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  1. I have added a powdered calcium supplement to my dogs' food whenever I have fed homemade or raw instead of purchased dog food, which I do on occasion. It is such a tiny amount that you put in, there's a very low chance that the dog even knows it's there. I did some research to try to find the best one and got Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium. Just in case that helps. When my cat had renal failure I gave him a special canned food I got at the vet that is formulated for weight gain, or to keep weight on an animal. Sometimes I gave him that when he'd lost weight from not having an appetite.
  2. Of course, I wouldn't ever correct a dog for that either. Basically I have a policy with my animals that I don't interfere unless someone is being bullied or is going to get hurt. My current dogs have never had an issue with one another. More often I interfere with the cat, who always thinks it is appropriate to take his frustrations out on the dogs. I keep his claws trimmed so they won't get scratched badly, but I still keep him in check. I have found that the best assistant for training a dog of any age, but especially a puppy, is my older dog(s). Especially effective on daily thing
  3. GL...I love the cartoon. (and my dogs get After-Walk Biscuit, too) (and Bedtime Biscuit, and Biscuit Because You Got Brushed, and.....)
  4. GL....so sorry to hear about your Mom. Not to be able to see her must have been excruciating. 2020 is surely one of the worst years in modern times. Amy -- very glad to hear that you are doing Ok in spite of everything. I have a friend who lives on land east of Salem, OR and he has been evacuated from his home, gone back now and is starting to clean up. House spared but much else destroyed, no power to the whole area. I talked to a friend in Portland who is wearing a mask 24 hours a day and was still coughing a great deal while on the phone with me. I am amazed that the sm
  5. Oh, I see. Well, my Jester was a flying disc fanatic. If I even made the sound "frr" (the first part of the word "frisbee") he would get excited. When he came to me he'd been a yard dog, no attention, no toys. Didn't know what a toy was, had zero interest. I taught him to fetch by starting out tossing something a few feet away and if he brought it to me he'd get a treat. I trained it as if it were a trick. I kept that up and after a couple of months I was throwing the frisbee far out and he'd bring it to me for the treat. Then one day the light bulb went on in his head and he realized how
  6. Although I am intrigues by GVC's suggestion of group training (and might try it sometime), I always have more than one dog, and even when the household is long-established, I never try to train more than one dog at a time, while the other(s) are shut in another room. I do short training sessions, 5 to 10 minutes at a time, switching them out, so they are not shut away from the action for very long. And especially when you are leash training, never bring the other dog along with you. Do separate walks if you are planning on training the puppy. Where are you planning to get your puppy?
  7. My sentiments exactly.......except that I know things won't magically get better once 2020 is over. Here in Tucson, the skies have had a smokey haze for a week now. It looks very strange, and is making me cough a lot. One day the sun came up just a dull red ball and stayed that way all day. We don't have any clouds, yet cannot see the blue sky at all...just a dull white haze. I never would have thought smoke from California would get all the way to here. I feel so bad for all the people displaced, all the losses, all the forest. And very worried, also, for our country.
  8. That's a nice photo. Why do you feel your terrier needs to develop a toy drive? Some dogs like toys and some don't. I see no reason to try to go against his nature. After all, if he is not toy-driven, then you really cannot use the toy as a reward anyway. And if he doesn't want to play with a toy...so what? I always think it is best, when a dog turns out not to be exactly what you want in some trivial way, to love the dog as the dog is, not try to change the nature of the dog to suit what we wanted.
  9. Hi Annacolour, Your dog has been traumatized by the unfortunate things that have happened to her. She may have started getting skittish because you were (out of necessity) avoiding people and she picked up on your concerns about getting close to anyone. that is not something that, at the moment, you can easily change. But if there are people you cn be around, make sure she is having excellent experiences with all of them, at least. The loud noises have made her frightened to go places where she thinks she may encounter that again. You are just going to have to be very patient with he
  10. All I can say when someone asks me this question these days is "I am hanging in there", or "Still here". This is a very rough year for everyone I think, and I am only one. And a very lucky one, at that. I am not losing my home or going completely broke and I haven't caught it. Yet. But my life is very different from what it was, my plans for this year all went up in smoke, I have lost a lot of money paid in advance for a big Trip Of A Lifetime that I was going to do this year, and I am constantly horrified and depressed by the state of things in the world and most especially in my ow
  11. That's also a good technique, 2bc4me. I haven't used it but it sounds logical and I have heard of others using it to good effect. One thing that helped me is that several years ago when I had a barky foster dog I decided to bark along with him and then my own dogs started barking and we had a wonderful barkfest for several minutes. I realized that it is immensely fun to bark and bark. It taught me why barking is self-rewarding for dogs and that understanding has help me to work with barking ever since. :-)
  12. Ha-ha, I never even noticed that. I knew what it should say, so that is what I "saw".
  13. ^ this. It is what I said in my first post. If the dog likes training, simply take the training away when she barks.
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