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  1. Please read: article here This is very important. Our Governor is looking to repeal the Hayden Law, which would allow shelters to euthanize a lost pet within 72 hours. In addition, shelters would no longer be required to offer veterinary care nor would they be required to keep records.
  2. It is the last premolar before the molar on the top and the first molar before the premolar on the bottom. So it almost looks like she tried to break something by placing it toward the back of her mouth. The only thing I give her to chew on is meaty chicken bones (breast, wings, and now legs). However, I have caught her trying to chew on tree branches in the firewood pile. And when she chews, she chews to break. She also likes to chew on her rubber chuck it ball. Maybe it is abrasion from trying to chew something she wasn't suppose to. All I know is she chews to destroy and I was nervous that maybe her teeth are too soft for bones, but her teeth get so dirty so fast. In fact, she has been eating raw for almost a month and she still does not have all the tarter gone...getting better but still. And she is really young still too. Just turned 2. Does eating raw wear teeth faster?
  3. Can you tell me your thoughts on feeding chicken legs? I am concerned about breaking teeth. I have given them lately and just had a look at Daisy's teeth and noticed not a tooth completely broken, but the edge looks like it has lost its smoothness.....like very very very small piece missing. Maybe I better go back to wings and breasts. I don't want to give up entirely because her teeth get so dirty so fast and she refuses to let me clean them with a brush...it is a battle just to look at her teeth. Thanks for the help.
  4. Diane I am so sorry for your loss. I was hoping so much for a different outcome. Thinking of your family during this difficult time.
  5. I am so sorry. You and Lacee are in my thoughts.
  6. "Away To Me follows five top ranked international competitors from South Africa, Canada, Ireland and the U.S. in the lead up to, and during the 2011 Soldier Hollow Classic, one of the premier sheepdog trials in the world, held annually outside Park City, Utah." http://www.sheepdogmovie.com/
  7. Looks like Maggie is going to be ok, but will more than likely never be able to herd cattle again: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2011/07/06/injured-cattle-dog-heading-home-after-recovering-from-hit-and-run/
  8. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the reply. It was really helpful. I think I will do lots of asking around. For now, I am keeping her out of situations where bees frequent the most and waiting till evenings to take her out for walks. She is not happy about it, but I would rather that than an even more serious reaction. I know even with being as cautious as I have been, something can still go wrong so I would really like to have a plan in place.
  9. Unfortunately I found out my BC has a moderate bee allergy with symptoms that have bordered on anaphylactic shock. The emergency vet is advising that we have an epipen on hand (and doing everything possible to keep her away from bees) because her symptoms have progressed from the first bee sting last summer. However, my regular vet is on the fence because her initial symptom is quite generic which could lead to giving the epipen when it is not needed. My regular vet thought was to start with benadryl because she feels the epipen also has some negative side effects. Once stung, epipen or benadryl she would still need to be seen by the vet to be monitored. She was stung last summer (which I saw) and this second time I did not see. Last summer her fist symptom was vomiting followed by being lethargic. This time it was vomiting again, then lethargic, finally heavy breathing and unsteady/drunken like gait which led to collapsing. Once at the emergency vet she began to swell and had a few hive like bumps on her face. They then gave her benadryl and a steroid. I tried doing some research but have not found much about epipens for dogs. With people the rule of thumb seems to be if there are two or more systems of the body being affected, then you give the epipen because it could mean there is a strong indication of a systemic reaction. Also there seems to be a conflict with using benadryl first because it can potentially mask the anaphylactic reaction. And it seems you have a 30 min window to give the epipen or it may not work. In my case, the closest emergency vet is about 30 min away so that does not leave much time for a wait and see approach. I just don't know if this information would hold true for dogs as well. The emergency vet did say that allergies for dogs are similar to humans. If anyone has used an epipen on a dog or has any information, it would be greatly appreciated as I don't know which way to go with this.
  10. Are you sure she is not cantering like the poodle in the video below? I thought Daisy ran strange until I did a search on youtube and found this video. lol. Daisy is about 2 to 3 months younger than Sita and canters often. Especially when she is just kind of sniffing the grass and looking for things to pick up. She will run when she is chasing after the ball or something else. But she canters on the way back or when she gets distracted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSHb98-C8V4
  11. Sending you more mojo! I will keep Ollie in my prayers.
  12. 247Shane and stockdogranch, Does this person ever dump litters at animals shelters or are the puppies considered the money makers??? If she does dump puppies, do you know how far North they get dumped at the various shelters?
