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  1. We are a Rescue in Texas (Houston,Dallas/San Antonio) and have dogs that have been tested on sheep.... allbordercollierescue.com
  2. Hi! I'm with All Border Collie Rescue in Texas....Heartworm Central. We rescue 250+ dogs per year . Over 30% we treat for Heartworm. We use the slow kill method on dogs that are old or in poor health and are high HW positive. Ones that are young, healthy and low HW positive we treat normally. We have good results with both methods. Your rescue should have a vet that provides a substantial discount for the treatments. If not....shop around. On a side note: It's shameful that the rescue would treat you that way. Our dogs are always fully vetted and we treat dogs (not euthanize them) that ar
  3. I just want to apologize for posting about the Aspirin. I really have no excuse other than I was trying to be helpful and since everybody was throwing out names of prescription medications, I thought that I would recommend an OTC (Over the Counter) pain reliever that I had used very effectively. Disclaimer: I am not a Veterinarian or in a medical profession of any kind. Aspirin was recommended to me in multiple visits by at least two different Vets. Both Vets were graduates from Texas A&M University and well respected in the community. I have no financial ties to any Aspirin company (
  4. Have you tried Baby Aspirin? It is always the first pain medication we try because it is safe and effective. We had a 14 year old that we had on Baby Aspirin for about 2 years. He couldn't take other NASIDs (like Rimadyl) because he had a compromised liver. We would start by giving one 83 mg tablet per day and increase the dosage as necessary. When he had particularly bad days we might have given him as many as 5 or 6 spread throughout the day. There are charts on the internet that detail maximum recommended daily dosage by body weight. DON'T use enteric coated aspirin because it doesn't diss
  5. All Border Collie Rescue has a great Calender this year. 100% of the proceeds go to saving Border Collies in need. http://www.allbordercollierescue.com/index.php/component/content/article?id=225
  6. I have enjoyed reading of your exploits with Tess both here on these boards and in your blog. I have never met you but I feel that I know you and Tess and your special relationship. Thanks so much for sharing her with us. I know everyone here will miss her deeply. Godspeed Tess!
  7. I agree with Tommy. You knew that Riley had issues, and yet, you let him roam freely in that situation. As the saying goes, you set him up for failure. What did you thinks would happen? It could have been much, much worse.
  8. I think about this often. We lost our first Border Collie, Ralph, 32 years ago. He was a great dog, the best dog we have ever had. We didn’t know how good he was because he was our first Border Collie. We were young and ignorant… if we only knew then what we know now. I still second guess whether we should have put him to sleep. It’s the hardest single decision you will ever make. We brought his body home and buried him in the back yard next to the house by our bedroom wall. We were both crying over his grave that day and agreed that this was just too hard to go through again and it might be
  9. Jovi's note made me remember this: A Dog's Last Will and Testament (Author unknown) Before humans die, they write their last Will & Testament, and give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I'd ask.... To a poor and lonely stray I'd give: - My happy home. - My bowl, cozy bed, soft pillows and all my toys. - The lap which I loved so much. - The hand that stroked my fur and the sweet voice which spoke my name. - I'd will to the sad scared shelter dog the place I had in my human's loving heart,
  10. I am old (hence my board name). I have been through this same thing all too many times before. It is a heartbreaking and gut-wrenching decision. It fills you with remorse, but when the grief eases you will know that you did the right thing for Angel. In comparison to ours, a dogs life is so fleeting, just a spark and then it's gone. I never have the perfect words at times like these. So I offer this instead: "Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so – ‘twas Heaven here with you." ~ Isla Paschal Richardson Godspeed Ange
  11. If I knew about it and could see it every day, it would weigh heavy on my heart. If I thought there was no other way (which I think you already know that). I would do what needed to be done for the dog. It sounds like the people have no knowledge of you or your intent. They obviously don’t care about the dog. Like you say, the rope could look like it was chewed by the dog and it escaped. It might end up in a Border Collie Rescue. I know this is legally wrong, admonishing me for this will do no good. On some things there is a higher authority than the court system... to which we all must answe
  12. For Gosh sakes, don’t be so naïve. These Border Collies that end up in shelters come from someplace. Our rescue has pulled almost 300 Border Collies from shelters this year! That’s just one rescue. I don’t even want to think about the Border Collies that we cannot take because we are full or the dogs are too damaged. Surely you don’t think Old Hemp jumped the fence some 200 times last year and that ALL Border Collies that end in shelters are his progeny. I don’t think rescues as a whole hate all breeders, but certainly irresponsible breeding is a large part of the problem.
