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  1. This is of course true. Actually the worst dog bite I ever got was a lab. It was not the dog's fault; I was young and not dog savvy, although I arrogantly thought I was. Learned from that. Not all pit-types are tall. The basic pit bull type of dog is one of the 2 most common breeds where I live (along with chihuahuas) and I have seen and met many of them who are no taller than you describe, especially females.
  2. Welcome to you and your pup, who is very cute. I love the freckles.
  3. Leave the door to the crate closed. the best way to stop this is to prevent it. I am not clear on why you think it is important for her to go into her crate to rest during the day. I don't see why it would matter. Just let her rest wherever she wants to that is OK with you, but only put her in her crate when you need her to stay there. Make sure you take her out to potty before she goes into the crate. And I second the advice on crate size. Once she is no longer a puppy, and is fully potty trained, you can leave the crate door open again and see if she chooses to use it as her bed o
  4. I don't think this dog has any border collie at all in the mix. Looks to me like a lab and pit mix. But don't make the mistake of thinking she is any certain breed because she is aggressive, as those traits are not breed specific at all. Labs tend to be mellow and friendly, although energetic. Pits tend to be big softies and the reputation for being aggressive is undeserved. But if your dog is acting aggressive, you need to take steps to change that. If she ever bites anyone (r even scares them badly) you could find yourself in a world of trouble and your dog could lose her life. find a g
  5. Hi and welcome! You don't mention training time in your schedule. One truth is that a tired puppy is a good puppy, and an important thing to remember is that mental exercise is just as important and as tiring as is physical exercise. Make sure you are doing some training sessions (maybe 5 minutes each) throughout the day, whenever you can fit them in. And make sure that one of the training sessions is just prior to the time that she gets zoomies. You may be able to use up a bit of that energy that way, although to tire her out enough to stop the zoomies altogether may not be possible. You
  6. That's pretty cool. I can easily believe it, even though I'd never heard of it, just because border collies are so amazing, and can do almost anything. All the border collies I have had would let a squirrel or bird or rabbit run right past them and not care a bit. As if they were beneath their notice, or something. I've been known to hunt, but only deer, so it suited me fine that they had no prey drive.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I have no idea yet what I am going to do with this dog. Keep him or not, don't know. But at least he has a name now. Every dog should have a name.
  8. thanks for all the ideas! I considered most of the suggestions, and tried a couple of them, but nothing seemed to stick. Then the name Arrow came to me. I started calling him Arrow around 5 PM yesterday and by 6 this morning he was answering to it, which he never did with the other names I tried even if I kept at it for a couple of days. So I guess he's Arrow. That cool little animated film from 1970-71 or thereabouts called "The Point" has a boy and his dog called Arrow, and the song "Me and My Arrow" is where the name comes from. Great little film, if you haven't seen it.
  9. I have never heard of a BC used for hunting. For the most part, that predatory trait has been bred out of the lines...or more properly I should say that it has been turned into an urge to stalk and move livestock, as in herding. So it's interesting to hear of your dog. What does your dog do? Point, flush, retrieve? (Not that I mean a formal bird dog point, but showing you where they are). I'm curious to know more. These dogs are incredible in their versatility.
  10. I second what Gentle Lake says. You need to protect your other dog, especially as the border collie will grow to be a lot larger than the spaniel.
  11. Hello, and welcome to the forum. My understanding is that dogs cannot fly in the cabin on an airplane unless they are certified service dogs, or are emotional support dogs and you have paperwork to support that. Most airlines are not willing to accept the passenger's word that the dog is a support dog without proof these days because they have had to deal with people who bring untrained animals on board. Also, you need to take into consideration the demands this places on your dog, such as the fact that your dog may not be able to go 12 or 13 hours without going potty, which is impos
  12. I second the above. You need to take this dog to a vet asap.
  13. I would cut out the treats and pig ears and tendons and all that stuff first thing. that's a lot of stuff for a puppy to be getting, and you don't know which thing is disagreeing with her. See if anything gets better. If not, try just cooked chicken (no bones!!) and white rice for a couple of days; that's what I always give dogs who have diarrhea. And by all means get her to the vet. If the vet finds nothing then change the food you are giving her. And stay away from the tendons and pig ears. They often give dogs stomach issues of one kind or another, in my experience, and are not all tha
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