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Cody, one great dog 12-10-2015

Cody & Duchess

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Cody, my border, got date 5/17/08 died 12/09/15. Gracie, my fearful one, got date 2/10/10 died 3/27/15. Cancer has made 2015 hard.


My beautiful BC Cody has passedthe rescue I got him from seems to be shut down. This is an open letter to SEBCRL and all amazing rescues.


A Thank you to SEBCRL from Deland Florida:


When we met with you in 2008....you said this was our dog, this dog would work well with the dog we already had....this was the first dog you showed us. Many hours later, after looking at other dogs, this is the dog that came home with us. He passed this week from inoperable lung cancer, with the tumor wrapped around his trachea. He was diagnosed in March, they guessed around two months to live. He made it nine months. You saved an Alabama stray that traveled the USA and hiked the Rockies. He was Mr Diplomat...loved all dogs and people. He became the protector of a fear based reactive dog (a dog I brought home from the shelter I volunteered at, they were putting Gracie down) - a dog basically afraid of other dogs. Cody kept dogs away from her, engaging them before they got to her. She learned to walk calmly on the leash because of him, she became an incredibly happy dog. They became best friends. Gracie and I spent hours playing Frisbee, with Cody always insisting that he help her carry back the Frisbee to me. How odd that she would die seventeen days after he got his cancer diagnosis. It was like she knew he had his own battles now. He became my bullet proof dog, give him a command and he always listened. His whole goal was to please. He would run the southern Rockies with me....knew the command...wait for me, I am old. He would stop, look over his shoulder with the kindest face....saying I will wait.


He was intense, but calm around me. He could so quietly curl up behind my desk chair, that I started sitting on a exercise ball because I had to stop running over him when I stood up.


When I suffered an awful injury, I would wake in the morning with his head draped across my kneesjust quietly waiting.


He was my buddy, friend, constant companion for seven and a half years. He wasnt a perfect dog (ate palm trees when I first got him) but he was a perfect dog for me. I hope to someday get another dog from rescue, but I dont know if it is possible. How to you find another who almost read your mind?


Just wanted you to know that with the great work you have done, you gave a dog a great life. He was loved, cherished and will be sorely missed. Thank you so much.

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Thank you for the kind words. To lose two dogs in one year - two different types of cancer...incredible. We were a four dog family...Duchess, 11 yrs old, who has my husband wrapped around her paw. My Cody and Gracie- my heart dogs. And Boots, the everyone dog. A border, Great Pyrenees mix...she loved playing with Cody...she thought Gracie was strange. Hoping to get Miss Boots more connected with me, she is pretty independent though. All the dogs are second hand dogs. My DH would love if we would be a normal family with two dogs......I just really miss that loyal connection. I am really lucky that I can have my dogs with me 24/7...but it doubly makes it hard when they are gone.

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What terrible losses for you. I am very sad with you.

You worked and played with them, you and your dogs had fun and suddenly - in and around the house is this rare and unusually quiet situation


Cody and Gracie run free.

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