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  1. You should come south and spend a day playing at the lake with us.

  2. I think someday i need to go down south and "borrow" Briar.

  3. Took me a while to remember how we taught Rob. I would take a treat say "speak" and then bark myself at him then treat. Took a little for him to catch on but once he barked back we quit barking and only said speak.
  4. Work his mind, training obedience, teach him tricks, teach him the names of his toys and play hide and seek. Anything to work that smart mind. I'm sure he would be game for just about anything you come up with. THANKS FOR RESCUING!!
  5. Kris, I can't tell you how wonderful my gang has been. They truly know that something was up with mom and have been quiet and calm for two whole weeks. Even demanding Rob will just come and lay by me to keep me company instead of bugging to play or go to the lake. They are amazing and have been the best medicine for me throug all this. Went for my two week check up yesterday and I get to go back to work after Christmas. I will miss my furbies but the walls are starting to close in!
  6. I am pretty sure she said the 18th. I am doing wonderful and feel like a new person!! My only regret is that I didn't have this done sooner!!
  7. Has anyone heard from Vicki yet? Hope all is well with you and that you are resting and healing up fast. Good Vibes headed your way from the McD Pack!!
  8. Welcome Back Mis Linda, hope you are feeling better.
  9. Our old Buddy man is my car ride nut. And sorry but he loves the wind in his ears and the bugs in his teeth. Nothing makes him happier and as long as he enjoys it and I am right there with him, he will continue to enjoy it.
  10. Hey Kris, he is doing great! Not munching on rawhide yet, but he can handle a small thin pig's ear. I keep telling him his snake wrangling days are finished. Briar scared us yesterday she had something cornered under a block in the yard. Called hubby and he grabbed the shovel ready to do battle. Our girl had a chipmunk wedge under there. Whew, no snake!!
  11. We have dog doors so our three come in and out as they need. Briar was the only one housetrained when we adopted her. She will go out and potty immediately after eating without being told. Rob had one accident and that was during his first week with us, he was about 18 months old when we adopted him. Buddy had two accidents the first week with us but nothing since, pretty good for an old man that had never been in the house.
  12. M: Please realize they are only trying to find the right home for the dog. Are you still planning on attending the fun day?
  13. For those of you who chose to rescue your BC as opposed to going with a respectable breeder - how do you feel the entire process went? If good - what was good? If bad - what was bad? ***Our experience was excellent and we went back for our second border collie. After our first recsue we volunteered with the group to help anyway we could. Do you feel the foster homes were almost too protective of the dogs they were keeping? ***NOT AT ALL. Foster homes and rescue are there to find the RIGHT home for the DOG. Not to satisfy some instant gratification of a would be adopter. Did
  14. Patrice: My doggie is famous!!! Thank you!!
  15. I have a 50 pound lap dog. Rob likes nothing better than to "share" the recliner with me. He is also the one that will back up and sit in your layp if you are sitting on the floor. Buddy has the need to be in contact with me when I sit down, whether it is his paw touching me or his chin that is all he seems to need. Briar goes 24/7 but when she does stop for a second she is my spooner and will lay with me while I read at night.
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