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The Buzzard has Landed (on 3 legs)

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Got our boy back from the vet this morning, around 6 hrs ago. He's been out to the back yard 3 times, (2x he peed) and is pretty much just laying around. The incision looks good, and every hour or so it seems that the remaining bruising is looking fainter.


We feed one of the cats on a computer chair, and Buzz has been known to frequent the area, leaving not a smidge of extra special cat food behind. Well, Buzz's Kitty saunters into the living room, B sees her, struggles to his feet, and heads straight for the computer chair. We're taking this as a good sign.


He's got a Fentanyl patch for 2 more days, + Previcox + an antibiotic. We also came home w/Tramadol just in he needs something after the Fentanyl patch comes off.


Thanks EVERYONE who has posted, and a big Thank You to Billy Trent, who told me about Dr. Gurevitch.


Ruth n the BC3

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Welcome Home Buzz! Now you tell that kitty to share, or else! Youve had a hard week, and its only hump day!

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Just a quick note to say all Ruth's TLC for the Buzz Man is paying off; they stopped to visit me yesterday on the way home from a WALK !!! ( no less) and they both looked and seemed to feel fab. Keep up the good healing, Buzz. :rolleyes:

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