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  1. Hi everyone, I hope I do this right....here's a picture of my new pup, Finn. He's 12 weeks old and joins my 16 year old BC Jezebel, 3 house rabbits, 5 chickens and 2 horses. This is my first puppy ever in life and so far, so good!
  2. I agree with D'Elle, My Laddie died at almost 16. We adopted him when he was 18 months old and fed him one brand of high quality food along with random, dog safe people food. For most of his life he had a fish oil supplement and Chondroitin. He usually walked 3 times a day with 1 of those times involving a lot of ball play for up to 45 minutes when he was younger. He also went to the beach, hiking and to the barn with me. He went with us to family and friend events and was well socialized with people. As he aged, he had arthritis and took Rimadyl for it. He lost most of his hearing around 14 and at 15 senility/confusion started to set it. His hind end also got very weak and I got him around with a Help Em Up harness. My Jezebel is now 16, we adopted her when she was about 2. She has had the same food/routine as Laddie. She doesn't have arthritis, but has been diagnosed with a benign liver tumor. She takes a Denamarin supplement once a day for it. At 15 her hearing started to go and her eyesight at night is very poor. I use a lot of hand signals now and she follows them well. She has bouts of senility/confusion - sometimes I find her staring into space or facing a corner looking confused. I bring her back by touching her shoulder and she comes back to reality. Overall, both of my dogs had a good diet, a variety of activities and we addressed medical issues quickly. Laura
  3. I've been dealing with the same issue with my 15 year old, although he does have arthritis as well. His vets didn't offer up much in the way of a fix so I ended up taking him to a chiropractor who did some light adjusting and used Infra Red pads on his hips. I was skeptical about the Infa Red part, but it worked in this case. My old man isn't scraping his rear legs as he walks. It took about 6 visits and I'll do the same if the issue comes back. Laura
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've enjoyed your posts, photos and videos of Wick and your crew over the years.
  5. I noticed my spayed female was leaking urine when she was 10. She is 12 now and has been on DES (Diethylstilbestrol) twice a week and hasn't leaked since she's been taking it. She doesn't have any side effects.
  6. My senior dog has a few of these, my vet drew fluid out of one and said it's nothing to worry about. We'd only take action if they interfered with his mobility.
  7. Hi, There is a border collie rescue for Northern California. Their email is below and you can contact Terri to see if they have room. tld4now@aol.com
  8. Apologize, pay and avoid having your dog in a similar situation going forward. I have a reactive dog too and learned my lesson after paying for a vet trip for a dog he snapped at that left blood and a wound that needed a couple of stitches. That was when he was about 6, he is 13 now and we don't go to dog parks or other areas with a lot of off leash dogs. The basket muzzle would give folks the idea to keep their dogs away. Sometimes I've had off leash dogs running up to mine where the owners say "Oh, my dog is friendly" while never thinking about the dogs they are approaching. Good luck!
  9. I just made a donation. I hope that Willow recovers and bless you for not giving up on her.
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