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Prayers and more needed for Diane's Tess

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I hope Diane doesn't mind me posting this here, but this board is so good with the prayers and mojo that I figure every bit helps.


Diane's Tess, her good old bitch for whom she and Getty literally bought the farm, was injured last night in a freak accident. I'll let Diane post details later if she chooses to.


Per Diane's last post on Facebook, they were trying to get Tess stabilized so surgery could be performed. She has serious internal injuries.


Please, please let's put the power of these boards to work for Diane, Getty, and especially Tess. And I'm fervently praying that this plea isn't too late.



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May the Good Lord speed the hands of the vet surgeon in healing and saving Tess's life. May He shelter and keep dear Tess safe and may his owners be able to take the final joy of her being fully healed!

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Oh NO! It's obvious how dearly Tess is cherished, and how special she is, from Diane's blog.



Thanks for letting us know. Very best BC Board mojo coming from Maryland. Will be checking back in hopes of a favorable update.

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For anyone who isn't following on Facebook, latest news is that Tess is stabilized and going in for surgery soon. She has a lot of damage- torn diaphragm, collapsed lung, plus anything they may find during surgery. Tess is 13, and Diane and Getty will do anything for her. She really does rule their farm.


I've had the pleasure of having my lap warmed by Tess. She was my buddy while I blogged the 2009 National Finals. Don't tell I told, but Diane calls Tess "Monkey," a name Tess deserves. She's a seriously opinionated and entertaining old dog. I sincerely hope she pulls through this.

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I finally am composed enough to write this. In short, what happened...Getty was going slowly up the driveway and Tess was by the house pond. She always waits until he is in the carport then go to greet him at his door. This time she BOLTED in front of the truck and ran over her abdomen. A totally freak accident. I saw it from the back and had no time to stop her or yell at Getty. She was so happy to see her daddy come home.....Getty bought her the sheep farm for her second birthday and has been her greatest fan. She is our daughter, we asked God for a baby and he sent us Tess. She changed our lives and taught us joy, laughter, love and compassion.


Needless to say, Getty is totally devastated about this...he was busted up and I have never seen him cry for so long and hard as well as me. we rushed her to ER and she went into shock, pale gums, the works...almost lost her on the way....they tried to stabilize her but were having difficulties. There was a huge tear in her diaphragm and her organs were in her chest cavity. One lung was collapsed and severely compromised. She was in major distress.


The told us that she could die at any minute and be ready. Her Oxygen levels were 89/90 and not holding. They could not do the surgery to save her life and she was getting worse. The top surgical vet hospital (about 15 minutes away) did not have the ambulance in work, so we rushed her over there on the oxy tank. We were warned that she might not make the trip. Getty held her, I cried and Kendall drove.


They worked on her and got her Oxy level up to 97 or so but she was not stable. They did not want to do the surgery until she was stable. They warned us also she might not make it if she did not get stable.



But they don't know Tess. Tess is a fighter. She is the toughest dog that I will ever own.


She wagged her tail and licked our hands when we went to see her. We told her to hold on. She smiled her sly smile at me, our eyes connected and I knew she was going to make it. She basically told me.


They ran more tests on her, huge hole in diaphragm, compromised lung, lots of internal bruising and they also said there might be other issues when they open her up. Hopefully those issue can be fixed.


They have a top notch surgical Doctor (and according to my vet tech friend, he is the best) and team working on her. The vet was amazed on how well she responded this morning. That is a good sign. They will call us when they are ready for surgery. It will take a couple of hrs and then we will see her later tonight. They wanted to be stabilze for a bit and it looks like she is doing that.


The fact she finally stabilized, is responsive is good news. her vitals are steady and all is looking good. We almost lost her a couple of times last night but she held on. Tess has never been a quitter.


Thanks for your prayers, it means a lot.


As you know, Tess is the reason that I trial and that I am a writer. In addition, she has taught me to live life to the fullest. She also nursed me back to health during my heart surgery. She is the world to us.


I will keep you posted after the surgery and our visits.


Tess's nickname is "monkey"....she got that as she grabs me with her paws like a monkey. She uses her paw like a monkey too. Tess loves Ben and loves being in his lap. Ben is her official "Uncle" since I adopted Ben as my little brother!


Give your dogs kisses when you get home...life is too short.



(edited as I made a million typos but it is hard to type when you are crying)

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As tess helped you, I know you being there is helping your special tess.

Prayers to you all, please give getty a big hug from us here on the boards. His guilt has got to be eating him alive. I know tess will tell him he wasn't to blame. But in the mean time just hug him.

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Oh Diane,


Thank you so much for taking time to let us know how Tess is doing, but there was no way to read your post without tissues in hand. I have read on your blog about the truly special relationship that you and Tess have, and I simply can't imagine how upsetting this ordeal must be for you (and Getty).


Best wishes for Tess during her surgery and recovery, and you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.


Kindest regards,


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