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Wick, 2001-2016


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On January 4, Wick crossed gently into the next world. She had spent a great weekend at an agility trial and the next morning, she told me that it was time for her to move on. I believe she is running fast and loud on the other side. I believe she has found Bear, and that they are playing ball in a field filled with critters.


Wick was my first border collie, my first girl dog, and a kick-ass athlete. Her agility career was interrupted in the prime of her life, when I found herding. I would bust her out for the BC Regionals, which would be her first and often only trial of that year, and she would rock it. She qualified for nationals a lot, and ran in 4 of them. Her first trial was in 2002, and her last in 2015. Every run was an adrenaline rush as she was fast, loud and a tunnel suck. :D She had more drive than was useful, and it literally poured out of her.
She could be a difficult dog, as her drive was tempered by her fear of things. Certain noises, such as teeters banging, smoke alarms, and the range hood fan, would cause her to run for a safety spot. Ceiling fans worried her, people thumping on the floor above us would cause her to pace. Once she was worried, she could not be bribed with food - it would fall out of her mouth. Because of her, I learned about spooky dogs, I learned how to keep her safe and below her threshold. It took 18 months to get her to go over a teeter. She was in Masters Jumpers before she ever ran a standard course. She never liked the teeter but she did it because I asked her to. She earned her Agility Trial Championships on a teeter gamble. Because I asked her to. We're not big on alphabet soup, but hers is impressive.
ATChC Wick Bronze Award of Merit Bronze Versatility Award EXJ Silver EXST Silver EXS Bronze AAD EAC EGC EJC TG-E S-TN-E FDCH
As she got older, she learned to tolerate almost everything except the evil smoke alarm. Her last Halloween, instead of hiding in a closet, she lay on the couch with me, growling with irritation at the sounds. She heard them alright, she had just decided after all these years that they were stupid. :P
She loved road trips and she went on a lot of them. She probably travelled over 150,000 km with me in all of our various dog vehicles. She liked hotels, and really liked room service. I am glad she was able to enjoy one last road trip her last weekend on earth. She ran around, tugged on her toy, chased a ball, and bit Rex on the ass. It was a good weekend.
Wick was a little feral pregnant stray who was pulled from a rural shelter in Washington by the PNW border collie rescue and fostered in Vancouver. While she started life a little rough, she lived it as the proper queen of Collie Nation. I am so grateful that she lived such a long and healthy life, and that I was lucky enough to be her person. Our house is quieter now.


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I am so sorry to hear about Wick.


You know, I remember following Wick's story on another message board, when she was pregnant and in rescue, and then the birth of her puppies, and then her adoption.


I always enjoyed your posts about Wick here.


I am very, very sorry for your loss.

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Oh Kristi, I'm so sorry to hear about Wick. What a wonderful tribute to her and how lucky she was to have come into your life. I have no doubt that she's running with Bear.

Run fast and free Wick.

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They never stay long enough with us, although she seemed to have great last days. I especially enjoyed reading of your partnership together....you understanding her quirks and she giving you her all. It is amazing when they do something for us, against their better judgement, just because they want to please. She was lucky to have found you, as you were lucky to have found her. So sorry for your loss.

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