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  1. She's barely bigger than your Pap! A pocket collie.
  2. One of mine can't stand it when the neighbors put their trash bin out near the end of my driveway. You'd think an army was invading. Strange, some of the things that go on inside their heads. But it sure can be amusing.
  3. I have a small 5 ml dosing syringe (no needle). I gave her 2 of them. Started w/ one but when she didn't throw up right away I gave her an second. Dunno if it goes by weight or not - probably. She's ~30 lbs. I figure it's not gonna be an issue w/ too much b/c they're going to throw it up anyway. But here's a site that gives dosage: https://animalwellnessmagazine.com/hydrogen-peroxide-vomiting/ A word of caution: Not all inappropriately ingested toxins should be vomited up. Be sure that whatever it is should come up and not do more damage coming up than staying down. Some things can c
  4. I'm not sure how - or why - pets seem to have these emergency situations on weekends or after hours, but it seems that's when they present themselves. Sunny gave me a scare just last weekend when she ate a bunch of coffee grounds I'd foolishly left w/in her reach. (Especially foolish b/c I know she scarfs up any stray crumb of a ground that falls on the floor.) Fortunately I caught her in the act, checked on line to confirm that making her vomit them w/ Hydrogen peroxide was the right course of action, and had them out of her in less than 10 minutes, then followed up w/ activated charcoal
  5. Wow! Scary indeed. My best wishes also for a quick and complete recovery.
  6. This!! Well, maybe. Right now my 2 younger dogs both have enough quirks that I'm not sure I'd want a puppy leaning them. It was bad enough that the newest adult rescue learned to bark at things from the middle dog. Foster home said she'd never heard her bark once in the 3 months she lived with her.
  7. Me, too. Except that I would never punish the older dog for an appropriate puppy correction! Sometimes puppies need to be told by the older dog when to knock it off, and as long as the adult isn't being too harsh (and they rarely are but you do have to keep an eye on their interactions) then it's perfectly acceptable IMO and a necessary and usually very effective part of a puppy's education.
  8. Sorry, duplicate post that I can't seem to delete.
  9. It'll help to have reasonable expectations for what your current dog should have to tolerate from the puppy, too. Some of the most important lessons puppies can learn are taught by adult dogs . . . within reason, of course. This just popped up on my FB feed and I had to share.
  10. I've been bringing in new dogs, both puppies and adults, when I've had one or more established dogs in the home for over 40 years. Controlled introductions are important, as is having a plan in place to be sure the resident dog doesn't feel left out. Puppies do require a lot of time and attention, but be sure to make time to spend with the other dog so she doesn't feel abandoned. Be prepared to monitor their interactions for signs on jealousy from the older dog. Personally, I wouldn't permit the older dog to act out in jealousy. If she horns in, acknowledge her with a pet and then require
  11. I'm in upstate NY (eastern US for those of you elsewhere) and though there's not a cloud in the sky it's uniformly hazy from smoke coming from the west coast. This should be brilliant blue. My mom died about a month ago, and while it wasn't due to covid I'm sure the restrictions in the nursing home hastened her death. The isolation was devastating to her and I'm sure to many others in her situation. My sibs and I weren't even permitted to visit. We were finally allowed to see her the day she died, but the OK didn't come until an hour before she passed. I live 4 hours away . . .
  12. Please note my important correction to my post of Thursday at 12:13pm.
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