (she's very shy, and we are a bit indulgent with her.)
  8. Tuffies do pretty well with my destructive one. Well, depending on the rating. The flatter or bigger, the better. Also, because she is destructive I don't shop at PetSmart etc. I search places like TJMaxx or Home Goods for toys. I find lots of Chuck-it, Kong, and sometimes Tuffies there. These places are much less pricey.
  9. His eyebrows look a touch lighter than the rest of his face...could just be the lighting in the photo. At any rate, he looks like trouble, you should just send him to me. ;-) Completely adorable.
  10. Faith knows when 10pm is...no matter what I'm watching or where we are. "It's 10pm and you need to let me out. Now." Texi's super power is knowing when I'm awake, even if I haven't opened my eyes or moved a muscle. Georgia's super power is stealing socks, but only in pairs. She won't take odd socks. (she doesn't chew them, just walks around for a few minutes and then hides them.)
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  12. My Faith is small. 18in and 25lbs. She's very petite looking compared to my other female, but Georgia is 19in and 28lbs. GA just has alot more hair.
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