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Buddy not doing well

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I just posted about my recovery, but our Buddy is off being checked at the vet today. Yesterday he was not able to get up on the bed and is waking up from a dead sleep panting like he just ran 10 miles flat out. He is eating well and drinking well, but felt the vet needed to give him the once over. She called last night and said to bring him in today.


He also needed to go out 4 times to pee last night so I am wondering if it is kidneys or UTI and the panting is pain related.


Keep him in your thoughts and I will let you know as soon as I hear from the vet.


Now I have a ton of catch up reading to do on the boards!!

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Originally posted by KrisK:

Give me a scruffle for me.

Hey, I'm typing one handed, what's your excuse? :rolleyes:


Cheri, sorry to hear about Buddy. Hope all turns out well for him. I know it's hard when you are in pain too. Prayers for him. And unlike SOME people, I want you to give HIM a scruffle for me!

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Hey, I'm typing one handed, what's your excuse?
LOL, Hmmm, I'm supposed to be concentrating on budgets...but would rather be scruffling dogs and obviously, my mind is fried with numbers, not letters :rolleyes:


Cheri, please give Buddy a big hug for me

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Vet just called and Budman is showing signs of some arthritis in his back. At 14 now I guess that ain't bad for being the worst thing going on. Gloucosimine, some aspirin and a set of stairs so he can get on the bed and cuddle should do the trick for now.


I am sooo relieved. With the hormones haywire right now I was thinking the worst and so afraid we might loose him after so short a time. On the up swing with this news and will pamper him like crazy when hubby brings him home.


Rob and Briar are really missing him today and have been so quiet. Funny how they get so attached to one another. Briar especially keeps checking all the places Buddy usually naps in and seems to sigh real big when she doesn't find him there. She adores him and is always kissing on him.


Anyway, I let you know hoe he does tonight when he is home.

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Oh Cheri, that's good news - well, you know, not good - but a lot better than could have been. And there are so many more things you can do to ease arthritis now. I'm sure you know different dogs respond differently to the various meds, so don't hesitate to ask about other NSAIDS if you feel Buddy would do better on something else. From my own experience, the glucosamine supplementation can take a while to kick in - in my case, I'd say it was about 6 weeks - but I'm a great believer in it.


Give all the dogs a scritch from OZ. Know what you mean about the others missing him - my Fergus was in the vets the other day for X-rays on a sore foot (looks like ligament damage), and Miss Kirra was quite put out, even though it meant she had the big crate that they ride in in the car to herself.


P.S. - continued good wishes for you too.

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Budder Bear spent a good night. I am sure spending the day at the vet he didn't get in all his usual naps. This morning he is tormenting the cat with Rob. Or I should say she is tormenting them. She is such a beastie.


We arranged a foot stool and a cooler with a blanket over it to make stairs so that he can get easily on the bed. Hubby is going to build him a proper staircase this weekend.


Thanks everyone!!

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