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  1. WTF. People do that? I have been fortunate enough to find someone who runs dog "playdates" with supervised well-socialized dogs.
  2. Mum24dog's posts were always well worth reading. And I gathered she never missed an opportunity to stand up for what was right. I hope she is in a better place. Are there any charities or organizations she would have wanted donations to?
  3. Heather Houlahan's blog 'raised by wolves' has a post called 'it takes two to tension' you might find useful also. Can't link to it at the moment.
  4. She seems to be doing a lot better. It was tough for her because the vet said to take all the toys away and not let her hold anything until she was rested a bit. She resorted to, for example, pulling the bin over to get a piece of plastic wrapping (!) out so she had something to play with. Rubbish EVERYWHERE. But hey, at least I know she's not just miserable and sick and lethargic? But anyway, there was an object of roughly similar size in the bin and she managed to grab that and toddle out with it. So I think she seems to be a bit better.
  5. Vet couldn't examine her jaw (she turned into the Incredible Snapping Dog*) so she has been given a course of anti-inflammatories and if that doesn't clear it up she will go in for x rays and further investigation. It requires sedation and she is elderly and has a couple of things that make that a bit more risky. *Sore jaw, half-blind and hates her face touched at the best of times, so fair enough. we do lots of careful desensitization for treats but it wasn't enough.
  6. She is still leaping up at me to ask for the favourite ball but cannot take it when offered. Vet Friday.
  7. A bit quieter overall than usual. It also literally happened overnight. Last week she was scratching at me to go get the ball for her.
  8. I am more worried in case she has a sore mouth or eyesight trouble or something. Most nights I get bumped on the leg with the tennis ball, or she 'steals' socks, the phone, toilet roll etc and I have to chase her and then cuddle her as that is the game. It is out of character.
  9. I know, I know, this is one of those question titles you seeon yahoo answers about a dog bleeding from the ears. But seriously. My elderly dog will not fetch a tennis ball. We play fetch for her dinner and she will go to the ball, move at it, then look up at me. When I ask her again to fetch she pokes it and then looks at me. She will fetch socks and a small stuffed toy. No visible problems with the mouth. Vet or leave her for a week and see how she goes? 15 y/o dog, no other symptoms save some odd shaking that has been going on for a few months.
  10. Sorry about necroposting and not relevant to the topic- but I miss AK Dog Doc.
  11. Met a lovely 3/4 pug 1/4 bichon the other day. Looked just like a long-legged pug, like the old ones you see in oil paintings. Its eyes were prominent but not horrifying and it didn't make scary noises. I'd be very happy if suitable, sustained outcrossing could get the pug to that and I would consider getting one myself. Couldn't get one now, the thought of being unable to breathe petrifies me.
  12. Given how many collies are in my area, black and white anything is probably likely to be a collie mix. Collie -small terrier mixes look hilarious.
  13. They bred two lots of foxes and of rats- one for for expressed aggression of any kind towards humans, one for calmness/tameness. The increased flight distance ones look like that. The decreased ones look like this, with similar raising protocols for both (minimal handling- it's not a nice experiment, I have a lot of problems with the minimal handling and the environments from what I have seen). They started off breeding purely for flight distance. One of the things they wanted to do was isolate nature vs nurture, so for example the fearful or aggressive foxes would be put in litters of tame foxes, and vice versa, so that others around them modelled a behaviour they were not bred for, and to look at animals of different breeding in similar environments.
  14. My dog does that with eggcups or fragile things.
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