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I went shopping at the Kill Shelter today

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I drove to the mainland today and checked out a bc that came in as a stray.

He was listed as a mix but he looks all Barbie collie to me. Of course, he came home with me.


Krisk suggested calling him Jake and it fits. I tried every name I could think of on the long ride home and he didnt respond to anything. It must be hard to be a stray dog and lose your name. They guessed him to be 3, but I think he's older. Lovely disposition, great with cats and fine with my dogs. Loki was bringing him toys within a half hour and wiggling all over him. Tex gets along with everyone - no worries there. He has no collar marks on his neck, he's very clean and he appears to be someones housepet. Animal control held him for a week and no one inquired so I had first dibs.


He's not neutered and runs at the doorways to escape. Both things are very fixable. I think I lucked out.


Here's Jake




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... It must be hard to be a stray dog and lose your name.

... Loki was bringing him toys within a half hour and wiggling all over him. Tex gets along with everyone - no worries there.


Great news for all of you!!! Congratulations - what a handsome boy.

Jake will be his fresh start name in his new, perfect home :rolleyes:


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Forgot to mention....Jake might be blind in one eye. His right eye is normal but his left is misshapen. I dont want to hassle him too much about it tonight but I suspect he has collie eye anomoly. I'll take some eyeball pictures and ask some questions in a day or two. There are 3 blobs of border collie scattered across my living room floor - they're played out. Jake is showing some separation anxiety when I leave the room but thats to be expected. I have a wood storage room on the back of this house and he has to go thru two doors to get outside so I'm not worried about him bolting outside. My dogs have been trained to wait at doors and he will learn too.


Loki had a very successful few hours of off-leash this week. We had a very nice day and I walked him first and then let him off leash while I worked at the woodpile. He was fine (except for a whole lot of spinning behaviour which is new) and stayed near the house.


However, when I walked down to the sheep barn to get a wheelbarrow, he ran past the sheep and onto the road. I thought about it and realized that in summer, he spent hours in that field with Nell, making sure the sheep stayed in a huddle. In December, we moved all 7 horses into the field with the sheep. Loki does not like horses and wont go in with them. I wonder if his running down the driveway is his way of signaling that he is frustrated because he's afraid to go in with the sheep now. I guess I'll know the answer when the horses will go back out on their own pasture in the spring.

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Why do you think he's a Barbie? Like Julie said, he doesn't have the stuffed animal face that the Barbie Collies tend to have. I don't think CEA causes any changes to the external appearance of the eye. If there's something wrong with his eye, it's not that.

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First off, I had to go and look up "Barbie Collie" :rolleyes: He is a great looking dog! Many you all have many happy years together.




Sara and Jake

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I would wonder if it's not cornea scratches that have healed We just sent home a puppy mill boston and she had what looked like a small bubble when you held her close but, away it looked like a small cloudy spot. Dal has PPM and that looks like little spider webs around the edges of his eye.

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I wouldn't say barbie either. He looks an awful lot like Mick's bro. No barbie in that one.

Raven had an eye njury way back. Her eye ruptured, it's now a cloudy spot right in the middle of her pupil. I think she still has some sight in it.

Mick has what we call a wall eye. I think it's really just a small eye socket compared to the other side. His sight is a bit off, but I don't think it's related to the size issue.

Whatever, Jake is a beauty. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves. And we'll think happy stay home thoughts for your runner.

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