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  1. Kudos for doing your part with rescue!!!!!!! He is quite handsome, and I almost wonder about whippet in there. Only by the pasta photo does he look anything other than pure bred. Who cares though, he is a beauty!
  2. I agree with the others, something happened there. As was said, as simple as him stepping wrong. Could you try slowing him down, or putting a treat trail in the area?
  3. Quit reading after I read this post. It summed it up for me. Ok I lied, I read a few more:) I thought the OP response to this was rude. Not using the correct terminolgy does not make you any less of a value to the dog world. "Don't handicap yourself" As was said, judge by the walk, not then talk. BTW, being a horse person I don't think any less of someone who asks me who the "mother"/"father" of a horse is. Those titles are HUMAN. If you want to know the dam or the sire, I will tell you. If you don't understand who the horse is "out of" or who he is "by" I don't cringe, or ins
  4. More prayers coming from Florida! Keep us posted.
  5. WOW what a heartwarming update!!! Congrats on finding a great lady and being blessed with your beautiful children!!!! Like puppies, they get more fun by the day! Also huge kudos on finding the RIGHT home for Hope and not giving up. Sounds like you served her well! Great job on all!
  6. I bet that was a really long night! Scarey stuff!! So glad she is home!
  7. Your avatar is one fantastic looking BC. I have always had classically marked dogs myself but not with the prick ears. Boy he looks handsome : )

  8. To me, that is a working dog. One that is less interested in you, and more busy in what else there is to do. He is busy, but in your own words "very attentive" when you speak. He is probably a lot smarter than you give him credit for. I couldn't care less if a dog ever does the crouch. You haven't put him on stock yet. You and the dog just have to learn to harness his energy. He needs to learn how to work, and certainly when. I personally do not know about the dog being "too aggressive" to work certain stock. I was told that about my Max. That he was too big of a head/face biter from
  9. You sound like me! ha ha! I can flick Pete's tongue back and forth before he pulls it in.Goofy suckers!
  10. My Pete does it too! lol I thought he was just a fool. Who knew he actually fits in! What a site he is with his hobbit feet and tongue out! lol That was a great picture by the way! Beautiful dog!
  11. Yummy, is someone making zuchinni bread!!! Oh boy what I would give for that!!!! Here in Florida zuchinni and squash are so small. I grew up in NY and like Nancy said, HUGE zuchinni and everything made from it! My mom actually made pickles out of it. And boy did we give away tons!
  12. Hopefully everyone means well. I am sure emotions are running high. I think she is just trying to help. Maybe we just get comfortable with each other, and quit sugar coating things. Miz, many prayers. You don't ever seem to have an easy walk, but I give you HUGE kudos for being such a great dog mom and noticing issues with you animals. (and yourself) Keep us posted. Kiss Boy for us!
  13. I am glad you see how wrong that was. As you see you can't say don't don't don't, then ask her to do it. She won't understand. I don't know that the drive comes out of them, but you should be able to get a better handle on it. I have always said working is a command as much as sit. She should not be touching ducks unless you say so. Squirrels, I don't know Miz, I let my JRT catch them. But if you don't want her to, that is something to work on. Personally, there are situations that I don't trust my jack in. He won't grab a house cat with me there, but I wouldn't trust him alone.
  14. Make quick turns when he gets ahead of you. Use a happy voice and tell him heel. I don't think a choke collar is your answer. No reason to freak the dog out, but you do need to be firm. It is a way of showing you are the alpha. They need to go with you, at your pace, not at a pace and direction THEY choose. Have you tried any clicker training?
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