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  1. I agree with Mona, when Jake gets overly vocal, I give him a command. Sit, Down, High Five, etc... It breaks him out of it.
  2. Well, I did it. I smelled Jake's feet.. and well, they don't smell like Fritos or popcorn. They smell like the earth, which I was pleased to smell. I feed a high-quality 'kibble' diet with variety of eggs, cottage cheese, and cooked chicken, a little EVOO here and there (he has had dry skin) I do agree with a RAW diet, and was considering it, until one evening, I gave Jake a small piece of raw chicken, and he gagged on it, so much so, he lost his dinner.
  3. At first Jake barked and tried to bite the vaccuum, but after watching his Siamese 'sister' winding her way around my legs, BEGGING to be vaccuumed, he started to see it in a different light. I can now vaccumm Jake's back and hind. I am thinking,this is going to come in handy in the Spring! I have a friend with a BC, and she would give a sharp "AHT AH!" and a "Go Lie Down" Our dogs are SMART! I am sure you can find his trigger that will work, ie... tossing treats to the side of vaccuum,or putting him out of the way... Good Luck! Sara
  4. It's never occured to me to smell Jake's feet!! I'll have to check it out tomorrow, once he is up! Yes, I let Jake kiss my face, though, he mainly licks under my chin. What I miss, is puppy breath. Now that he is loosing his teeth, his breath STINKS!
  5. First off, I had to go and look up "Barbie Collie" He is a great looking dog! Many you all have many happy years together. Congrats, Sara and Jake
  6. Hi all, I've noticed a few posts concerning training deaf dogs. I spoke with Jake's trainer, Pat, she trains deaf dogs! She gave me a link to share with those looking for information or trainers. It's: http://www.deafdogs.org/ Cheers, Sara and Jake
  7. To reinforce your whistle training, try playing hide and seek in the house with Jake. Put him in a sit stay, go hide, and then blow the whistle to have him find you. And then reward. Ailsa I am glad to read your pup was safe. Thank you for the IDEA! I am always looking for things to do with him during these cold winter months.
  8. Jake, now 5 months old, is a very smart and quite obedient puppy....most of the time. Since Thursday, we have been going to the newly opened dog park in our town. The first day we went we had the area all to ourselves, which was GREAT! He had a ball being able to run and jump, off lead. WOW, is he FAST! One draw back is it is located near a major highway. I was having a hard time being heard over the tractor trailers and cars screaming past. While trying to call him back to me, I got to thinking how I could get his attention (while doing the flamingo dance and whooping about).... when I remembered reading about whistle training! For those of you that don't know, Jake is a rescue and my (our) first puppy. Yes, we knew what were getting into with a BC... I had kept the whistle that my Mother had carried on her keychain. She passed away last October. On Friday morning, I started training Jake to come to the sound of the whistle. Whistle, treat, whistle treat...a little distance..whistle, treat. He got it in no time. Today, we tried it at the park, EASY COME! Even while other dogs and distractions. SOLID RECALL! Around 11pm, DH took Jake out for his final walk, and after coming into the house, he had directed Jake to come find me. It's a nightly routine. DH thought all was clear when he went to put the garage door down...it wasn't! Like a flash, Jake was out!! DH called for me, "THE DOG IS LOOSE, HELP!" I didn't think twice. I ran, grabbed the whistle off the coat rack, and immediately started blowing while running into the driveway. In a matter of 5 seconds I could hear his jingly collar, then I saw a very excited puppy barreling at me! I gave him loads of praise while looking at my DH, who had tears in his eyes. We were both so releaved that Jake was safe!! I realize that we were very LUCKY with small amount of time we have been whistle training, that our sweet boy chose to come. So, I want to say, THANKS MOM, for leaving me your whistle! I will keep up the training!! It might have saved a life, ours from shear fear and possible heart attacks, and Jake's...though it was late, he still has a great interest in cars... Lessons learned!
