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  1. He was very supportive of me. I will miss him. Give Sirrah a pat from us, Sheepdogging geezer. And thank you
  2. What a great story! (the one about your Samurai Cowboy)

  3. Tea

    Deb Meier

    RIP Deb, you did good
  4. Tea


    beautiful, so sorry
  5. Sorry, set for you and fly in WA state. She was a good dog.
  6. You know the hangin tree folks don't like the length of tick's fur. It is supposed to be slick. But the cows do not notice his fur much.
  7. its really hard to fly dogs for me. and i am breeding only for my own work which i know, and i guarantee my dogs and at a distance this becomes harder too. my reason for breeding tick was to try to get another similar to him but with a tad more diplomacy. but tick is for the range cattle and his pups are pretty strong. rikki is very strong. now dogs like jake or trout abca reg border collies work on range sheep and cattle, they are easier, just simply because their feel allows them to make choices out of my sight which are good choices. dogs like tick i use in my sight, often i am on a hor
  8. OK here is a daughter I kept, by tick out of trout. I am having trouble attaching files. Tick has a video on the boards somewhere.
  9. Tick gets along with everyone, dogs and people. His pups are the same. Tick has a docked tail which was done before I got him. None of his pups have tails docked, as I do not dock tails.
  10. I have a breeding papered ht. And actually I crossed him to two of my best working bitches to try to get a couple more like him. That's tickman. Tick is very easy going round people. However a very strong dog on stock, but useful. His pups are all pretty strong but more diplomatic on stock. Except one a bitch I kept, Rikki. I also kept 4 of the diplomatic ones. I crossed them only because of my work and also hybrid vigour. Tick is out of NR bitch, Queen.
  11. Sorry you lost your old dog. Glad you have your pup
  12. Omg is that the truth! Thank you!
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