  13. Hi Everyone, I have not participated in the forum much lately, but I wanted to give an updated about Daisy and also ask some questions about exercise. 1. Daisy is showing great improvement with her fear of cars thanks to all of the help here on the forum. I have been driving Daisy to the park to play every evening and just this week she finally decided it would be nice to stay standing and look out the window! That is sure a big turn around from shaking and staying on the floor with her head buried under a blanket. 2. She rarely barks at unfamiliar dogs. She now wants to meet them and tries to play with them. She is still cautious at first, kind of creeps up on all fours, but no longer urinates from fear and once she is convinced they wont do anything to her she is ready to play. 3. She has made progress with not barking at bikes, but we still have some work to do with children. Children have been very difficult for her and I know she makes parents nervous so it has been very difficult to work on this. Finally my question about exercise. I know over exercising puppies has been talked about here before, but I am wondering at 13 months of age, how much is too much? Right now we walk two miles every day which breaks down to two 30 min walks basically. In the evening she runs at the park. I have been very cautious about doing anything with a ball or frisbee. At some point, I would like to be able to find an activity like throwing the ball for 15 min (maybe 5 min at a time??) during the day to take a break from working and to get her outside as she starts pulling papers off my desk. I can tell she is getting annoyed. I know breaks would be good for the both of us as I tend to not take breaks while designing on the computer. Is she still too young to introduce the ball? Her hips and knees were x-rayed last month at U.C. Davis and they said everything is excellent thus far (I posted a few months ago on here about the popping I was hearing). I just don't want to mess things up for her later on in life.
  14. Sending lots of positive thoughts for you and your husband. Everyone has shared really good ideas! I think having the option of having Scooter around when you need a loving friend would be really helpful.
  15. Thanks Liz! This is so cool. If I am understanding this correctly (and I may not be because I just woke up from a nap ) Daisy would be an example that supports yours and Julie's comments about the history of what early border collies might have been fed. Anyway to make a long story short, all the dogs are eating Natures Variety. My dog Daisy is the only one that gets regular exercise (two miles a day for now). The rest of the dogs are lazy bums (weighing no more than 15lbs) that just sleep around all day long. Amazingly these lazy little dogs were eating roughly half a 1/4 cup under what Daisy ate (she was getting a half a cup a day) and this just blew my mind. I was starting to think something was wrong with Daisy so before taking a trip the vet, I decided to try a new food, The Honest Kitchen, embark. Right now she is eating 1 cup a day plus 1/3 cup of ground turkey. Going back to the article and the comments by Julie and Liz, I compared the ingredients...Natures Variety: protein reading of 39%, a fat level of 24% and an estimated carbohydrate content of 29%. Now looking at The Honest Kitchen: protein reading of 28%, a fat level of 22% and an estimated carbohydrate content of 42%. The carbs seem to be the difference maker. Daisy must do better on a carb based diet and I don't know if that has something to do with her lineage or if it is just coincidence. An interesting topic to say the least....I think I may have hijacked the thread.
  16. Hi Liz, This is really interesting to me especially right now when I have just changed Daisy's food. She seemed to process the food she was on (Nature's Variety Instinct) differently from the rest of the (non border collie) dogs. I was wondering if you could point me to the studies you have read. I would like to try and compare The contents of The Honest Kitchen's Embark to Nature's Variety Instinct to see if I can come up with an explanation for what her body is doing. Thanks, Nicole
  17. Daisy was on Natures Variety Instinct until the end of last week. I decided to switch her food because she was constantly constipated even with pumpkin added. I decided to go with The Honest Kitchen Embark formula and so far so good, no more blood and no more long pauses. I have started checking for sales on meat to add in. I think this will make the food go farther as it is expensive, but not freaking out about seeing blood with every bowel movement is worth the money because it gives me peace of mind.
  18. I am having a difficult time in cleaning Daisy's teeth. I can't find a tooth paste that she likes and on top of that she thinks the brush is a toy. I would like to try giving Daisy bones to chew on to see if this works better. My dad got her some meaty beef bones (from the knee to the ankle) but I am a little concerned these are too hard for her teeth. They also don't seem to get the back half of her teeth very well. What bones would be best?
  19. Thanks for all the help everyone. I really appreciate it. I think I will go ahead and go the specialist route and take her to UC Davis. I think that would be better than going to her regular vet.... I think the dosage is based on the bottle size...I purchased the 8 oz bottle to start to make sure it agreed with Daisy. Is human grade vitamin e and ester-c ok? What is the dosage size you use for the vitamin e? If I remember correctly, your guys are on the smallish size like Daisy.
