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  1. Oh damn. I didn't realize what sub forum this was on at first. I'm so sorry to hear of Lou's passing.
  2. We have just started heeling here with my non BC. I always hated obedience and heeling but find if you teach it the right way it's a lot of fun. Hank loves it. We are about 12 weeks into rally and now some novice obedience. So definitely not experts! What happened for us is I signed up for a rally class not knowing you were supposed to have a heel already and the first day the first exercise was heel across the room. So we winged it. Lure/pocket hand and pivot work at home and he really has a pretty nice heel. Sometimes sloppy on the fronts but with some wall work he's gotten re
  3. There's some good facebook groups where they get dogs and post videos, etc of evaluating the dog. High drive dogs is another. I agree with the arousal vs drive thing mentioned above. Hank is over the top a lot. Most of it is over environmental stuff and it's often not usable really. The trainers and people I work with often classify him as very high drive but I don't think he is at all. Like I said, took me about a year to get a grasp of what was going on. I am glad I got my shelter mutt but no, not always an easy sport dog. But I also think he's a great dog and I do honestly th
  4. To be 100% frank and honest, no I didn't get what I was looking for in a lot of ways. I DID get a fantastic dog who is changing basically all my training methods and forcing me to be a better trainer and handler. But as a sports dog he is hard. And as a pet dog he is hard. I would do it again for sure. I am very very glad I pulled him and he wasn't put down (a real possibility) but on the other hand, I am also adding a puppy next year. I knew going into getting Hank that a puppy was also likely to happen in a couple years. Hank will be about 4 when puppy comes home. He's 2 1/2 now.
  5. Just real quick an updated picture! Those eyes just slay me.
  6. Oh that is very sad. I definitely remember you and Kit and have wondered how you guys have been and what you've been up to. She was a neat dog.
  7. I will say it's not all perfect. It hasn't been. He's been a steep learning curve and looking back there were some signs that he wasn't the most adaptable with novel environments. He's grown into a dog that doesn't really like other dogs invading his space. That's a concern. He's not nearly as naturally focused as my herders or my papillons. He's very edgy. Very athletic. Very intense. Hot/cold about things. But it's coming together and we're figuring it out. I would do it again but next up is a puppy for sure.
  8. Just a update real quick. We took about 8 months since the last trial attempt to try again and this time it went really well. We just did NADAC touch n go and tunnelers. Hank Q'd! in touch n go with a run of 4.5 yps which I thought was a pretty good starting time on a course with contacts and a smaller green dog. The rest we missed but because of handling things. I didn't want to reset him because my goal was confidence building and working on being a working team vs getting a Q. So we skipped some obstacles. But I was thrilled with him and we had a blast. HE had a blast too. He al
  9. I basically do what is available. Which is pretty much AKC now. USDAA here is very few and far between. (1 trial last year, so far none this year) It's like 90% border collies it seems and handlers that know what they're doing. Me and my elderly papillon kind of stuck out a bit. Very competitive. I like the games in USDAA and the course times are fast. It's also not very small dog friendly with the jump heights (I know not a big deal for BC people but was a pain with papillons). Summer's performance height there was her normal height in other venues. To drop to 4" she would have had
  10. Her appeasement behaviors are really different and a lot more sulky. She's a complicated little creature. She reacts the same way as she does when she tries to sneak up on me and lick my leg without me seeing her. If I say 'hey!' she gets all wiggly then runs off and tries again.
  11. The other day I was able to direct Hank (cattle dog x terrier) to go get me toilet paper (I was stranded!). He went and got me a roll and brought it back to me. I was very impressed. I've never asked him to do anything like that before. My younger papillon does incredibly intelligent things constantly but they are self serving. She is one of those that will survey the environment and use whatever she can find to open doors, gates, climb, etc. She is ornery! One of my favorite incidences is when she locked my other papillon in a crate. She very calmly watched Summer walk into the cr
  12. I have one dog that really seems to need hugs (Hank the terrier x ACD I think). He gets overwhelmed sometimes and I've found that a hug will 'ground him' so to speak and bring him immediately out of his anxiety. I almost wonder if it is acting like a thunder shirt would for him. When I've started offering him more hugs especially in new situations, he has become a lot more comfortable faster.
  13. Dogs can still be dogs and get Christmas gifts. (And hugs and kisses) Maybe I missed something but when does giving the dog a christmas gift mean you're not treating the dog like a dog?
  14. I bought Hank some toys from Cabela's a few days before Christmas. I put them up on the bar in the kitchen. I decided to test out leaving him loose while I was gone for about an hour. I came home to find him waiting at the front door with something in his mouth. Of course I ask my sister, "What does he have?' And yep, he had gotten into the toys and was just having a BALL with them while I was gone. He was so proud. His favorite is a weird rubbery stick with a plush raccoon head and tail on it. So long story short... he got nothing at Christmas.
  15. Sometimes I get the feeling that my 15" tall mutt likes to show off. When he's being serious he's much closer. He's very athletic though... 2nd day home I couldn't find him. Called for him and he came jumping about 8' out of a tree. He also does this for fun.
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