  13. Just for the record (apologies in advance, but this really strikes a nerve). And as a matter of full disclosure, I am a volunteer with All Border Collie Rescue in Texas. Our rescue is a 501c3 organization, NOT for profit! We have no paid employees. I would love for our 50+ volunteers to get reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses for such things as gas (transporting dogs), dog food, dog toys, etc. It will probably never happen. Our group has rescued over 250 dogs so far this year and adopted out almost 200. We do it for the love of the dogs and the breed. I would really like to know wh
  14. I know I am getting into this conversation late, but I think your frame of reference is way off. Sure 3% is very small number when you talk about percentages. But apply that to the whole population of 165,000,000 dogs and cats and we are talking about 5,000,000 animals euthanized every year. I hate to see anybody state that the euthanasia of 5,000,000 dogs and cats is acceptable as a percentage of the overall population. And it’s a completely different story if you are talking about euthanasia rate as compared to shelter intake. These are some euthanasia rate statistics for 2011 in Texas:
  15. Sounds like you would be an ideal candidate for a "foster to adopt" program. Many rescues have this kind of program, if not, it couldn’t hurt to talk to them about it. You rescue and foster the dog through one of your local BC rescue organization. Most shelters will give the dog to a legitimate rescue group (no adoption fees). The rescue will pay vetting fees and you supply the food, love, behavioral training, etc. The rescue will advertise the dog on their website to find the dog a forever home. If, in the meantime, you decide to keep the dog, you reimburse the rescue for expenses. Bottom lin
  16. I am so sorry about Tex's passing but glad that he went peacefully. Godspeed Tex!
  17. Just that the auto spell feature on most of the smart phones will get you in trouble if your not paying careful attention. I have been tripped up by it quite a few times, especially on proper names. You actually have to override it sometimes because the software thinks it knows better what you want to say!
  18. Just re-register. BTW, there is a lesson to be learned with cellphone spelling!
  19. I am so sorry to hear about Zachary. I know he has had a tough road to travel the last few years but has always bounced back from all his previous medical adversities. I know that he was very special to you, remember that "Those who live in the hearts of others never die”. Godspeed Zachary! Good Boy!
  20. Couldn't have said it better. We have also trained for agility, never to compete. It was great fun, training, and socialization for the dogs AND for us. We used to compare it to a weekly bowling or golf outing. Something you did for fun once or twice a week. When it is no longer fun for either dog or human, it is time to quit.
  21. I agree with gcv-border. I would also say that most rescues work with Vets that generously give them substantial discounts. In this particular case, I would think the rescue would work with their Vet to get that same discount for the dog's treatment(s). I doubt the rescue would financially be able to help much with the cost, in our rescue we operate at a substantial loss (on a per dog basis) to begin with.
  22. Hey, that's Flo (as we knew her). Good to see you on the BC Boards. Stella is growing up fast!!!
  23. I also read the Winograd article. I agree with some of his philosophies and disagree with others. The one major point that I disagree with is “open adoptions” with little or no evaluation of the applicant. This coupled with the small fee most shelters charge for adoption (if any) encourages instant gratification on the part of the shopper applicant. I wish I had a nickel for every person who came to an adoption event and sat with a specific dog for hours and hours. They want to take the dog home with them and upon hearing our adoption procedure would take an application promising to fill
  24. I am asking: what should Rescues do to change the negative “perceptions”? Should we have no screening, no qualifications for adoption? Should it be first come, first serve…the first person who shows up with cash gets the dog? Our rescue has the motto: It‘s always all about the dogs. As far as I know, our rescue has no hard and fast adoption requirements. We have an application and home visit as part of our decision making process. The dogs we rescue are our responsibility and first priority. What we strive to be is inclusive not exclusive. We are trying to find a good home for the dog, matchi
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