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  1. Rolf

    Black Jack

    What a big loss for you, WyoBC. In May 2015 I lost two Border Collies. So I can imagine how hard it feels for you. I wish you power to overwind this hard situation. I feel with you.
  2. Rolf


    You found so wonderful words for your lovely Jean. I wish you much power to overwind this great loss. She must have been a wonderful dog. I am with you in my thoughts, amc.
  3. What a big loss, rwinner. I wish you very much power to overwind this desaster. Thank you for sharing Hazel`s life. She must have been a very good and special BC.
  4. Rolf

    Keen-Eye Lou

    What a big loss for you, airbear. I am very sad, too. It is never easy, when the very best dog of the world has gone for ever. I wish you much power to overwind this desaster. Lou must have been an extraordinary BC. I like his story.
  5. Thank you very much, Beach BCs. I cleared my internet history - and yes, it works.
  6. If I remove the checkmark, it stays that way. I have no more idea, sorry.
  7. Thank you, chene. Yes, I check the "remember me" button when I sign myself in. I have a checkmark in the "remember me" button.
  8. When I start my computer, I am signed in into this forum although I signed me out before. As long as I have my computer let switch I can sign me out and I stay signed out. Only when I turn on the computer again, I'm back in the forum as signed in. Has someone any idea?
  9. What terrible losses for you. I am very sad with you. You worked and played with them, you and your dogs had fun and suddenly - in and around the house is this rare and unusually quiet situation Cody and Gracie run free.
  10. I am so sorry f0r your loss. She is such a nice one. http://rainbowsbridge.com/Poem.htm
  11. Happy birthday, Ouzo and all the very best to you. I am sure, you had a very nice day with tons of presents.
  12. Rolf


    What a beautiful she was. I am very sorry about your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  13. Wonderful pictures. Yes, the second one with Lance is great.
  14. Wonderful pictures. I love to see herding dogs at their work.
  15. Alaska, great photos, all of them. Thank you for sharing us. I love to see herding dogs at their work. These dogs look like they did a wonderful job and enjoyed it.
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