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Fever, whining, restlessness, drinking water, must bribe to eat... Mojo request

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Day 11 post Immiticide shot, 5 months after adopting Vala, heartworm positive BC from the pound. Lots of doxycycline, ivermectin cycling for those five months. Now, normal symptoms of adult heartworm death - she started the unproductive coughing last night that sounds like phlegm, restlessness, drinking lots of water, some whimpering. :rolleyes: She clearly didn't feel well. Called the vet this morning. They made an emergency appointment. I took her in. The doc took her temp first thing, she was 1.5 degrees high. He said that's a sign that the lungs are inflamed, the dead/dying worms are in there (if I understood him right)... He listened to her heart/chest with a stethoscope but was not alarmed. The good news is she's not losing weight... actually she seems to have miraculously gained .7 pounds since her last vet visit 11 days ago... 30.5# now... I weighed her twice! Weird since she's been hard to get to eat this last week.


I think she's had that fever for several days. She's been drinking much more water than usual. She's been getting really picky with her eating. But for the first few days she was so perky I couldn't tell if she was sick or just waiting to see if I'd put something better in the bowl. She's still happy but more cuddly now... And the whimpering, that was when I knew something was wrong. She never cries for no reason.


Anyway Doc Carson gave her a cortizone shot, Rx for prednisone to start tomorrow, and 14 more days of doxycycline to keep her on after her current Rx runs out. She hasn't coughed since she got the cortizone shot. I made her some chicken and rice (per the vet's instructions). She primly and properly ate that (she is such a lady)...


Mojo please. I have to start work on Monday. :D At least the husband will be home all day except for two hours.

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Sending Mojo and good thoughts your way. Vala is so lucky to have you.



Thank you. She is such a gentle spirit, I feel more like I'm the one who's lucky to have her.

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You've really had some hard times with your dogs but I know you will do everything to get Vala through this and back to bouncingly good health.


Very best wishes, prayers, and mojo to you guys!

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I don't like it when puppies are sick. I've been throujgh that with Jin so we send youi as much Mojo as possible from us.

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Good news... She still hasn't coughed since the vet visit (where she got that miraculous shot-o-cortizone) and is eating her chicken and rice like a champ. She still isn't taking her meds with the peanut butter like she's supposed to (and always has, until now--this girl LOVES peanut butter) but she needs that prednisone (which we started today, vets orders) and doxycycline obviously so I've been having to put it on her tongue and close her mouth (hate that!!).


Thanks for all the mojo! Here are some very current pics of Miss Vala, the now-30.5# girl, resting and recovering...






For reference, guys, this is what she looked like after I cut off all the doggy dreadlocks the day we adopted her from animal control back in August (at 27.1#--and don't blame animal control either, because according to their records she was 25.1# when they picked her up as a stray in late July--poor thing, she must've been starving!!!!):



Isn't it amazing what 4.5 months of TLC and good vetting can do? Thankfully, with her perky behavior today and lack of coughing, I'm starting to think (knock on wood) she'll make it through this shot just fine. But I'm so dreading the double shot next month. :rolleyes:

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Hey, Vala just had an accident in the house (first in months and months--since the first or second week we got her when we were housetraining). Exactly how many times a day would you say I should take her out on days she takes prednisone? Treat it like housetraining again? Now I have to crate her while I go to the gym to work out. :rolleyes:

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