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  1. Put the toys away, tell him "That'll Do" or whatever command you choose to use and play only on your schedule. How long have you had him? Remember you are the boss. If you are giving into his pushing you to play you are only rewarding his requests. Lie down and stay are good reinforcers.
  2. http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...ic=9189&hl= THANK YOU SOOO MUCH EVERYONE! You have really helped ease my heart. Above is a link from a post a year ago, about Buddy playing with my Hubby for the first time. It was wonderful rereading it and all your kind words. Back to work tomorrow, but I promise to check in on weekends from now on.
  3. Thanks everyone I knew you would understand, when no one else would. I miss my shadow following me around the house. Briar and Rob keep looking for him too. It will take time. They definietly know that I need them close and they are so aware of when I need to touch a head or scratch an ear. Other than missing their Buddy they are both doing great. Briar's one kidney is still going strong and no seizures either. Rob is still my fishing pal and can read a trout stream as well as any human angler. Hope you are all doing well and I promise to check in whenever I can. Thank you again fo
  4. Monday, Jan 21st at 2AM, we said goodbye to our old boy Buddy. Though he was only with us for 2 years he brightened each and every one of those wonderful days with him. We miss you Buddy, but know that you are waiting for us at the bridge. I haven't been on in a long while and miss you all very much. No access at work and a busy life makes it hard. Just wanted you all to know about the loss of our wonderful old gentleman, because I know you all more than anyone would understand the big hole in my heart right now. He went peacefully in my arms. Bless his old heart.
  5. LOL! Sandra they just know that you are paying extra special attention to those 20 meters and will be sure to see them!
  6. Welcome to the boards! Oreo is one pretty lady!! Senior dogs are the greatest!! We took on a 13 year BC mix when we bought our new house in addition to the two BCs we already had. Our Buddy is wonderful. Oreo looks like she is sooo happy to be home at last. Alaska's right, your fate is sealed! Like the commercial says, You can never have enough Oreos!!
  7. He's a cute little twirp whatever he is. I think you guys are right on some hound being in there and maybe some pitbull. He's is awfully cute!
  8. Yep bath rugs here too, cheap and easy to wash. Rob's gets washed often he gets car sick
  9. I just found this thread! WOW, She looks wonderful! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to both of you for help this sweet old girl. From my old Buddy to Lady - Welcome Home!
  10. I'm with Paula, I just stand them up in my freezer. I do run the kongs through the dishwasher after each use, so they are clean when I fill them again. RDM, the Woo definitely needs some bling. Red Dog is way to dignified for that though!
  11. You should come south and spend a day playing at the lake with us.

  12. Good for you for doing your research and and BIG THANK YOU for considering only rescue/shelter!! All I can say is take the time to find the dog that is right for you. Consider an older dog 3 to 5 years old (which is still way young in a border collie). We have three dogs which have the run of the house and dog doors to their yard and they are home alone for up to 10 hours during the week. But when we get home there is no sitting and watching the news in our house. It's out the door to the park and lot's of play and interaction. They are walked a minimum of an hour in the morning before w
  13. Poor guy, thanks for taking him on. Our Briars seizures are totally under control at this point and not a big deal to give her meds twice a day. Make sure he has lots of water on hand, the meds make them thirsty. And have a bit of vanilla ice cream on hand in case he dose seize, the cold and the sugar help them recover.
  14. Oh Linda! I am so glad he is home safe and sound!!! I didn't get a chance to get on the boards yesterday and this just made my morning!! Give him a big hug from us.
  15. Oh Linda I am so sorry. I hope and pray Jackson shows up this morning safe and sound. All good thoughts from here headed your way.
  16. Foos, normally Briar is the sneaky one! But Rob is my counter surfer not Missy Bri. I think while we were at the movie that night that the boys probably tangled over the bird food. They were pretty wary of each other on Sunday. They are both food aggressive with each other. I have worked on them since bringing Buddy into the pack and can now feed them side by side, but we can not and do not leave any chews or treats around and I don't leave the room until everyone has finished eating. Give Zag and the girls a scratch from us too!
  17. Katherine, There are a lot of people here that can give you lots of insight on this subject, I am no expert trust me. But I can say from my own experience that my Rob and I love it. We took lessons in Calif weekly, then when moving here it took me a while to find a place but we have started up again. After more than a year off, Rob got back in the swing of it pretty quickly. Like you said the joy of watching him do what he was meant to do is enough. If he didn't enjoy it so much we wouldn't go. If anything it has strengthened our bond and made him a much better dog in the obedience area
  18. Rob managed to pull down and eat, two of three suet cakes I had on the kitchen counter. GRRRRR!! I found most of the plastic wraps but not the two cakes which I am sure he consumed. This was Saturday night and by Sunday he had the trots really bad. What a mess and SMELL!! Fed him only pumpkin and white rice. Seemed to work, but man did he stink!! Note to self lock up ALL bird feed.
  19. He will probably be raring to go the minute he gets home. With the boys it's snip snip and they are on their way. Briar had a kidney removed and I thought there was no way I was going to get her to realize she just had major surgery. After a week of crate rest it was all I could do to keep her from running, jumping and doing zoomies around the house. He's going to be fine! Give him a pat from us. Briar the morning after her surgery and pouting because I wouldn't play with her and the toy she is laying on.
  20. I'm with Julie and RDM. Rob loves his Nadia and when we first moved into the new house and took Buddy in, his first thought was "KILL THE CAT!" I immediately got in his face and told him that he was not to harass the cat. A good scruff shake was all it took. At 13 he got the point on the first try. Nadia will now calmly walk by and lay next to Buddy. He in return knows she is off limits period.
  21. LOL! They have us well trained don't they!!
  22. Sounds like she is just reading the daily doggie news with her nose and leaving her on "story" behind. Does she know "leave it"? when mine start lagging a little too long for me, I call "leave it" and "come" and away we go again.
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