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  1. Get a trainer now. The whole family needs to be involved. This may not end up well if things are not nipped in the bud quickly. I will not repeat what has been said already, but you have gotten some good ideas and advice.
  2. I really need to work on Zoey's motion reactivity and fear of kids. I wanted to run a plan by all of you to see if you have any other suggestions or comments on my ideas. I really need some help on this. Zoey (1 yr old) barks and acts like Cujo when someone jogs by or rides by on a bike. I have started using either DH or I to run/ride past her while the other has her in a sit or down, on lead, with clicker and treat. We click and treat for her remaining in the sit and not reacting to the activity. She is doing great with us and we are practicing coming in closer and closer. On walks I
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