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  1. I received an email from the shelter and was told that there has been some interest in Looker already. I was also informed that they have a behavorist on staff and that the staff are really looking after her. Made me feel better.
  2. Thank you so much for your interest in her. She looks so wonderful. I'll keep checking on her to make sure she's safe.
  3. I just went online to the Richmond rescue and they said they need fosters. I wonder if YOU contacted them and asked if they could pull this girl and offer to foster? Maybe they would be more willing to help if they already had a foster lined up.
  4. I'm not involved at all, unfortunately. And, yes, it's a shelter. It sounds like she was taken into a home, but the person couldn't handle her issues. She sounds like Danny, who was rescued from a puppy mill. I've spent over two years to get him to where he is now. I know I couldn't handle another one like him, even though my heart says otherwise. I don't know if you could call the shelter and see about fostering and maybe transport? It would be awesome if you could! I can pass this along to the Richmond rescue, also. Thanks so much for caring!
  5. This little girl is 10 years old and has spent her whole life in a cage being bred. Needless to say, she is going to require a special person that can handle her needs. Please pass this around. I really hope she finds a nice home. She reminds me so much of my Danny. http://www.petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=LODN.A132470
  6. I would definately recommend Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue. I adopted two from them in the past two years. My newest, Keira, I've had for about three months. I DO know that there is a puppy available through them. She's a mix, though. She's my Keira's puppy. The last one to need a home. I'm told she's just like her mamma in personality and she looks a lot like her. Keira is one of the most laid back BC's I've ever owned. And she's simply a dream! Whatever you decide, good luck!
  7. What saddens me is people actually drop their dogs off at a kill shelter, knowing they may not be adopted. I'm so glad he made it out.
  8. I just had to comment on the photo! He is way too cute for words!!
  9. She's very cute! She looks very similar to my newest addition, Keira. Enjoy your new pup!
  10. Praying for their safe return. I posted on my Facebook page. I know people in Tucson, so hope she will spread the word also. Very sad!
  11. He is SO cute!! All your dogs are. I always fall in love with the split faced ones! There's just something about the look.
  12. Wow, the resemblance is uncanny!! Right down the the white under the chin. I love the long hair on yours. Keira has short hair right now, except for her head. But it's falling out so maybe it will come in longer (not that it matters). I was told her hair is falling out because of her pregnancy. Now, I just need to learn how to photograph a black dog. As you can tell from Lacee and Danny, I've fallen for the split-faced ones. But now I love the black ones, too!
  13. Thanks so much, everyone! I just can't say enough about how wonderful Keira is. The best part is that she loves to cuddle!! I forgot to mention they estimate her to be about two. So sad that she's so young and already had a litter. Like the vet said, "babies having babies". I have a short video of Keira and Danny playing. It may not seem like much, but for those who know Danny, you'll understand that this is a major thing for him!!
  14. It's been quite a while since I've posted but I've been lurking. I wanted to introduce my newest girl, a Border Collie mix named Keira (Kee-ra)...Irish name meaning dark hair and brown eyes. She was picked up as a stray in TN and then proceeded to have NINE puppies. She's a tiny thing, so I was amazed she had so many. Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue took her and eight of her pups in. It is believed that one of the pups didn't make it. This wasn't planned. After losing Lacee, I was devastated. She was my heart and I didn't feel I could ever find another. I have Danny and felt that was enough. Until I saw Keira. Something in her face just called to me. It was decided that I would foster her for about four weeks while she dried up and then I could decide if I wanted to adopt. Well, by day two, I knew she was a keeper. Danny absolutely adores her. They are two peas in a pod...always together. And he has really come out of his shell since her arrival. I haven't seen him this happy since I adopted him almost two years ago. Her adoption was official yesterday. I couldn't ask for a better dog. She loves everyone, loves to play and cuddle. She LOVES my husband, who I feel is very happy to have another Daddy's girl. Her she is:
  15. What do you mean by "her stud went back to a Swafford dog?" She bought her stud from him or he's providing a stud for her to use? Please tell me he's not breeding again!! I hope the law enforcement are keeping a close eye on him.
  16. I have used Frontline Plus for years without a problem. However, I have been reading lately, about the horror stories people have been experiencing with it. Also, about the possibility of some of the packages being counterfeit. Has anyone else heard anything? Can you suggest something else for me to use? We live in a bad tick and flea area. Many thanks.
  17. Thank you all for the advice. I'm pretty sure it will be easy to get him out of this habit...he's such a good boy and listens very well. As Juliepoudrier said, it seems he's doing this out of overexcitement. I feel like he's just enjoying his life so much now and my heart swells to see him so happy. He really enjoys when hubby comes home, which is a huge step. He even rooroo's because he's so happy! I'll work on the nipping!
  18. Most of you know Danny, my rescued puppy mill dog. We've had him for 16 months now and he's coming along great. He still won't walk out front, even though I take him out all the time, but that's ok, He's happy in his backyard and enjoys life. Anyhow, my question right now is this: Are there different types of herding styles? Danny uses his eye when playing with the raquetball, which I figured is normal for a Border Collie. However, when my husband leaves the house, Danny likes to "escort" him to the door. He'll run back and forth until he leaves. So, it wasn't an issue until recently. Now he'll get so excited that he nips as hubby is leaving. This morning, I happened to be standing in the way and he accidently got me. And he's not gentle about it. I have quite the bruise and tooth mark. He's not being mean, I just don't think he knows what he's doing. Am I making sense? I know I have to put a stop to this and we're working on it. He usually stops if I just hold my finger out. So, is he just doing what instinct tells him to, what he was bred for?
  19. My Lacee would also duck when I tried to play frisbee with her! She would actually go so far as to cower, so I assumed it had something to do with her past. But bring out the racquetball and she was obsessed!
  20. I had no idea this was on until later this afternoon, when I quickly set my DVR. I just started watching the tape of this when I saw you and Braken. I thought to myself, hmmmm, that name sounds familiar. So I had to pause and look on here, and lo and behold! You guys were amazing!!! I'm always in awe of people who do this.
  21. I'm so happy for you!! And it's a great name, too! Where are the pics?
  22. Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is where I got my Danny. I believe Sarah (the owner) has that special knack of placing the dogs in their perfect forever homes.
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