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  1. This is an interesting situation. I too blurt out honest answers when asked questions, esp if I'm nervous, etc. I'm glad to think about unintentional bites from my own dogs now so that I can plan to lie like a rug later. There are times when there is unintentional biting not from dog fights but as a reaction from unintentional pain being inflicted on the dog - ie. brushing tangles out of uber-fine fur on the side of the dog (didn't break skin and dog has learned not to use teeth to let me know).
  2. All four of my dogs eat pasture grass daily. And I have 4 acres of it.
  3. River, born 10/05 8wks, 5lbs 12 wks, 8.9lbs 13.3wks, 11.3lbs, 12" 14wks, 12lbs, 14" 6mo, 28lbs, 18.5" 7 1/2mo, 32lbs, 19.5" 1y 2mo, 32lbs, 19.5" 2 1/2yo, 35lbs, 19.5" She's still 35lbs at 4yo.
  4. Didn't look cruel to me. Other then the dog obviously wasn't trained to stand nicely in the 'box' it's like sending your dog outside to potty in pouring down rain - not that big of a deal. However, that said, I don't see how in the world that would get any of my dogs clean. It seems very superficial when dogs really need deep cleaning.
  5. The neighbor's BC will come and visit us even though he KNOWS he's not supposed to cross the edge of his yard and even though he is fenced 90% of the time (he jumps it too) and even though he also wears an invisible fence collar nowadays, he still shows up from time to time. Fortunately, he doesn't have to cross a busy street. My BCs respect my yardline outside the fence because I trained for it.
  6. I haven't tried any other brand of discs but I like Hyperflyte Jawz - they should be an approved disc for you (I do skyhoundz and fddo). They also sell misprints - and also look for them on Amazon as misprints. I had to start River on their soft disc because she won't catch a regular disc because I had trained her with only a floppy disc. After a month or so of the soft, I switched to regular and she was fine. BTW, I can compete w/ the soft if I want - it's also approved. Have fun!
  7. I like the 15mo rule (it's my own). If at 15mo old your resident pup has all the basic training you want it to have and does it exceptionally well, then it's a good time to think about adding another dog. My first BC puppy at 8wks was dog #2 (5yo dog in home) she was always mature for her age and learned all her basics solidly by 7months - but she wasn't so easy that I would have wanted to do 2 together or really close in age - she was A LOT of work that paid off in spades. She was about 20mos when I got the next BC who himself was a 15mos rescue. One year later, 8wk puppy added. Great dynamics for me. 2 older BCs had solid reliable foundations for my pup to emulate.
  8. It might be interesting to mention that I didn't have physical fencing (invisible only at the time) when I applied and was approved to adopt two different BCs from two different respected BC rescues. I since have fencing (it's only 4ft sheep fencing, so realistically, anything can get in or out) but it's a deterrent and my dogs know and obey not to mess with it to get out in any way. I also have 4 acres fenced for them, so they definitely have plenty of space when they want it - or when I want to walk the perimeter with them instead of hauling them to a park where they have to leashed or subjected to annoying dogpark dogs. No sidewalks or non-driving places to tromp to around my house. Of note, my dogs act like I don't even give them the time of day when they meet people (esp River, you'd think I didn't even pet her) so just because dogs look forlorn and unattended in their yard, doesn't mean they always are. I ALWAYS look outside when they bark and I can defintely tell the difference between the UPS guy driving up the driveway bark and something more sinister like a coyote or a ranging dog.
  9. Of all my dogs, my very BC one, River, loves to hanging outside the best. The other three just want to be where I am (in or out). But River would love for me to let her out, esp on non-rainy days and let her just sleep on the lawn rather then inside. I have my fence to keep my dogs in and wildlife out. And yeah, on days when the weather is crappy or it gets dark at 4:30pm, letting them stretch in the yard is a dogsend.
  10. If you want a cleaner/less tangled/less burred dog after being outside in any kind of condition, smooth is the way to go.
  11. Question: So if my dog is found collarless and is scanned, is it possible that my dog's chip won't be identified as a particular brand and therefore the vet/shelter won't know who to call to get my info? (seems to negate the point of the chip). Also, I'm a wee bit confused why my dog should wear the chip collar tag which is presumably on the same ring as the collar tag w/ my number on it. If found, ppl would call my number, not a chipping service to get my number. My dogs only wear a jingle tag w/ their name and my cell on it as well as a Boomerang collar tag with the same info plus the house # and county license and county name on it. I never thought to have my dogs scanned at their annual visits to verify the chip, but I'm going to do just that. Thanks.
  12. What Jill said. I don't think it should be ADVERTISED that one should pet an eating dog willy nilly, esp a child. Of note, 2/4 of my dogs growled at me, both as 8wk old puppies even, when I first fed them and tried to take up their bowl mid-feeding. It was an issue quickly resolved and of course, easier to solve when they are puppies but even the training of such a task as touching/taking etc of food shouldn't be taken lightly. I also just don't like breeds highlighted in commercials. I think it makes the breed popular/wanted which usually leads to its ruin. Why not just use mutts? Like you need to use a Border Collie eating... Makes more sense to use like a Great Dane - a dog who consumes a LOT of food, not a BC which as a rule, eat very little
  13. Hmm... yeah interesting. I don't care if it works or not. I'm pretty much willing to try whatever food combo (except raw) that helps my dog stop having heat strokes. No, she's not fat. She's lean, she used to be super lean, but given that she has diarrhea a lot (don't now why, has been to vet to figure out) I try to keep a bit on her but she's still thin and very muscled. She is very active and has no problem hanging outside all day doing not much but her own running around from time to time. The issue is when we play fetch and could be as little as 7 throws at full runs there and back that wipe her out. Switching foods is so easy and safe, why not try and see if it works for my dog - she's obviously different they my 3 other ones. That's all I care about.
