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  1. Could the clear fluid be from a spinal fracture? or intercranial fluid leaking out?
  2. kaos


    I am so sorry for your loss Kristi. Warm hugs and sad emphathy coming at your from Ontario. It sucks how big a hole they leave in our lives, but eventually the memories fill it up nicely. Sara
  3. You are up north right? It is still hunting season isn't it? Any chance he is hearing gun shots that you aren't picking up on? Sara
  4. kaos


    I'm so sorry Liz. I hate Cancer. Sara
  5. Tea: i think they were joking about not mentioning it.. kinda like a sopranos answer to what do you do if a guy....?
  6. Why a pup? Why not go for a nice young adult from rescue so that you will have a better idea of the family dynamic right off the bat? Pups are basically a crap shoot. Sara
  7. I'm so sorry Ben, she was beautiful and had such expressive eyes and ears. Sending loving hugs from Ontario. Sara
  8. Oh Ben, I am so sorry for you both. Give Lu lots of gentle love and I have to agree too soon is definitely better than too late. Sara
  9. Lots of mojo coming from here. Give her lots love and treats. Sara
  10. kaos

    G'Night Oliver

    I am very sorry for your loss. Hugs and sympathetic thoughts coming your way. Sara
  11. kaos


    I am so sorry for your loss. The bench sounds like a wonderulf idea. Sara
  12. Your so silly Ben.... made me giggle! Sara
  13. My girls used to have interbitch aggression. Kaos would redirect any of her anxiety into a rage at Sam, after lots of meds and counter conditioning we were able to get Kaos to pick up a toy and kill it when she felt anything above a sigh. However, given a choice she would always go for Sam. The only thing we could do for the past 6 years or so was to keep them completely separated. Each one in a separate floor of the house. One locked in the bathroom while the other walked by to go for a pee outside and vice versa. Not fun, but it sure helped my ulcers and their anxiety levels. Sara
  14. Hi Linda, I was exactly where you are. I hate that I waited for her to loose the light in her eyes. I hate that I made her find that low point before I helped get her release. The pred is wonderful, enjoy the time it gives you and when you feel that she isn't having more good times than not, you will know it is time. Hugs, sara
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