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Farewell Ashe

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Farewell Ashe…


What a good boy dog you have been all these years, 15 ½ to be exact.

My bright and beautiful boy the time has come for our paths to part. You will be

going to a wonderful place where there are no aches or pains, your eyes will be

undimmed with time and your ears will hear the slightest whisper. You won't stumble

and fall when trying to walk, all your steps will be filled with a spring. There will

be plenty of blankies to snuggle in, and squeaky toys to squeak until your hearts

content. You go on to a brighter place, while we here will go on our world much

dimmer with out your happy face to brighten our days. You always gave 110% when

asked whether it was agility, or walking Phillip and Breanna to the bus stop with me

rain or shine or simply snuggling on those cold days. On the days I didn’t go to the bus stop, you knew to come right home as soon as the bus took them away, and you knew exactly when their bus brought them home again. You were a wonderful ambassador of the border collie breed, sweet, loving and ever ever faithful. Guardian, playmate, teammate, champion, therapy dog. You fulfilled all those roles and so many more. Sleeping in Phillips room until your boy was safely asleep and then carefully tip – toeing away to curl up on our bed. Your greatest joy was being where your boy was no matter what he was doing, watching with great interest as worlds were built and destroyed in a sandbox universe, bouncing and barking with joy as the boys played on the swings or ran

like wild things around the field. Your greatest despare was not being with your people, not being able to go everywhere we went although those places were few and far between. When I discovered agility and was bitten by the bug you rose to the occasion. Doing all those silly things that I asked you to with boundless enthusiasm, no matter how

many times I asked you to do it. Advancing through the ranks until that greatest goal was

realized; our Championship and the three trips to nationals two in Texas and one in Arizona over the years was just added icing on the cake. I remember well the day I realized that our time as a team was over. As I watched you struggle to jump the jumps and run over the contacts…it broke my heart as your spirit, heart and desire to please tried just one more time to carry you successfully around the course. You would drag me crying to ringside, whine with anticipation while waiting your turn, that slowly faded as you became the backyard superstar hopping over 16, then 12, and 8 and then simply bars on the ground as time suddenly caught up with you. Time is always the enemy either too much or not enough never enough. And now time has run out sweet boy for all of us a hole far too large will be left in our lives with your going….we love you Ashe


Pat, Matt, Phillip and Breanna

In Memory of Wyndhorse Farms Dust in the Wind aka ADCH Ashe PD3, TDI,CGC

06/25/94 – 11/21/08 beloved pet, faithful friend

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