  14. Totally forgot about this thread. Will be buying food today, going to switch to California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato and see how that goes.
  15. Will Craig attack Taz if Taz is in a closed crate? That would give Craig more freedom while you're home and not crated so much. And/or just keep them in separate rooms (either crated or not), dividing your evening time between them. That way they don't have the opp to fight.
  16. If could be the resident dog is sending signals to the new dog that he doesn't want to play - even if the resident dog normally plays with other dogs. I'm not sure why your dogs didn't meet at the shelter to see how they interact. Or maybe they did and didn't play there either. My pack of 4 doesn't play with other dogs outside their pack. And when I brought dog #4 home (Aero), one of my dogs (River) hated him for 4 months, bared her teeth when he came near. After the 4th month, she invited him to play and they've been fine ever since, tho it's the 2 (Diesel/Aero) boys that romp/play at least twice daily. And River still hardly plays with any of my pack, preferring to lounge around until I come find her to play fetch which is her idea of the best time ever. No idea why anyone would get another dog for their dog to 'play' with. If you want a 2nd dog, fine. If you want a dog that gets along with the resident dog, ideal. But I'm friends with plenty of people who love to go out dancing but I don't want to. But we're still friends, we still love each other's company. And most importantly, you want the new dog to bond to YOU, not the resident dog.
  17. River and I will be at the Regional Qualifier (as listed above) this year, we'll be doing Distance/Accuracy AND Freestyle. ANYONE can come out and participate. You can register onsite at 8:30am. It's the last event of the year in the state. Sure to be a fun event, or just come out and watch and cheer for your favorite dog. 95% of the dogs are BCs. Couple of freestyle videos of the dogs that will be there:
  18. Diesel will be doing his first dock diving next month at the Clark County Fair.
  19. I wanted a red BC. I ended up w/ 2 B&Ws and a mixed B&W tri. HAHAHAHAHA! With BCs, it's definitely about personality, even the pups. And careful, it's hard to have just 1
  20. That's a good thought, but since she seems pretty happy while she's doing it, I don't think she's feeling ill.
  21. River will be 4yrs in a few months. She just started whining in the past week or two. When I get up in the morning, she likes to wait for me (other dogs were already let out) and will whimper/moan grunts mixed with a small whine when I greet her. Also, if dogs are outside in fenced area and I'm on the other side, she starts whining. You know that just starting to become obnoxious whine like if a dog is crated. As a pup she learned 'Quiet' while crated and it worked great. However, I don't think she knows or she doesn't care what it means now, because it's totally useless. What can I do? I don't want this escalating to whining while at dog events and she's crated (I love that none of my dogs do that and so many dogs go crazy). She's not a velcro dog, totally independent in the house, travels way ahead when walking with her. Attention to her specifically has not changed.
  22. Disc Dog activities and participation in the Pac NW are pretty much nil, esp compared to the rest of the USA. There are however, 3 more events left in the season and if you are in the area, please come on out. You and your dog can participate as long as you have good off leash control while fetching, or just come and watch. It's totally fun, easy to do and usually free, competition approved discs are available at the events. FDDO Cascade Classic 7/25/2009 10am Registration opens 9:30 $15 per dog/handler team Go Dog, GO! Canine Festival - big dog event Crestwoods Park 1900 6th St Kirkland, WA 98033 Competition Rules can be found at http://www.fddo.org/ Local Skyhoundz Competition Aloha, Oregon FREE to participate, just show up, free disc when you sign up. Distance/Accuracy and Freestyle 8/1/2009 11:30 am Hazeldale Park 19250 SW Prospect Pl Kayla Ross 360-941-6388 / kayross27@hotmail.com / www.woofd2.com Northwest Skyhoundz Regional Qualifier, Shorline, WA Anyone can participate and I think this is free too! August 15, 2009 — 9:30 am Shoreview Park 902 NW Innis Arden Way Shorline, WA Hosted by WoofD2 Northwest Disc Dog Club Info: Please pre-register prior to arriving in the park. Forms available online from WoofD2.com. You will need separate forms for each event you enter. Contact: Aaron Abrahamson or Jenniefer McInnis aaronandjennie@earthlink.net Diesel earlier this summer (who catches about 1/5 throws at the events, but we still have fun!):
  23. Just wanted to chime in again and say that I don't like kids either. That said, I have three (ages 10, 12 & 13). I like MY kids. My kids are pretty cool. I don't like other kids and I definitely don't want to hold anyone's babies! I love my kids and my FOUR dogs, HEHEHEHEHE.
  24. I would use management, it is the fastest way to success. One of my dogs loves my kids but doesn't tolerate other kids of any age, esp hugging ones. So I just tell anyone coming over they aren't allowed to touch that dog. If your dog doesn't like kids, it will avoid them. If the kids know they can't touch it (or toys or bowls), then all is well. But I know you can't tell an 8 month old. I would do my best to set them up for success. Keep dog away from where kids are playing - use gates to keep both species safe. Have a safe place for your dog, ie. crate or bedroom. Don't leave any dog toys out or bowls, etc so there's no guarding. Keep an eye on leaving out kid toys that look like toys your dog uses. Maybe a little more outside time for your dog while kids are inside, vice versa. Dog comes first, it's YOUR house, so YOUR rules - don't let your dog get into a situation that could threaten anyone's well being (esp your dog). Also treat the situation as if your dog is a biter. It will make you and your adults guests much more diligent about following the rules of no contact. You can use the time of them living there to do the desensitization if you think it's necessary to your lifestyle.
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