  9. What a beauty! Time does fly by... Sara and Jake
  10. I am no expert on BC's! That's why I love this board! I totally love going to Puppy Class and so does Jake. I actually take him over to PetSmart as often as I can since we don't have alot of neighbors or friends in the area to come and get him socialized with other dogs and people. He is doing very well at sitting at the front door and waiting somewhat patiently for people to say hello. I would never force him to play. We had a great meet and brief play after class with a 10month old Belguim something. She was play skiddish herself, but after about 5 mintues of sniffing each other they had a nice romp at each other. Now that he has had his rabies shots he is allowed to go to the local dog park. We are going to head over there today, well, that is when the snow stops and all the roads are cleared of the maniac drivers. I'm a northern gal and have found that some people in VA don't know how to drive in the slick stuff. On the photo front. My camera died on Christmas Day! I had sent it out for repair, the company called and said it would be $500 to fix! Err, NOPE! My new camera is expected on Tuesday. I'll post some soon. Thanks for reply. I've noticed Jake changing behaviors lately. He normally could careless where my daughter is but last night a roller blader went by the house which started, "HEY MOM" barks. I walked over and looked out and then looked at Jake and said, "No Big Deal, Bud, Thanks for letting me know. I gave him a pat and walked away. Well, all of a sudden he was scouting around the downstairs looking for ????. He came to me, DH, cat, but still wouldn't relax. It finally dawned on me what he was doing! I took him upstairs (which is gated off to him at this time) to show him where our daughter was (bathtub) and he immedately calmed down. Stupid human! . Each day is an adventure!
  11. First off let me apologize for posting this question in the wrong forum. It should have gone under General Discussion. During puppy class yesterday, I noticed during play time that Jake (now almost 5 months) didn't want to participate in what is his 'favorite part' of class. He just hung back with me, watching intently at the pups, then looking at me. I told him to go ahead, several times. He didn't budge. There are a few new dogs in the class. One is VERY SHY, Peep, 8 weeks. We spent a majority of the class trying to get this little guy to relax. The other two are approx 12 weeks and really didn't have a care in the world during play. The group is mixed nicely. Pups as young as 8 weeks up to 4+ months. I am wondering if this is an adolecent behavior or something BC pups go through? Our trainer was intently trying to get Peep to join the group and even after class she has other classmates to contend with, so I wasn't able to ask the question as to why she thought Jake might have been hanging back. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  12. Why is you men have the great success with flat collar walking?? I am primarily Jake's trainer, and we worked for weeks on walking nicely. I would stop, call him back to me, treat, proceed with the walk. Even after 1 hour in the backyard playing 'fetch', soccer, basically trying to tired him out a bit. As soon as we hit the road, I am being 'jogged' down the street. I tried the Gentle Leader for a week, and being a softy, I felt sorry for the little guy. I'm over it now, and so is Jake. If he wants a trip around the neighborhood or the park, it's GL all the way or NO WAY! He still pulls, but gently. I have just started pulling back lightly with a "here" as I tap my leg, with a quick treat. It's going well. I do hope to someday walk him with out the GL. So why is it when, I walk with my DH, while he has Jake on the flat collar there isn't a pulling issue? Is it a guy thing? I hope you all can get out for a walk together soon!
  13. We have our 9 yr old comming to basic puppy at PetSmart. The trainer takes time to show her how to "handle" Jake. Loads of treats, gets her to put Jake into a cradle position, how to stop him from jumping and nipping at her when her enthusiasm and his excitement mix. For 2 weeks now, I haven't heard. "MOM! Jake nipped my....... However, we still deal with Jake listening to me more so then her. But, I believe it's working well for both of them. Kids and dogs! I love it!
  14. I saw a post earlier today about a product called Musher's Secret. It's a waxy balm that you can apply to your dogs feet, winter or summer.
  15. Jake started off on Purnia Pro Puppy Chow, for 6 weeks (vet recommendation) since the shelter had been feeding he, his brother, and Mom whatever donations where brought into the shelter. The bags of food were just dumped into a large trash can all mixed up. We've been feeding Large Breed Puppy Buffalo Blue for the past month. We switched after doing some personal research. He is doing very well on it. Dry skin issues resolved and much less poo to clean up in the yard! Oh and LOADS of energy, but, he is a puppy... Sorry, I don't know the protein to fat ratio since I dumped the bag into a food storage bin. I am all for NOT feeding animal by-products. My DH works for a rendering/recycling company, and you don't want to know what goes into some pet food. Anyway, I'm not sure it is slowing his growth or not. At 10 weeks he was 11 lbs and now at 20 wks he weighs 22lbs. Can any one let me know if this is a proper weight gain for a BC? To me, he looks HUGE compared to 2.5 months ago. I know I didn't answer your question, but these more experienced owners are sure to have the answers.
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