  20. I have been giving grizzly salmon oil along with glyco-flex II to Daisy since I posted a question a couple months ago about when should I take x-rays for HD. I have noticed a big difference in Daisy's coat since starting the fish oil. No more dandruff! But I am confused on whether I should also be giving her vitamin e. I thought I read somewhere that it has vitamin e added, but I can't find where I saw that. Does anyone know? Or if it does have vitamin e, is that enough? I currently give her 3 squirts of the fish oil and she is about 33 lbs and 11 months old. Lastly, I am still waiting on the x-rays in hopes that the popping/cracking is from the fall she had. I thought the popping had decreased in frequency, but last week she was playing with another dog and accidently rolled over off the sofa and pancaked onto the floor again. She did not come up limping nor has she limped in the days after. I struggle with what "bunny hoping" looks like. When Daisy is somewhere between a trot and a run, she will often have one back foot slightly in front of the other for a few strides and then switches the opposite foot to the front for a few strides and continues with this pattern. When she is in a full out run, it is hard for me to tell if both legs are together. I have noticed that her back legs do extend out behind her and up in the air when she is running (which I think would be good because it must not hurt her to extend her legs). This is hard for me to explain. I will see if I can get a video of her doing all of this. Over the last month I have noticed that she seems more coordinated with her footing. I tried her out on walking up steps briefly and she does not "bunny hop". I have also pretty much broken her of chasing the cats. But jumping on and off the bed and sofa have been harder to stop. I am thinking of adding ester-c and going from there. Any suggestions on a brand? I don't know. Maybe it is just time to bite the bullet and do x-rays since she is still popping.
  21. What a great post! My guess based on my observations about Daisy so far, is that Grace determined that the door knob does mean open. I think it might be a leap to say that Grace knew from the start that deforming the knob would make the door open. Some examples I have seen with Daisy observing AND mimicking human behavior: She has attempted to open doors by grabbing on to the door knob with her mouth, but has not had any luck yet with actually opening the door. Its very easy to see that she understands the connection between the knob and opening the door. Daisy enjoys being out in the yard when I do yard work and will often follow me around copying my behaviors (yes seriously). When I dig holes with a shovel, she joins in by digging with her paws. When I am pruning trees and cutting branches into smaller pieces she joins in by breaking branches. She also carries them to where ever the pile is that I am putting them. Lastly, the most interesting of them all, my dad asked me to help him fix some boards on the fence by removing the existing nails to then reuse and reattach the boards. Well, guess who was watching? As I began removing nail out of the fence, Daisy appeared and began looking for stray nails. She then started pulling at them with her mouth. Although she was unsuccessful in her attempts to get the nails out, it was very obvious that she was understanding the concept. My dad and I were shocked and couldn't believe what we were seeing. I think the thing that amazes me the most is when Daisy takes a trick and applies that concept to other things in her life. Anyway, I believe Grace knew what she was doing with knob=open. When she began working on the knob, she probably didn't deform it on purpose in the beginning, but I wouldn't put it past her to understand that the grip did become easier the more she chewed and as a result she continued to work at it until she could turn the door.
  22. There has been a major flea infestation where I live. I was pulling 5-10 fleas off of Daisy 3 different times a day. I finally decided the natural way was not cutting it: vacuum every day with borax in the vacuum bag and using a flea comb. I found a great chart on the Natural Resources Defense Council website that breaks down the safety level of different flea products based on what is safe/unsafe for humans. Here is a link to the pdf chart that you can download. Or a link to the main website: here Based on the chart, I decided to go with Advantage. I have not given it to her yet, but my brothers dog and parents dogs are on it. The other thing I have done is use Earthbath: Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo. Interestingly enough when I gave her a bath with this stuff a week ago, the fleas stayed away from her no fleas/no poo. I was giving her a bath with johnsons baby shampoo before and by the next day or two she would be covered in flea poo and fleas. I noticed today that she had a few fleas on her again so I gave her another bath with the Earthbath shampoo. I will see if the fleas staying away was just a coincidence or not. Not sure yet as the fleas I saw on her today were small, so I am also thinking since the other dogs are on the Advantage, these tiny fleas are now eggs that have hatched from the larger fleas that have since been killed by the Advantage????? If you decide that you are out of options and have to go the chemical route, you could apply a half dosage, that is what we did with the two dogs and it seems to be working.
  23. That is an interesting question...one I have been thinking about myself as I live in California and have been reading a lot about the problems with over vaccination. Daisy is just starting out in life (10 months old now) and I would really prefer to keep vaccination and anything chemical to a minimum. My parents know someone who works at UC Davis in the veterinary medicine department. We just asked him about a month or so ago about titers and he said we do that. He said nothing about that being a problem with the rabies vaccination law. I will see if we can find out more.
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