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  1. Received this information in an e-mail from a rescue friend over the weekend. Sad, sad situation - two loving, middle-aged dogs orphaned by the sudden death of their owner. His niece is desparately trying to find a place for these two (read below). Can anyone give this pair a place to land? Tucker is the black and white boy, Sammy is the mostly black girl. I have been in contact with Dana and she is working hard to find a spot for these two. Hope we can help!
  2. You're in my prayers. What a lovely tribute. It was the death of my "Girlfriend the Wonderdog" that brought me to these boards four years ago, and I'll never forget how the members here were so welcoming and comforting. Hope you'll stay with us through your healing and life with your new pup. Of course, no "new" dog ever replaces a beloved friend lost, but becomes beloved on his or her own merits. And there are darn few border collies without those merits. Here's to Max and all the other Wonderdogs who are waiting for us at the Bridge.
  3. You're in my prayers, Bustopher. Your lovely contributions to the In Memoriam section are the heart of this board. You always say just the right thing. We're all pulling for you.
  4. My Belle was sweet, gentle, loving, intelligent, and overall the most lovely dog I ever had... except during thunderstorms. I could literally watch the light of sanity go out behind her eyes during a storm. We used several remedies: Rescue Remedy, keeping her in a well-lit room, Ativan, melatonin, even soothing music. In the end, a combination of Rescue Remedy (about 16 drops), soft music, and Ativan gave her the most relief. I only went with the Ativan because I was quite certain that she was going to have a stroke if she didn't calm down and I'd rather have seen her in drugged sleep tha
  5. Damn cancer. So many of us have lost our beloved companions to it. You did your very best for Lacee and my heart goes out to you and your family. She'll be waiting for you at the Bridge. Hugs and prayers for you...
  6. What a doll she is!! Looks a lot like my late, great Girlfriend the Wonderdog. Welcome!
  7. Losing that special presence is so hard and I'm sorry you're facing it. But as others who have beloved friends waiting at the bridge have said, there is no real goodbye as long as we carry them in our hearts. They're wiser than we are in some ways, living in and for the now as they do. We see the future without them and weep. They simply see us with them and rejoice. I don't have any answers, but my prayers are with you.
  8. Our old girly, Belle, has poodle-like curls all over. She was a puppy mill girl, so we have no idea who her parents were (the mill surrendered Belle to rescue, but not her papers). She's almost 13 and we've had her since she turned 9. She's been trimmed down for summer several times, but the curls always come back. The puppies aren't Belle's -- just had them for a day on their way to rescue.
  9. She was a beautiful girl and so well loved. You're in my prayers.
  10. Unfortunately, I don't believe there's going to be any more meaningful enforcement of this law than there has been of existing laws. A news cast just before the election mentioned the two... TWO... officers assigned to enforcement. For the entire state. The worst breeders operate outside the law and will continue to do so. My Belle was rescued from a puppy mill that "downsized", so it's a particularly sore spot for me, but I hold out little hope that this particular law will make anything better. As long as puppies are profitable products, there will be abuse.
  11. You're in my prayers tonight. Please take some solace from knowing that your girl passed enveloped in the love and comforting arms of the people she loved most. You'll meet her again at the Bridge. Hugs, Ceredwyn
  12. It's so hard to watch our beloved friends grow old and die what seems to be long before their time. But your best good dog will be waiting for you at the Bridge -- and she'll have darn good company until the day you meet again. Hugs and prayers to you and yours.
  13. I really believe the parting's only for a little while, but it's so hard to say goodbye. You're in my prayers.
  14. That's a lovely thought. And I'm quite certain she'll wait for you. Hugs and prayers for you and DH.
  15. Ceredwyn


    What a sweet tribute site. Many of us have lost our beloved friends to this terrible disease. Your sweet girl will live in your hearts until you meet again at the Bridge.
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