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  1. It sounds like Kipp had lots of fun and adventures during his life with you. So very sorry, Maralynn. Kipp knew how much you loved him.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that Kipp is feeling so unwell....thinking of both of you at this difficult time.
  3. I am so sorry to hear that is indeed lymphoma. My Nell had lymphoma at age 11. She perked up on the Prednisone and she enjoyed a brilliant few months of fall weather. I made the decision to let her go when she could no longer eat, due to the tumours constricting her throat. The day before she left us, she was rolling in the snow with my other dogs and had a last visit to the sheep. She was still happy and I was grateful for the time I was given to spoil her silly.
  4. Jo&Tex


    I'm so sorry. Your words of tribute are beautiful. The special dogs are indeed special. Their quirks keep them real in our hearts for so long after they've gone.
  5. I have a blind cocker spaniel who appears to be completely stressed when he's in the car. He pants heavily and will not lay down. Most dogs sleep in the car but not this little guy. However, he gets animated when I jingle the car keys and once outside, he drags me to the car and tries to leap up even before I get the door open. If I say Not time for Car, he stubbornly plants his feet and leans towards the car. I routinely haul him the 6 hour trip to KrisK's place. To look at him, you'd think he was traumatized but his loading behaviour shows me he adores going for rides. If your dog is not difficult to load, I'd say he was probably okay. Blind dogs sometimes have weird body language and can be hard to read.
  6. I am very saddened by this news. Her posts were a joy to read. She brought the Iditarod to life for me with her commentary. She will be greatly missed. My condolences to her friends and family.
  7. Jo&Tex

    RIP Echo

    So sorry. You are living out a nightmare. I remember you telling me about your coonhound and Echo. She looks like a lovely little thing in the photos you've shared. Hugs to you and your children.
  8. I have a red tri. She alternates between being liver coloured in winter and having a orangey bloom in summer. A sheep herding friend of mine in Arizona just brought home a new pup. Pup has black and tan markings like a gorden setter. He is from working lines and she plans to trial with him. I'll see if I can get her to share a photo with us. In the meantime...this is Wren, my red tri.
  9. I have dogs that were deaf or blind their whole lives. They have had to adapt but they have had useful long lives. In my work, I have two clients who are both deaf and blind. It is harder for people since we have a sense of what is being missed. I agree with you that dogs live in the present tense. As long as you are willing to make adjustments to keep your old girl comfortable, I dont see why she couldn't go on for a few more years if her health stays good.
  10. Spot is 11 months and still intact (not my choice, but not my dog). He does not wander off the property on his own. We have gone thru 2 heats with an intact female since Spot has arrived and neither dog seemed very concerned or stressed.The female isolates herself in her crate and wants nothing to do with anybody during this time. So, I'd agree with depends on the dog.
  11. In my Tex's case, his abuser was clearly not of his right mind. That doesnt make the end result any different but at least I have some understanding of it. Poor Codie...I'm glad that the suffering has ended for this beautiful dog.
  12. Well I will definitely see you there. I'm there most days in the early afternoon and in the early am on weekends. Today I saw a tree carefully wrapped in yellow caution tape. On it was a hand lettered sign saying "Wasps! Geude!" in both official languages. I wouldnt want to get stung for not knowing the right language.
  13. His sister is somewhat more reactive but I have been pushing her this week. We've been walking in the city every afternoon and there's lots to see. That is a good sized fair for a little pup and the weather is great. I'll bet Flint is ready to go back today and have more fun.
  14. This past week, I've been going to the big city off leash dog park in an effort to expose puppy Breeze to new situations. This park covers several hundred acres in a greenbelt and is used as a X-country ski park in winter so we can walk for miles. Breeze is too young to be off leash at all but she is learning how to interact with new dogs. She has met a few dooofus dogs but overall, it has been a good experience for her. I had no idea that these designer dogs were so popular. We've met oodles of poodleX's and not one has impressed me. BerneseMountainoodles are just weird. Even before reading this thread, I'd noticed people seemed more concerned with what their dog "is' rather than how it behaved. I found out that there is a kennel nearby specializing in these things. You can buy a Pugoodle, a Beagleoodle or a CavaliarKingCharlesbeagleoodle. I get the impression that this kennel hangs out at the park just to peddle puppies. The best part of this park is that the border collie folks all hang out together on a hill in an remote part of the park. Everyone tries to wear out their dogs by throwing balls endless up and down this hill. It doesnt work, but it is a good group of folks and they are passionate about their bc's. I guess it looks like we are being snobs, but it is just nice to be away from all those oodles who charge in and steal the balls and take off, and their clueless owners who let them do it.
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